'Abbas looking for way out of UN bid'
Elior Levy and AP
Published: 09.06.11, 23:14
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1. al-Qidwa is not representative of Palestinians
Dawn Elise ,   New York, NY, USA   (06.09.11)
This is NOT news that Nasser al-Qidwa, Foreign Minister of Fatah and nephew of Arafat and ultimate political insider does not want Palestine to seek official recognition at the United Nations. The United States funds Fatah and al-Qidwa's lofty salary; he speaks for the U.S. Overwhelmingly Palestinians want to try for official recognition from the United Nations. To infer otherwise by only reporting on the statements of disrespected political elites is not responsible reporting. Interview popular Palestinians and what the Palestinian people believe so we can be truly informed. Thank you.
2. Hmmm...."al-Maliki" - you mean from the Iraqi al-Malikis?
William ,   Israel   (06.09.11)
You're a long way from home, bud. Just like your brothers.
3. "Palestinians considering asking UNGA for other recognition
William ,   Israel   (06.09.11)
You could also ask for recognition as the biggest drain of global resources perpetually for 4 generations. I bet that would win you unanimous support.
4. Another reason not to believe the Left
Rachel ,   US   (06.09.11)
Ehud Barak and his leftist gang warning of "tsunami" have been proven wrong once again. Do not ever believe a word that comes out of these people's mouths.
5. Looks To Me That abu mazen (abbas)
Wondering   (06.09.11)
Is ALWAYS Looking to get OUT of Something, be Peace Talks at the Table, hamas consessions, fatah consessions, gaza/w.b. consessions, Now his genius idea's has hit a wall so let's QUIT. All these bedouin/ arabs do is QUIT.Whats the Theme here? Just Wondering?
6. So what else is new
Shalom ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.09.11)
Abba Eban was right when he said that the Arabs never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. So Mr Abbas, you put your foot in your mouth, now eat it!!
7. The best option is Jordan.
Israeli 2   (06.10.11)
8. Some kind of Fish
Frank ,   U.K.   (06.10.11)
This b...h a.. n....r, this man is no good to Israel nor is he any good to his own people. Just what is Abbas living for? What is his purpose on this planet, its sad when a man has feined leaving the peace process so many times that he can't find the door, we the world should show Abbas the door and give this man a good stiff kick in the keister and maybe in his retirement he can show us how he spends the millions he has made with these theatrics. Hey whats an A -bbas, a fish swimming in the wrong direction LOL
9. Abba Eben is chuckling in his grave (end)
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.10.11)
10. The "way out" lies in the east - east of the Jordan river.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.10.11)
11. #1 What the Pals believe is not necessarily
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.10.11)
what their leaders believe. That is the way of Arabs. Their leaders USE them. They brainwash and condition them, even the little children - Farfur is a perfect example. Likewise, they say one thing in Arabic and something totally different in English. Politics in the Arab world depends on keeping the brain and pot boiling and having the people feed on the propaganda their leaders dish out. So the people want a state. Nobody tells them that a state is supposed to be self-supporting. They have not had to worry about that for the past 63 years. Other people have provided for them, never mind that the bulk of the donations end up in the politicians' foreign accounts. They expect the same foreigners to support them forever. That is why they have the mentality of children. I agree with you - the Pals want a state and as well, the world on a silver platter too. They do not want the headache to support themselves.
12. He could always call out sick on the day of
William ,   Israel   (06.10.11)
13. Abbas created a no win situation because of his tantrums
zionist forever   (06.10.11)
The man has had nearly three years of Obama backing him unconditionally. Instead of taking advantage of having Obama this idiot just made precondition after precondition to avoid talks and without talks the most anti Israel president since Carter couldn't help him. Obama is now on the campaign trail which means he can't be so anti Israel anymore, so he no longer has the muscle Abbas needs. Bibi is also now the darling of Congress since his little speech. Now Abbas has finally come round to understanding he can't get a state if he goes directly to the UN but now its to late. If he calls off the September deadline then Hamas will quit the unity government, it will cost Fatah the November election ( an election he is not standing in ) and Abbas will be accused of selling out to Israel. There is certainly no time to try and talk and reach a negotiated solution before September or even November considering we are approaching the second week of June nobody has said a word to each other and there are so many issues to resolve. Abbas wanted to be the tough talker all this time and the result is he has dug himself a hole ha can't get out of. Go to the UN he is screwed, don't go to the UN he is screwed.
14. Abu Tarzan
Steve ,   tel aviv   (06.10.11)
This loss leader spends so much time and effort climbing down from trees, one would think he's Tarzan.
15. Something stinks, I don't trust the fake Palis
J1 ,   Earth   (06.10.11)
16. Abbas has made his empty threat. Now he must live with it..
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.10.11)
Abbas has made his empty threat, . Now he has to live with it. The 1988 declaration was an absolute fiasco and the coming declaration will be an even bigger fiasco. That is what happens when you pretend a fictional state is real. Israel legally owns Judea and Samaria; a fact we can easily prove. We also have a powerful, fast growing Jewish community of almost 700,000 in Judea and Samaria. This will be the last Palestine statehood fiasco. After the smoke clears, further threats to declare Palestinian statehood will merit laughter. Perhaps polite laughter, perhaps impolite laughter.
17. I've been saying this for weeks already.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.10.11)
Abbas climbed up a tree & now can't figure out how to climb down. Anyway, who cares? Abbas & his crooked cronies are a waste of time, not important enough to bother listening to, not even newsworthy. Our gov't. should tell Abbas to go to hell along with his Hamas friends.
18. Ah, what a tangled web we weave
Cameron ,   USA   (06.10.11)
19. A poor gamble on Abbas's part. There
Robert Haymond ,   Israel/Canada   (06.10.11)
is one "ploy" which would work: To actually come out a officially state that the Palestinain "people" acknowledge and accept the "Jewish" state of Israel. In that case, we would be forced, like it or not, to negotiate. Of course, Abbas would probably be assassinated but that's another question.
20. You do what pals want you to abass
Abdalla   (06.10.11)
And that's go the UN in sept
21. It was obvious from the day one that unilateral
leo ,   usa   (06.10.11)
declaration of Palestinian state is not possible. Abbas was bluffing and Israel called his bluff. Abbas knows it is time to fold, but he needs the graceful way out or he is a goner. Should it be afforded to him? Israelis, you decide.
22. We will embarrass Obama and other who veto
Remi   (06.10.11)
That smells like a victory
23. First, Obama demanded, stupidly, that Jews, only because...
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (06.10.11)
...they are Jewish, refrain from residing in certain villages, towns and city neighborhoods of their ancestral homeland: an applied racist approach to the Jewish people. Now, Obama set out to ensure that the nation-state of the Jewish people is defenseless by insisting that the Jews must withdraw to lines from which they were aggressively attacked in the first place. And, since Obama has been so hostile to the nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel; to its leaders and institutions; and, by extension towards the people whose nation-state Israel is, the Jewish people; why should Abbas be any different...??
24. What are Abbas' Alternatives?
Muayyad ,   Palestine   (06.10.11)
No Palestinian would accept Bibi's four No's. The only option in light of US impotence in its so called mediation effort is the declaration of Palestine followed by massive peaceful protests worldwide calling for an end to occupation. Abbas is worried about salaries. We tell him we had rather starve than accept Zionist dictate.
25. In a world of losers, abbas is the king.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.10.11)
26. Lies and more lies
John ,   NY, NY   (06.10.11)
The Israeli Propaganda is up and in full power . Disseminating false information to lower the moral of the Palestinians. This is an old a play from the book of Department of Foreign Affair., But it is not going to work. The Tsunami is coming
27. Translation : No Palestine on the ground in the near future.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.10.11)
28. Just do it
Palestinian   (06.10.11)
Go to the UN. Haggana, Stern and Irgun went before the UN and got a state. If the bid is blocked, disolve the PA and Palestinian inside Palestine to go to one vote for every one. Palestinians abroad to go after blocked against Palestine's freedom.
29. #10&11Abbas looking for wayout of un bid
Elsie ,   Gush Halav   (06.10.11)
#10&11, come to Israel Harry, instead of pontificateing from the uk,and no ,there is no going to east of Jordan, we are at peace here, and before you even start typing again, let assure you ,that ,yes ,we do pay taxes etc etc ,as you should Harry know, there is nothing for free.
30. #24 Muayyad
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.10.11)
End of occupation? Occupation of what??? There has never been an Arab state or nation called "Palestine" in the Middle East. Or do you have different information? In this case, I would be glad if you could share it with us.
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