Iran sends submarines to Red Sea
News Agencies
Published: 07.06.11, 11:38
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31. #19 Past glory better than Palestine's "no glory ever". Haha
32. #23 Well said, Wissam .
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.07.11)
33. #21 hmmmm....Not sure : (
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.07.11)
courtney , does "Israel" have a REAL Navy Soldiers ?!
34. 22 'FREEDOM FIGHTER' - - u da man!
fred nerks ,   Wagga, Aus   (06.07.11)
thx for the link too
35. #18 Palestinians and passports
Logic ,   Israel   (06.07.11)
Wissam, I recall seeing a poll a while back regarding the willingness of Palestinians to relocate to the West. The percentages were embarrassingly high, which hints that the conflict can be resolved by offering Palestinians Greencards, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand papers and EU residency. Also, even though you're wrong about most Israelis having another passport, the fact that the ones who do have them stay here (while others choose to leave the West for Israel) rather than move to more comfortable lands defeats your argument.
36. Red Sea is off Saudi Arabia too
j ,   usa ny   (06.07.11)
They may sink it first!
37. Technology can make you blind
Johan ,   Perth - Australia   (06.07.11)
I am sure that the US and also Israeli technology is just fine. May I point out that all this technology meant very little in Iraq and Afghanistan. With it you can win battles but never a war. What an ICB missile can do, the same can be done in a shipping container or even by a donkey cart. So do not be too confident.
38. Salma #33 if we don't then ....
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.07.11)
why do you whine so much when they do their job? The answer is yes our Navy is more powerful than the entire Arab Empire combined.
39. who cares
burak ,   turkey   (06.07.11)
in the 21th century we can still see news like this . im surprised. everyone knows that iran subs arent so good at all.
40. Iran sends submarines
ME ,   US   (06.07.11)
Maybe it's time for the Dolphins to have some fun.
41. Israel is a tiny nation and will not tolerate great losses
Avi Silverman ,   Safed Israel   (06.07.11)
Any Naval force that attacks israel will find the bottom of the ocean very quickly. If Iran chooses to attack Israel further they are very aware that they will be destroyed very quickly. Iran would never dare attack Israel nor would anyone else. Israels past victories came at a time when Israels military strength was 5,000 times less that it is now. Iranian rulers try to divert attention away from the poor way they treat the Iranian people. Iranian people know that their worst enemy is the Iranian Government. Iranians want to be free like us and that day will come.
42. Salma / 19
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.07.11)
What would you know about past glories? You don't have any!
43. 25 Reza
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.07.11)
How funny, you couldn't even handle Iraq. Keep on dreaming.
44. Question to any palestinians.....
Oren   (06.07.11)
I have a serious question for any palestinians or even arabs out there...... If the palestinians received a state with the west bank and gaza, with no israeli troops inside, no checkpoints, right of return of palestinians resolved within this palestinian state and lets just say with East Jerusalem as its capital, Would you continue to resist and fight israel for more land or whatever reason, or can there actually be an end to the conflict and actual peace? Please answer honestly and fully
45. The palestinian here on talk back look and sound like weak
tea man ,   Marjayoun   (06.07.11)
link they do not know friend from foe they just happy the world will fall apart as their world have fallen ITS FUNNY after 60 some years they had yet to wise up but palestine through out history was never liberated from inside rather from outside Salahdin came from Baalbeck Nasrallah is coming from Baalbeck Iran loves Baalbeck they built grat mosque there
46. No. 25, Iran fishing boats "navy" is lured into a trap
Marco ,   Spain   (06.07.11)
They think it is a great achievement that US/Israel opened the door for them to be destroyed.
47. #5 nour You Really Seem As Stupid As
Wondering   (06.07.11)
your posts? Are You Really that stupid? Just Wondering. P.S. Don't believe Everything you read? Yella
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (06.07.11)
How weak or strong Iranian Navy is..............It has taken four good years for Israel to keep on planning attacking Iran.Anyway, what you never dreamt less than a year back is being materialised.Iranian Naval ships passing through Suez.Will you term it as 'provocative'again?Knowing they are no where near to the class of your Navy,why the concern of using the word'provocative'.I read it in Ynetnews.
49. In land engagements the Iranians
Michael ,   Arkansas, USA   (06.07.11)
are fond of cowardly hiding behind women and children as shields. Perhaps they intend to strap women and children along the outside of their subs. G-d bless Israel.
50. #13 Ahmadinejad's swan song
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.07.11)
We all know Iran's interest in the Palestinians is for self gain. Take up their cause, get a foot in the door, then dump them. What's the latest on your fearless leader? Impeached, on trial, about to resign or sending the navy to Israel to divert public attention from the mess he's made in Iran?
51. Salma's use of "Israel"
John ,   Alaska   (06.07.11)
I find Salma's use of quotation marks around Israel very offensive. It delegitimizes the Jewish state. Please make her stop and please delete posts which show Israel in quotes. Thank you.
52. Cynthia my answer is just the same answer for aunt
reza shah ,   Tehran   (06.07.11)
Tomasa "salma palestine" hahahaha when we get there you both will be out
53. Iranian Fleet
Chancellor Palpatine ,   Hoth, Ice Planet   (06.07.11)
Our Star Cruisers will annihilate the Iranian Navy.
54. iran
Daniel ,   India   (06.08.11)
iran as usual crazy. big talk no stuff = gas balloon!
mark ,   t.a. israel   (06.08.11)
56. #52 Shakin' in my boots
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.08.11)
57. perth
robert ,   voorhees usa   (08.31.11)
i'll take six navy seals over all the donkeys u got in australia
58. 14th Fleet?
Cj ,   Dania Beach, USA   (09.02.11)
A "fleet" of two ships? I guess the US should send its 100th fleet to keep tabs.
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