Something rotten in Sweden
Abraham Cooper, Daniel Schatz
Published: 05.06.11, 11:08
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61. A seedy question to ALL
CC   (06.07.11)
If it really is the case, that only Bildt and some other individuals are the problem (I actually don't debate that Bildt's an anti-Israel demagogue), then WHY on earth did the Stockholm city council blocked Veolia French mega firm's bid in a widely publicized tender for their metro building enterprise??? An honest answer would be appreciated. Thanks all.
62. Ooops, I failed to add:
CC   (06.08.11)
All because of Veolia built Jerusalem's light rail transportation network, maliciously boycotting it on phony "in'l law" grounds. sorry for any misunderstanding for incomplete info.
63. sweden and the notorious people
joel ,   usa   (06.09.11)
first it was assange, and now the terrorist ms khaled, the usa must deal exactly what sweden is trying to do? imposed sanction on this atheist country, and they host all the terrorist of the muslim arabs! sewden is a hopeless country!
64. #680 split schizo. wes
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.11.11)
Using your view of things what we do is our business, so find some of yuur own to attend to I'm still trying to find out anything that you have contributed for the benefit of mankind, other than your anemic flow of hot air
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