Marching for Israel in NY
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 06.06.11, 00:08
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1. Dont tell me. Let me guess.....
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (06.06.11)
...The United States is VERY "troubled" over this development. It has not been determined if NY Congressman Anthony Weeiner was amongst those marching; nor if he marched in ordinary clothing of his boxer briefs. His wife Huma Abdein was not observed either, and it is not known if Congress person jan Schachowski or her husband, amajor supporter of the ZerObama administration, and the parents of SecState Hilarious "I'm DEEPLY troubled" Clinton's daughter Chelsea, were in attendance. Code Pink was also DEEPLE troubled, as was Hamas and several organizations who regualrly recieve funding from the United states government.
2. As a supporter of Israel - This event is very
Rachel ,   NY/NJ   (06.06.11)
meaningful and want to thank each participants and the resident of NYC - Am Israel Hai !!!
3. Why wasn't this reported on TV?
R ,   Israel   (06.06.11)
I wonder why the news on TV did not mention this. Either it occured too late to get on, or it was too uplifting and positive to get the notice of our reporters. Hope it's the former reason.
4. i wish i could
fad egypt   (06.06.11)
be there and express my support and love to the state of israel and to its people the jewish people the younger brothers of jesus christ as jesus told us the christians in the bible that we must support and help his younger brothers (the jews) so we must do that god bless israel shalom
5. I Emailed the President, Did You?
Noah Lev ,   HollywoodUSA   (06.06.11)
But this has to be coordinated with other demonstrations for Israel's thriving and survival. I pleaded on the Net for 1m Americans to email Pres. Obama, to stop pressuring Israel to give up Jerusalem or retreat behind untenable borders. (per UN242). I also pleaded for the awareness that the right of return (reading the UN resolution) is not automatice, but dependent on agreement by both sides ( not yet in evidence). We have to live with the fact that our Pres. and people like Rahm Emanual, simply are US naive fools. Rahn helped Obama win the election, knowing full well his biases. Leftist Jews will push us all into gas chambers, their motives being "pure". 10m Americans ccordinating, with 1m Israelis..would be better. There should have been 2m marchers down NY streets, a la New Years Eve celebrations. The Arab world gets hundreds of thousands on a whim. Also, next election, not one Jewish dollar to anyone who is not 100% behind Israel's survival.
6. American traitors
Chris.B ,   Australia   (06.06.11)
I wonder how many of these servants of Israel would show the same loyalty to America???
7. i wish i would
fad egypt   (06.06.11)
be there and express my support and love to the state of israel and to its people the jewish people the younger brothers of jesus christ as jesus told us the christians in the bible that we must support and help his younger brothers (the jews) so we must do that god bless israel shalom
8. I marched
David K. ,   Old bethpage, ny   (06.06.11)
I marched with UAJ federation of NY. I am so proud of the march, and how many people showed up. I joke that there were so many people there, it was extremely annoying to get around afterwards. But... really, thats a great problem to have. Am yisrael chai!
9. awful
Alex cohen ,   USA   (06.06.11)
if you all love Israel so much then you can move there.. personally I don't want them taking anymore of my hard earned tax dollars for their murders.
10. I echo #2 Rachel's gratitude and appreciation
Danny ,   Albany, USA   (06.06.11)
Wish I could have been there. Thank you to those who were there to show the world our support for our Jewish state !!!!!!!
11. I'm wondering if...
Persian CAT   (06.06.11)
there were any non-Jewish or Israeli participants. Does anyone know? Don't be too shy tell us if there weren't any. The American people have awaken and realized who is hurting their national interests.
12. big shut out to NY!!!
israeli ,   israel   (06.06.11)
thank you guys!!!
13. U stand with us & WE stand with U
THANKS   (06.06.11)
14. thank you:)
am israel chai   (06.06.11)
wached it last night on the web. i was moved by the so many kids that were marching there! next to the troubles on the border (go IDF!) it was nice to hear some good news about israel. i wish one day we could do the same for the new yorkers...
15. Thank you NY we appreciate it.
Vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (06.06.11)
16. Maybe the best Video on Israel !!
17. New York marching for Israel - joyful uplifting news
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (06.06.11)
18. Yay!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.06.11)
shanaia   (06.06.11)
20. #1 Are you kidding?
Mae   (06.06.11)
Anthony Weiner, if he'd been among the marchers supporting Israel he'd be dead meat by the next morning from his Muslim wife's family. Of course he wasn't there. He's not Jewish anyhow, so there's no reason he should give a hoot about Israel.
21. @11
actually, i am a brit. we came with a 159 delegation and all of us are non jews. there was an australian delegation of christians from 5 churches and most of the participants that were americans as far as we could all see were non jewish. there were jews there aplenty, but most were just christians. and why should you care? we all believe in the usa, believe in israel and in a just and peaceful modern and democratic world. this is why we stand with israel, jews,israelis, christians and non jews. amricans and europeans are indeed awakening. but they are awakening to the islamist propaganda of lies fed to them by people like yourself and your arab cohorts. we know the lie. we see it on tv all the time and we have quite an intelligent mind to figure out you are empty and have run out of lies and propaganda. the time has come to throw in the muslim white towel. enough is enough because the world has finally taken sides and spoken and it says loudly and clearly. we stand with israel and we are against terrorism and barbarism and 7th century mentality and violent backwardness. viva democracy. viva usa, viva england and europe free of islam and viva israel, our friend forever! eric marshall n.y. usa
22. A joyous event
Withheld ,   Copehagen, Denmark   (06.06.11)
It's funny that a peaceful, joyous event to show support and strength feeds so many loony comments here on ynet. I think some are jealous:o)
23. #6
sharon ,   Israel   (06.06.11)
There are also parades for the Italians, Irish, Greeks, Puerto Ricans etc. Do you question their loyalty, fool?!
24. #11 Welcome to Amerika
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.06.11)
Where we're free to attend a parade for Israel without revolutionary guards beating people with batons and the public being forced to spy on eachother.
25. Thanks To all and to the Iranian pussy:
Israeli Lioness   (06.06.11)
WHo marched? Improve Reading comprehension: "New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo also marched in support of Israel and was joined by numerous politicians, including elected officials from the states of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut. Congress members from Washington were also in attendance." List goes on and on. "I can't Meow but I can ROAR!!!"
26. Interesting...
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (06.06.11)
Pro-Israel prostest, and no gun fire and deaths in democratic America. But Pro-Palestine prostest and IDF is told to shoot at the protesters, killing 20. Thats democratic Israel.
27. number 6
Bruce Fourie ,   O.C., USA   (06.06.11)
These "Servants" as you call them are supporters of freedom anywhere in the world. They are first and foremost Americans, and only after they will support democracy wherever it is. (Even if the Australian democracy will be under threat – we will stand by you and protect you) We, the people of the United States are not blinded by hate towards Israel like you are. We are the home of the brave and not afraid of terror or threats. We will stand by our allies no matter the consequence because what is right is right. It would be a great day when the rest of the West stops being so scared of terror demands. Its time the Palestinians understand that Israel is here to stay... their self-inflicted, self abuse is rubbish we just don’t buy. They should stop begging the world for support and start helping themselves. The Palestinian have a problem only they can solve, by accepting Israel as a democracy that is not going to disappear! All the support the Palestinians get (appeasement) is making their innocent population suffer even more. You can’t help a gambler by giving them money… you can’t help a Palestinian by giving them support to continue on their wrong path to self-destruction.
28. 26. the pro Israel demonstrators
Truth ,   It has a Nice Ring   (06.06.11)
didn't throw fire bombs and cement bricks at the police...that could be why there was not trouble in democratic America. Unlike democratic Israel where the IDF was forced to protect the citizens of Israel from foreign violence illegally crossing Israel's borders and throwing fire bombs and cement bricks at the Jewish people. Just saying...
29. and what about Eurabia?
laurent ,   paris   (06.06.11)
This support demonstration cannot be raised in Europe. Huge antisionism trend Huge arabic communauties Low jewish nationalist feeling. As a jewish guy, I see no more mobilization of my communauty. mass desinformation makes all our spirits asleep. This is very problematic!
30. #5 is absolutely right.
Texas WITH Israel! ,   Beaumont, USA   (06.06.11)
I am not Jewish, but I stand by Israel no matter what!! I live in Texas or I would have been there. I got SO disgusted watching 60minutes last afternoon, watching the interviewer rudely and bluntly suggesting Israel is wrong for wanting their land. I wanted to just scream at her that it is NOT HOW the rest of us feel!! Jewish or not, we MUST keep up the letters and emails and phone calls to Obama, to STOP trying to dictate everyone else, he's doing a fine job of that right here.. 2012 HURRY!!
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