Syria condemns killing of protestors
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 06.06.11, 20:23
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1. Spoken by a true dictator. This is laughable.
Cynic ,   USA   (06.06.11)
IlanaB   (06.06.11)
oh me oh my this is umbelievable!!!!! hahahahah!!
3. Oh my god...
Oren   (06.06.11)
I could not control my outburst of laughter when i read this headline... you have got to be kidding me...``israeli terrorist policies``... the syrian government kills dozens of ITS OWN CITIZENS daily and they have the betzeem to say all this... just like irans hypocrisy as well condeming killing protestors when they do the same even more so....
4. It boggles my mind...
Oren   (06.06.11)
do they really thnk the world would take what they say seriously after they kill so many of their own protestors every day..........
5. to palestinians and arabs....
I have posted this question before.... I am curious... To any palestinians or arabs out there... If the palestinians were to get a state in the 67 borders with all their conditions met, with no israeli troops in the west bank etc..completely on ur own..Would you still rebel and resist after you have gotten a state in the 67 borders or would the conflict actually end.....Please respond
6. Where is the razor wire, is that an illegal defensive weapon
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.06.11)
7. I think the best response is :-|
8. Syrian assertions: not worthy of serious comment
Rafi ,   US   (06.06.11)
... However it would be useful to determine what the Syrians are telling or doing to the Palestinians "protestors" to convince them to approach an armed & mined border... at obvious high risk of injury or death. This is more like something out of North Korea. Perhaps a captured protestor might reveal the real role and bloody hand of the criminal Syrian regime behind it all...
9. Russia
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.06.11)
Russia: "We express deep concern in relation to the new surge of Israeli-Palestinian confrontations. The death and injury of many peaceful demonstrators in the course of these protests is of particular concern," Another distrubing example of "moral equivalency", faulting Israel for defending itself, for being.
10. to #5
Nigel ,   Israel   (06.06.11)
I am not an Arab but to answer your question I will ask you a question: Did Arab terrorism against Israel start before or after the six day war in June 1967?
11. Am I missing something here
paul t ,   Tel Aviv   (06.06.11)
Isn't there a wacking great UN base up there to stop just this sort of thing
12. It was stupid for the Palestinians to try to cross
the Golan border, because even if they do, they're still not technically in "Palestine", but in Syria...
13. The dishonesty and hypocrisy of Russia!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.06.11)
They should be the last to make any comment. They are known world-wide for their brutality in stamping out any demonstrations, peaceful or otherwise, within or on their borders. Damn hypocrites. Chechnya and Kosova are glaring examples of their brutality. The would-be Syrian invaders deserved what they got. They should have stayed deep inside Syria where they were born. They had no business attempting to force their way into Israel.
14. @5,
yousuf ,   USA   (06.06.11)
It would definitely pacify things since Al-Aqsa would be in Muslims hands. Then the whole of Palestine will anyway return to Palestinians due to right of return and the already 20%pop. Bottom line: Conflict will continue until justice is made. one way or another.
15. What a HUGE joke
Ben ,   Paris, France   (06.06.11)
Bashar is ashamed of nothing and lying is the only truth to him! He gets his own people killed like cattle by his own army or will send them on a suicide mission to attack Israel border (knowing very well what will happen), just so he can live in denial of his own reality. After all is going on in arab countries, I can't believe decent muslim people can't still see that Israel is the best thing happening to the middle east. With Israel muslim people will benefit from dynamic economy, freedom of religion, freedom of opinion, good health and good standard of living. With keeping with the muslim leaders, the middle east, will keep going with chaos, dictatorship, ruthless breakdowns, corruption, very limited freedom or no freedom at all. Wake up and realize that the muslim world needs reshaping through a new generation of forward thinking individuals.
16. To #5
Joe ,   Florida, USA   (06.06.11)
If the stinians got all of their demands, including their '67 borders with no presence of Israeli troops, OF COURSE they'd still provoke Israeli and kills may Jews as possible. Does the baby stop crying after it's been fed or after its diaper change? Perhaps, but only until the urge kicks in again!!!! The pallies know of no other way other than to never recognize Israel's right to exists. Does the 6 week-old baby articulate "Hey mom, I"m getting a bit hungry over here...How 'bout some chow?" NO....The baby knows of one way! Crying.
17. #5: The Arabs Will Continue
emanon ,   USA   (06.06.11)
The arabs will continue to fight against Israel until Israel no longer exists. Then they will fight amongst each other to see who rules the rubble pile. Fighting is all they know.
18. Pot calling the kettle black, except...
Aharon   (06.06.11)
The kettle isn't really black. Syria is in no position to be criticizing other governments, especially applying the label "terrorists," unless it's talking about itself. Russia, is completely clueless. The people involved weren't necessarily "palestinians," but I guess because they speak Arabic and attack Israel that that's close enough. Also, if they're "peaceful demonstrators" why didn't they stay on their side of the border?
19. yet the question remains...
mb   (06.06.11)
Let's say some of these gatecrashers make it into Israel...then what? Buy a falafel? Have some tea? Enjoy some freedom?
20. So transparent.
noa ,   israel   (06.06.11)
21. Untrained civilians accidently killed themselves
Sue ,   Los Angeles   (06.06.11)
Assad paid poor Syrian civilians $1,000 each to cut wire on the border fence, $10,000 to their families in case of death. Some of these untrained amateurs accidently killed themselves when they threw Molotov cocktails which started a brush fire and caused land mines to explode ON THE SYRIAN SIDE.
22. The Boy Who Cried Wolf
max ,   washington dc   (06.06.11)
Bashar kills innocent Syrians demonstrating for Freedom from his oppressive Dictatorship and he murders them in cold blood. Then to divert "World Media" he sends his "activist" thugs to thow rocks and try and invade Israel. Russia is backing the wrong horse as they did with the Nazii's in WWII and paid a heavy price. Some never learn from History!
23. Assad, it won't work. You will still be deposed!
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.06.11)
Assad is depending on Israel to bail him out of his precarious position. He gets himself a photo op to try to put the focus on Israel. It is not going to work!!! He should be packing his bags instead because the opposition is now armed and fighting back. The army and police are now fleeing. Assad's departure is now fast approaching.
24. #14 One way or the another
Joe F.   (06.06.11)
Does that include Pals sent packing back to the greater Arab world ....their true home??
25. Syria...Really!!
DoctorDale ,   Texas USA   (06.06.11)
Can't wait for the UN to jump in with some condemnation against Israel defending itself and ignoring the murdering of Syria's own people by it's dictator.
26. The butcher of Damascus condemns Israel for the...
JBI   (06.06.11)
...killing of Syrian citizens by their own doing!!
27. Syria's protest
Joe Charlap ,   Mevasseret Zion   (06.06.11)
This is chutzpah of the highest order. Its ok for Assad 's soldiers to mow down his citizens in cold blood but when Israel defends its borders that warrants condemnation by the Chief killer himself. The truth is that we should ignore it completely and not even give him the satisfaction of having his name in print in our media
28. Russia doesn't stop murdering Chechens
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.06.11)
But criticizes Israel for being one one hundredth as brutal.
29. And if you believe Assad's nonsense,
Danny ,   Albany, USA   (06.06.11)
I've got some tickets to a flotilla I'd like to sell you !!!!!!!!
30. hypocracy at its peak
O V A D Y A H ,   Halestones   (06.06.11)
Quote:"The Syrian foreign ministry on Monday issued a statement condemning the killing of protestors on the Israeli border on Sunday in what it described as "flagrant Israeli aggression" against unarmed civilians. " ------ "Pot calling the kettle Black" what do you call killing the unarmed protesters that protest the sryian goverment. till you get your house in order shut up !
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