Iran sends submarines to Red Sea
News Agencies
Published: 07.06.11, 11:38
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1. I smell a heavy Iranian humiliation and defeat.
Barry Soetoro ,   Kenya   (06.07.11)
2. Qaaem(1) Nahang(1) Ghadir (10) R U Serious?
The midget subs (Nahang, Ghadir) r desil-electric, loud clunkers with limited capabilities, submersible times and are extremely SLOW (11knots)... Israels "tourist" subs have better capabilities. They only have 1 Qaaem sub and even that is puny with limited capabilities (and runs so hot a satellite can see it's wake of bath water for several miles fanning out behind it). What r they going to do vs an Israeli Dolphin with nuke-tipped torpedoes? ZERO. ZILTCH. NADA. The Iranian navy is not even an annoyance, let alone a tiny swath of gnats. Bring them on Iran (along with your open cowardice that FORCES you to state that they will be glubbing along in "International Waters". When it comes to subs, all bets are off the table: you can't prove a damn thing when you're sitting at the bottom of the ocean in Pieces! If you want to enter the world of subs...or in your case: submersed bathtubs, you have ZERO international orgs to complain to if you disappear. It will be called what it always is: an "accident"...but we all know what that means. Time to sink some Iranian tuchous! Bring it on baby: you're dead meat anywhere near Israel: you're aaaaaallll alone!
3. wow
Fabio ,   Italy   (06.07.11)
a very secret intelligence mission...
4. Music to my ear!
Wissam ,   Palestine   (06.07.11)
Two villains' confrontation. Thoroughly amusing. Good luck to them first.
5. "Anger Israel"?
Nour ,   One-State   (06.07.11)
What are you going to do about it? Nothing stupid I hope - as Dagan rightly put it.
6. big deal
YK ,   Israel   (06.07.11)
yeah, ok, big deal, so the subs are in the red sea, so what? ooo.. i'm scared.. the idf will do what it needs to do..
7. Can " Israel's" Navy stop Tehran's Navy ?!
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.07.11)
the answer is NO.
8. Sink it ! #1 I wish !
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.07.11)
9. to Number 7
David Wechsler ,   Haifa Israel   (06.07.11)
The Israeli Air Force will sink any Navy in the world that wishes hurt Israel. It will be done very quickly and completely.
10. Iranian Airplanes are also known as submarines :-)
Roger the Shrubber ,     (06.07.11)
11. Tick..tick...tick...
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (06.07.11)
The approach of the time for an "unfortunate and unexpected" series of naval accidents/incidents that should keep CNN, whatiz name Jizzara, SKY et al, busy for several news cycles.
12. big deal
alexi   (06.07.11)
israel sends its subs so iran sends its subs. world is waiting for army to overthrow the rotten ayatollah regime originally enabled by jimmy carter and france, both cowards who turned their back on the shah who would have cut the mullahs off at the pass especially ruhollah. If dagan thinks that yair lapid is someone to follow, he is sorely mistaken. He is another form of olmert, a desk smart journalist who plays with words but doesn't see the real world. This we have seen from olmert and his twin livni, one who fidgets on any security matters and puts his stock in erdogan as a trusted intermediary to illustrate his ignorance and livni who runs to the us and un saying the arabs don't comply with UN resolutions as if the UN or US will do anything about it. Yair will be an absolute failure as any peace must see israel landlord of its own house and not dependent on arab moods.
13. #4 you are really something aren't you
reza shah ,   Tehran   (06.07.11)
keep dreaming when iran free palestine from Zionist you shall be out too
14. # 7 don't bet on it.
BUILDING ISRAEL ,   United States   (06.07.11)
Israel's military victories are well documented and proven. Iran's, well, let's just say it's all hot air, so far. Iran has over 1 million heroin addicts... Not good odds when in battle. p.s. there is no palestine, only Israel. eat your heart out.
15. So Israel succeeds in drawing out the entire Iran navy
Marco ,   Spain   (06.07.11)
from their hideout places. It makes so much easier for INF to attach spying devices and to destroy all of them at the right moment.
16. After embarassing revelations that Israel spies in Iran port
Marco ,   Spain   (06.07.11)
To save face Iran sends their fishing boats and calls them a "navy"
17. 14th fleet? Wow, Iran has more navy fleets than US!
Marco ,   Spain   (06.07.11)
Each mission of same fishing boats is given a different fleet number so the inflation creates a false sense of security.
18. #9 Any the collateral dammage?
Wissam ,   Palestine   (06.07.11)
Will the collateral damage be acceptable to most "Israelis"? I am betting that it won't. Hence pull those foreign passports from the safe and start polishing them, making sure they are current, etc. Any attack on Iran, justified or otherwise, will be stupid. Listen to Dagan!!
19. #9 & # 14 Wake Up !
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.07.11)
You are still living on past glory , believe me , it is a dangerous game to live on past glories.
20. U-Boat hunt
Efroim ,   Baltimore   (06.07.11)
We can play U-Boat hunt and tordeo them or simply disable their navigation system. Iran will implode and fall apart like all the other arab/islamic countries.
21. salma, does iran
courtney ,   usa   (06.07.11)
have a real navy?
22. The So-called "Iranian" Navy.
In any emergency they wouldn't make it out of the Straights of Hormuz. What they possess is a small number of missile boats, ancient cold war era, noisy, Russian diesel electric U boats, and a half dozen corvettes and such and other lightly armed rust buckets that are in severe need of spare parts and that are no match for any Navy in the World, including that of Sri Lanka. If they want info on foreign ships all they have to do is look at the long gray line of USNavy vessels on their own horizon. LOL BTW Salmonella or whatever your nome de guerre is, Yes the Israeli Navy could whip their sorry butts in a jumping jack flash. Go ahead make our day.
23. #13
Wissam ,   Palestine   (06.07.11)
Dear, free your people first, from the shackles of a false revolution which only brought economic misery and religious fascism? We do NOT want your style of governance here. You can beat your chest (and back) all day, but seeing is believing. And finally, salutations to the Iranian people, hostages of the ayatollahs.
24. Can Israel navy stop teran navy # 7
M.Gerald Fried ,   Skokie USA   (06.07.11)
In a heart beat. By way there is no country called Palestine.By way if you think Teran is so great you should ,move there. They have done so ,ouch for PLO. They built you schools, hospitals, clinics . They give you free oil water money. Oh I'm sorry I guess they didn't do those things. Oh but Israel can provide you with free medical care. Free hearing aids. By way the world knows that your Arab brothers have ignored you for over 60 years. Fiction is more interesting then facts.In last 60 years what has entire Arab community contributed to ,,mankind besides terrorism?
25. Iran Navy crossed Suez despite Israel US and all enemis
reza shah ,   tehran   (06.07.11)
Iran land of the of the real free home of the true brave is coming to bug those Zionist and kick them out of the holy land Zionist comes in different shapes and forms you have Zionist christian ,moslems and jews
26. Arabs have always pinned their hopes on false Messiahs
Marco ,   Spain   (06.07.11)
It started out with the fake profit, today is the Iranian "navy"
27. Sounds like they are ready to go to War?
noa ,   israel   (06.07.11)
28. Oh, but Salma, everyone knows God is on our side.
noa ,   israel   (06.07.11)
Everybody. Including you.
29. ... don't go whning at UN afterwards, like the Arabs do...
robert renders ,   belgium   (06.07.11)
30. #19 i would have said the same to your people
unfortunately for you, you HAVE no glory to live on... you live solely by delusions of grandeur based on nothing but wishful thinking.
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