Mosque torched near Ramallah
Yair Altman
Published: 07.06.11, 10:25
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1. Places of worship - OK
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (06.07.11)
but breeding grounds of hatred, arsenals, and rocket launching pads - NO. But could be agents provocateurs a la Raviv.
2. Showing your real faces ,...
split ,   US   (06.07.11)
3. Mosque Burning
steve RSA ,   Johannesburg RSA   (06.07.11)
Very perturbing, as I would hate for us to stoop to their level....
4. Going by past experience...
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (06.07.11)
...these are most likely black flag operations done by the pals themselves, as part of their campaign of lies and deceit to slander Israel.
5. # 3
Stan ,   Israel   (06.07.11)
Steve this is not something new These "hill youths" [ noar hagvaot] do this every time the Israeli police or army dismantle an illegal settlement. These "animals are not the same as the Jews you and I grew up with in SA
6. #4
Stan ,   Israel   (06.07.11)
I dont know how old you are Adam, so you may not know that in the early 80's Yossie Sarid warned of the existance of a dangerous Jewish Underground. The Right Wing govt. of the time rejected his warning and eventually the members of the group were caught and jailed for murder and attempted murder.
7. stop discrimination stop JEWISH eviction
yoni ,   tel aviv   (06.07.11)
I still cant believe that in the "Jewish" state there are laws against Jews only that do not apply to arab non Jewish enemies of the state. How can it be? Where have we come to? How can we have one sided laws against Jewish illegal building that dont apply to arab non Jews? what is wrong with this country? what type of Jewish refuge is this? It is the left wingers fault. they have no desire for a Jewish state and work to destroy any hope for a Jewish homeland. they could care less about being Jewish and they hate the idea of having a land for Jews. Down with the left wing traitors! down with the anti Jewish citizens now before its too late and there is no Jewish homeland.
8. When Arabs do that they are called terrorists, when Jews ...
Petteri ,   Finland   (06.07.11)
When Jews do burn Mosques they are called in Israeli press only vandals. Hmmmm...
9. A provocation
Ronen ,   Israel   (06.07.11)
Read this report from YNET:,7340,L-4069940,00.html This is not the first time people conspire to frame rightists and settlers. Actually there is a vast industry, lead by European leftists, Hamastinians and even Jewish leftists, that seek to frame the Israelis for fabricated violence against Arabs, including destroying olive trees, setting mosques ablaze, etc. The price tag retaliation is a lie.
10. A provocation
Ronen ,   Israel   (06.07.11)
Read this report from YNET:,7340,L-4069940,00.html This is not the first time people conspire to frame rightists and settlers. Actually there is a vast industry, lead by European leftists, Hamastinians and even Jewish leftists, that seek to frame the Israelis for fabricated violence against Arabs, including destroying olive trees, setting mosques ablaze, etc. The price tag retaliation is a lie. Read this article: Leftists Caught Red-Handed: ‘Burning Sheep’ Libel Was Faked
11. don't just condemn, catch the terrorists who did it
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (06.07.11)
12. Mosques -- what's the point?
sk ,   USA   (06.07.11)
They claim worship but what are their fruits? Hatred, intolerance, bigotry, and planning terrorism. More importantly their allah has none of the attributes of the G_d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob!
13. @ no6 Stan:
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (06.07.11)
I am 40. If the likes of kapo Sarid had been in leadership at the time of the fight for the re-establishment of Israel, there would be no Israel Sarid would have sided with the arabs against the Jewish freedom fighters of the Irgun, Palmach and Hagana, labeling them "dangerous Jewish underground". Please refer to Ronen @ post no.10. It is fact that the arabs create false flag incidents to slander Jews and Israel.
14. and like every other price tag act...
Jon ,   Baltimore US   (06.07.11)
it will be "investigated" for two or three months; no evidence of foul play by setttlers will be found and it wil promptly be forgotten by EVERYONE in Israel except for Arab Israelis who will be waiting in fear of the day their mosques are burned and the perpetrators never found.
15. Rule of law for Arabs but not for Jews?
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (06.07.11)
Mr. Prime Minister, you came before the Congress and bragged about the equal rights the Arabs in Israel have. Let's see how quickly you apprehend these Jewish terrorists who torched the mosque and if they actually serve any time in prison. Let's see if you are a real leader or else if you are too afraid of the right wing settlers whose support you grovel after to have the rule of law prevail in Israel.
16. what proof against Jewih inhabitants of Judea ?
Trumpeldor   (06.07.11)
Before spreading fallicies, ynet must prove Jews did it .
17. Priceless
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (06.07.11)
#4: Thank you for the laugh. I'm sure Hammas paid Muslims to burn their own Mosque just to blame the perfectly peaceful innocent Israelis.
18. Vandals
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (06.07.11)
If a church or synagogue is burned, it's called terrorism and the suspects would probably be caught by now. But burn a Mosque and your simply a vandal, and will probably never get caught. I thought only Muslim extremists burn religious things? You have Americans burning Qurans, and Israelis burning Mosques.
19. LebanonPride #17 been done before
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.07.11)
If that makes you laugh, then you must laugh a lot because most of the so-called 'Price Tag' attacks have been shown to be done by leftists and/or Arabs. Until there a single shred of evidence or proof I will state that I am against the destruction of places of worship. But without any proof that this is a 'Price Tag' action I will condemn nobody.
20. #18
David ,   America   (06.07.11)
The difference between terrorists and vandals is: Terrorists leave dead bodies because they have no concern for human life, i.e., firing rockets into school buses. Vandals on the other hand make sure damage is done to property only so they do the deed before people arrive. Is it in your mental capacity to comprehend that? Also, it would be good for you and others to wait until the guilty parties are caught before you label them Jewish, Israeli, Arab, Pali, American, or whatever! The fact that you don't, (and BTW, the same is true for #15), proves you are speaking from hatred for Jews, not concern for Law.
21. Gee that's a BIG Mosque....And where are the Synagogues ?
James T ,   USA   (06.07.11)
First lets wait for the judiciary's investigation.I have a hidden suspicion it could very well be (an inside job) Wouldn't surprise me. The Pals have been very adept with their various "pallywood" excercises. One more to gain world sympathy would not come amiss now would it.. Especially being sooo anxious as September approaches.. To @1 Exactly so. A breeding ground of hatred.. ( they are always prone to blame the setlers) ...easy target of course..Even were it so..where is the PROOF Guilty before innocent.. Odd if it wasn't ridiculous..
22. WRONG HEADLINE.."TORCHED" WOW..just a bitty bit of it ,
Richard   (06.07.11)
Gee why do the Israely news outlets EXAGGERATE it all.."torched" uh? Too stupid for words..C'mon Ynet try not to be so sentimental them have really TORCHED Synagogues... Where was your outrage...DFon't you know it is all in preparations for the September event..garnering more supportfrom the world.Cynical bastards all
23. #18 Provide facts for your statements
John ,   Boise, Idaho USA   (06.07.11)
"You have Ameicans burning qurans and Israelis burning mosques" Is this something you have heard, imagined,would like to hear, or speculation? Do you have facts to back up your statements? Please present them and clarify your position
24. @17: What is so far fetched...
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (06.07.11)
...about the idea of pals burning a few rugs in a mosque with the goal of blaming Israel? For people who use their own women and children as cannon fodder, human shields, and walking bombs, do you really think they are above burning a muslim community centre for the cause? According to Taqiyya, anything that furthers the cause of islam is allowed, right?
25. ...
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (06.08.11)
#19: Could you provide some examples? Thanks. #20: lol can you comprehend the fact I wasn't comparing terrorists and vandals. Please, re-read my post carefully before replying. And nice try, but I said Americans and Israelis, not Jews. #23 Gladly. Google Pastor Terry Jones. The guy in Florida who burnt Qurans with his church. And on October 4, 2010 Israelis burnt a Mosque. That's just one incident. #24 Where do you see that happening? Using kids and women as shields. To answer your question, yes I do. There's no reason to do it themselves they'd get caught and even more it's against Islam.
26. Protection of Muslim mosques
Len ,   Australia   (06.08.11)
Has the perpetrators that burnt, smashed and defaced the tomb of the Patriach Joseph ever been brought to justice ? Just wondering.
27. Of course 'Peace Now'
Timur ,   Amman, Jordan   (06.09.11)
I felt a slap in the face when he said that. They can't do that, their name is PEACE Now, they do not want violence, they simply seek to establish a Palestinian State next to Israel, who both live in peace and harmony. Of course the Hilltop Youth sees that as an insane idea, and would blame them for everything bad that happens left and right. This is cowardly.
28. #5
Mark ,   Edmonton AB   (06.11.11)
No, these are the Jews of the Bible that believe that God gave them the land and know that the only real solution is to take the land. The two state solution is a farce and an act of war against the JEWISH nation.
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