'Naksa Day': Deadly clashes on Syrian border
Ynet reporters
Published: 05.06.11, 18:08
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1. With Assad butchering Syrians in the streets
canada ,   canada   (06.05.11)
You would think these people would have something more important to do. But fighting for the rights of the Syrian people to have freedom and civil rights in their own country is unimportant. Let's storm the border of a country where all arabs have democratic rights. Their hatred truly makes them blind.
2. Well written # 1
JJ ,   USA   (06.05.11)
They want Israel to shoot at them so the world will feel sorry for them!
3. #1 you put your finger on it
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.05.11)
The fake "Palestinians" are an invention of brutal dictators to keep the Arab people oppressed. Syrians whose children are tortured and murdered by Assad are tricked into showing sympathy for Arab terrorists who play video games and eat too much in Israeli kindergartens called security prisons. Egyptians who have no health care and live on $2 a day are tricked to believe they should show sympathy for Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria who have the highest standard of living in the Arab world.
4. 30 protesters are less than Syrian army killed yesterday.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.05.11)
5. Yes, these are Assad's paid stooges! WOW 30!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.05.11)
Well said #'1 ,2 and 3! You have said it all!
6. The issue here- Sovereignity
no victims- ,   IL   (06.05.11)
Israel has all right to defend her Sovereignity This people shall continue protests in their country- not looking for trouble in a place where they dont have any citizen right or mouth
7. did someone protested about this?
hebron masscre   (06.05.11)
8. DEAR SOLDIERS- we wish u the best
FIDF   (06.05.11)
when a distant star in heaven Lights our darkness from above, Everything we wish - let it be. Oh, give them strength and give them quiet, Those we cherish, those we love, Everything we wish - let it be. Let it be, let it be...
9. Idots
Susie ,   Scotland   (06.05.11)
Go home and get a life!
10. There must be a reaso why IDF prevents them from entering
A ,   Hinatan   (06.05.11)
a mine field. I just have no idea what it is.
11. If you play with fire , you get burnt.!
JJ ,   USA   (06.05.11)
12. oxymoron
canada ,   canada   (06.05.11)
Funny that people carrying signs that say stop the occupation are attempting to illegally occupy another country. Arab logic?
13. #10
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.05.11)
Because we do not want them to VIOLATE our borders. Good reason for you?
14. just watched the syrian TV...
tooth fairy   (06.05.11)
the the people on the hill admit they want to be "shaheids" and die to defit their foe. and one even says the syrian regim sended him over. IDF give them all you have got. make their dreams come true...
15. #9 Susie: Maybe you should tell this to ......
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.05.11)
West Dunbartonshire Council member James Bollan who calls Hamas "Freedom Fighters" and justifies the killing of Israeli children by the terrorists! I wonder if he refers to the Taliban, who are killing British soldiers almost every day, as "Freedom Fighters" too or is it just rampant Antisemitism in the UK and Europe, under its new political acceptable name of Anti-Israelism, which fires his hatred against Jews which seems to have the support of a large percentage of the people of Britain led by some, like Sir Gerald Kaufman MP, a Jew, in Westminster?
16. NO BLANKS, NO RUBBER BULLETS- only the real stuff
Gerard   (06.05.11)
Assad must be thankfull to the IDF for dispatching a few syrians. Less work for him. IDF, keep it up don't let Assad's dogs roam freely on our land. And please IDF, let them impale themselves on the barbed wire and have a nice walk on the mine fields.
17. An invasion of ants with flags..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (06.05.11)
or without,just the same nuisance.
18. Infiltrator "civilians"?
Annette ,   USA   (06.05.11)
The arabs have lost every military war which they started with Israel, so now they're resorting to the cowardly act of using "civilians" to fight wars. Apparently Assad paid them off to attack the border last month. If it can be proven that they're being paid, then they're mercenary combatants and this is war, even if they're unarmed. What cynics, those arab leaders.
19. another Nakbe day, it seems that every day
Ghostq   (06.05.11)
for arabs is Nakbe day, how many days of Rage they got, people have stopped counting, but I won't worry to much about this, syria has to realize that these people make "war" call, which can egnite the entire erea once again, that is how the second lebanon war started anyway, I think syria can be blamed for this directly, all the demonstrators r syrians borne and raised, so in other words make a statment against Asad in the UN can do wonders for Israel.
20. Deaths ends march
Bless Israel ,   United States   (06.05.11)
Idiots. The arab spring has sprung a few leaks.
21. Lack of sniper units clearly lacking..IDF is in poor shape
Al   (06.05.11)
The agitators can be taken out like bags of garbage, the rest will scatter. Snipers are the most effective means to terrorize and neutralize the enemy in such situations. Of course it takes extreme discipline and lots of ammo to train effective snipers...but they work...and they are very effective.
22. only three? Assad does better
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.05.11)
If Assad only killed three of his own citizens, no one would bother to report it. Looks like the IDF is going easy handed.
23. #1, what makes you think they had a choice?
Danny   (06.05.11)
24. Losers!
Annette ,   USA   (06.05.11)
Only arabs would commemorate losing a battle. Since they've lost 6 and counter-commemorate every Israeli victory and national celebration, that will give them a full calendar of rioting events to fill their time, of which they seem to have a surfeit. Apparently they don't have any constructive activities to attend to. It just shows how empty their lives are, filled only with hate and driven by incitement of their leaders and school textbooks.
25. Syria desperate to divert attention from revolution
Cynical exploitation by Asad regime of palestinian people to divert attention from its opposition uprising and probable overthrow of assad regime The whole of the arab middle east is campaigning for democracy except the palestinians who want to return to dictatorship of hamas and hezbollah
27. #15 Yes I agree!
Susie ,   Scotland   (06.05.11)
Yes I agree, but the problem is that there are so many people just like him and they share the same views. I am afraid there are very few people left in Scotland to advocate in favour of Israel. In the past the hundreds of volunteers that came to work in Kibbutz and Moshavs were great little ambassadors for Israel. Once back home they returned to University or work and talked of the wonderful summer in Israel! In comparison today you have young students coming home after spending the summer in Gaza or joining the flotillas. Bring back the volunteers!
28. 3 demonstrators killed
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.05.11)
Pity it is not more. They have been warned of the consequences and it serves them righ
29. Israel must use the Syrian model - shoot to kill.
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (06.05.11)
the ever faithful Jew bating BBC is calling these people' protesters' haha. Israel you must defend yourself against all terrorist scum trying to breach your borders. G-d bless you!
30. Better order more virgins from Ebay
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (06.05.11)
They have been warned and if they don't want to listen then send them to their virgins. IDF we are with you all the way, G-d bless the IDF
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