TA rampage driver charged with murder
Naama Cohen-Friedman
Published: 09.06.11, 15:13
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1. arab Chutzpah
Julien ,   Liverpool, UK   (06.09.11)
He lost control of his truck for f...'s sake. Can't you tell ?
2. get rid of the terrorists!
spray ,   israel   (06.09.11)
3. express
observer ,   jerusalem, israel   (06.09.11)
let his end be like ben-laden!
4. he needs a facial badly
epur ,   israel   (06.09.11)
5. make him hear hatikva all day!
tamar ,   israeli   (06.09.11)
6. Death penalty
David ,   Israel   (06.09.11)
It is about time that Israel imposes the death penalty for all terrorists convicted of murder.
7. Israel needs the 'death penalty' for such cases.
Bless israel. ,   United States   (06.09.11)
if not, Hamas will demand his release for Schlit. ( and that of 1,000 more )
8. So this TERRORIST was charged was charged with TERRORISM
Adi   (06.09.11)
after all. Wow, that took some courage from the Left pro-Arab Judges.
9. don't worry
na nach ,   israel canada   (06.09.11)
if you believe in g-d all the enemies will be wiped out!
10. He need not worry
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.09.11)
He will be exchanged for Gilad Shalit
11. that will make 1001 hearing aids
kesef ,   israel tel aviv   (06.09.11)
so he can clearly hear hatikva!
12. to #8
adi ,   ISRAEL   (06.09.11)
they probably stopped listening to cold feet.
13. after all adi
observer ,   j   (06.09.11)
you are correct. maybe this is the start of the hunting down of all terrorists!
14. after trial, hang him, he deserves
EU zionist ,   munich/germany   (06.09.11)
15. Salma,
dorothy ,   gilgil, kenya   (06.09.11)
Where are you to defend your brother?
16. Deport his family to Gaza
Moish ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.09.11)
and then execute him by making him into one of those "bumpers" from Mad Max.
17. an accident- yeah right!
chart ,   israel tel aviv   (06.09.11)
18. will they serve him kosher food in jail?
vicky ,   germany   (06.09.11)
19. to #18.
A ,   Belgium   (06.09.11)
They shouldn't give him anything more than dry moldy pita bread and water. Maybe some rat meat for protein.
20. #15
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.09.11)
apparently Ynet censored my comments and banned me today : (
21. The usual: My son didn't do it. He's a
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.09.11)
good boy. He's the target of Jewish racism. Allu Akbar is not a swear word. It has nothing to do with terrorists who screech that phrase before they pull the trigger. Besides, all those Jews are lying.
22. #20 Salma, my compliments to Y Net
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.09.11)
They finally got some sachel and banned some of your endless gibberish Maybe if you had given them your accurate address in Bahrain they might have had second thoughts By the way dear, you're still ducking answering my easy questions, can't you find the lies to respond ?
23. IDF
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (06.09.11)
Those terrorists killed and injured FAR MORE civilians on that day. Where's the justice for those families?
24. "Had the driver been Jewish..." Sadly, she has a point.
5th generation ,   Israel   (06.09.11)
Our justice system needs to come down hard on truly reckless drivers of all creeds, including BEFORE they kill. A 1000 NIS fine and 60 days of community service for a drunk-driver leaving a 12-year-old girl vegetized (because it is "just a traffic violation" apparently on par with cell phone use) is proof of a sick, sick, sick, sick system.
25. what about justice
jews   (06.09.11)
for all the terrorist attacks?! they all should be finished with a long time ago!
26. you are obsessed with ynet
to mr salma   (06.09.11)
don't you have your own news for ahrabs in jordan to see?
27. To: No. 23
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.09.11)
Oh, shut up. What would the Canadian army do if hundreds of Americans were to storm the border?
28. 23 and those with that bizarre argument
Deebo_ ,   Holon   (06.09.11)
Are you aware of the difference between: a) civilians who were driving, doing their daily routines and going to work b) A misled and dangerous mob deliberately trying to break into a country's borders with the intention of causing harm. Go ahead, get a few hundred people in Canada and organize a break-in into the US. See how they react. US Customs officials have weapons, and not just for aesthetic purposes.
29. Wait - so after his massive rampage and murder...
William ,   Israel   (06.09.11)
the argument is "he's innocent because the Arab driver was eventually attacked by others"? Are you kidding? After his rampage, he's lucky his entrails were not strung between light poles. If the roles were reversed, Arabs would be screaming like maniacs with their hands red from his blood, after lynching him. This Arab is alive and on trial. I can't say the same for the IDF soldier who went on a rampage on a bus and was brutally lynched and killed by Arabs despite being handcuffed AND unarmed.
30. #20 - maybe your comments were mindless rants
William ,   Israel   (06.09.11)
re-word and try again
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