Thousands take part in Tel Aviv pride parade
Elad Rubinstein
Published: 10.06.11, 14:47
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1. good news
bill ,   canada   (06.10.11)
a strong and growing gay community is good for israel it may help stop idf child killers
2. Logic contortion
Andrew ,   NYC US   (06.10.11)
Said one marcher: "I see no contradiction between my ideology and faith and my being gay." Really? what does he do with Vayikra 18:22 -- "You shall not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; it is an abomination.? "
3. oy vey oy vey...
4. This is wrong.This is plain wrong.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (06.10.11)
If Israel had a normal Jewish government ,it would forbidden such thing and punish those who incentivate such thing. These are useful idiots! As I said the other day: disturbed politicians use the senses of masses to manipulate them. They please the animal senses of this weak,uneducated persons,and they fall like little dead puppets in these "leaders"electoral interests. How will they deny the vote and the support to a politician who allows them so much "pleasure"? This is pure perververtion and Israel should wake up and cure this abomination ASAP,before it will fall more and more in the head of all Israel.
5. Is there any doubt now about who is Tzipi Livni?
Keren ,   IL-BR   (06.10.11)
This poor woman is the synthesys of dirty politicians,the ones who can not get votes from healthy ,normal reasoning people,and then go after perverted ones,to whom she herself promote and encourage perversion, for her own filthy selfish political interests. This kind of politicians should disappear and the eyes of sociaty must be opened to whom they really are.
6. Parade
Marty ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.10.11)
They should force everyone who is a member of "Queers Against Israeli Apartheid" in Toronto to read the article.
7. Question
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (06.10.11)
Can anybody explain to me how can you fight to be not considered different and then march shouting you are different? Maybe too many people just think about what is politically correct and don't care to say what they don't feel!
8. Didn't work in Sodom & Gmora. Won't work in Israel.
Yehuda   (06.10.11)
9. Eldridge Cleaver
Amram ,   Netanyah   (06.10.11)
Eldridge Cleaver comes to mind-- He wrote that this type of phenomenon can be explained as "aping the oppressor".
10. to #1
Omri ,   Israel   (06.10.11)
Unfortunately in Gaza gays are stoned to death just because they are gays.they don't even need to be Fatah supporters... But the useful idiots like you will always be in favor of the barbarians who see gays ( or women, or infidels ) worth half of the others. How proud you must be of yourself.
11. Is this what we waited 2000 years for?
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (06.10.11)
There is NOTHING in Tan'ach or Halacha that accepts homosexuality. The only few examples, like Sodom, are negative. All admirable relationships in Tan'ach are heterosexual. And the Halacha is clear, in its description of homosexuality and its consequences. GLBT people can do what they want by themselves, but why can't they let people who follow Torah live their own lives? Form your own religion. Do I have the right to join a Catholic Church and then tell them that their rules are wrong? If I don't like the church, I should go somewhere else. That's all I ask of GLBT people. Hang around with your own and leave us alone. Stop with the dumb parades of unnatural behavior.
12. parade
edmund ,   cape town   (06.10.11)
13. truly disturbing
Julie ,   israel   (06.10.11)
I don't understand why they are having a huge celebration of homosexuality. It is truly disturbing. this honoring of perversion. And Israel should not be a party to it. It is onw thing to repect people and treat them with dignity. It is another to promote and celebrate this aberration...........truly disturbing. Nothing these supporters say will change the facts.
14. Stuck in traffic for 2 hours
Ben G ,   Herzliya Israel   (06.10.11)
Today's event caused absolute chaos on the roads and meant that my wife and I and our 7 month old baby could not get to the Dan hotel today to meet our frineds who were on holiday from England. We drove around Tel Aviv for 2 hours and then gave up and drove back home and ruined all chances of seeing them before they fly tomorrow. Any parade should be better organized to allow easier access to sites around Tel Aviv.
15. so these "creatures" were not made by Elokhim?!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.10.11)
16. to #4 and every other person on talkback bashing gays
Linda ,   Ashdod   (06.10.11)
My gay son is not a pervert or someone to be afraid of or ashamed of. He pays his taxes, does his reserve army duty faithfully, unlike many people in Israel (ahem) has a college degree (and a year towards his MA) does not do drugs, does not force his beliefs on others. He does not take handouts from the government and is a contributing member of society. What are you so afraid of? We love him and are proud of him. I pity you and your narrowmindedness. You, my dear, need help.
17. Have a fun day to all!!!!!!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.10.11)
Tel Aviv is alive with colour, love and laughter. Gotta love it : )
18. it was clear we will have all those religious comments
itay ,   reut, israel   (06.10.11)
ok, personally, i dont understand why gay pride parades are needed. i see comments of people saying they are gay and not aproved of those parades because they help stereotype them as "freaks". the parades probably created antagonism and maybe dont support the goal they were made for. but all the stupid religious comments of the "sodom and gomorrah" commenters are out of touch with reallity. we are a democratic western country, we dont stone gay people, we are not iran or saudi arabia. israel is a country like all others with real people living in it. its not some fantasy land over the clouds so some morons need to wake up. especially the ones who dont live here and try to say what we should or shouldnt have in our country. "what are you doing to MY holy land" from some american (saw it on youtube comments). pathetic.
19. Religious should reserve passing judgement
Jack ,   Toronto, canada   (06.10.11)
The religious at times are very zealous in their words. Their fervour gets carried away and it seems like they lose faith when someone differs from their divine opinion. The differentiation from one sin to another is for G-d to judge not you. The lashon harah that comes flying out of your mouth against another Jew is not excused just because you think that one sin is worse than the other. While lying with a man is an abomination; isn't lashon harah equal to murder? Before opening your mouths and spewing hate; THINK IF IT IS INDEED RIGHTEOUS! May G-d bless the entire state of Israel and AM Israel with the tolerance and patience it needs to thrive an survive.
20. Insulting the Holy Land
Arik ,   Guivat Yearim IL   (06.10.11)
This is disgusting to see Jews who behave like animals in the Holy Land and are proud of it. It is an insult to our Land and an insult to Hashem.
21. #1 - but it won't stop Arab baby killers
William ,   Israel   (06.10.11)
sadly, the Arabs will still use their babies as human shields, and proudly thank allah for the ability to send one of their children after another dressed in a vest of explosives to kill a Jew. And now you know why we fight.... no where else in the ME is there a vibrant democracy and open society, to which even Arabs run to for freedom.
22. To all the pro-Palestinians gays out there
Omri ,   Israel   (06.10.11)
A few months ago the United Nations voted to remove´╗┐ a reference to sexual orientation from its resolution against extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions.among those that voted against was Israel. so to all of you gay people who are so concerned about the Palestinians rights ( you know, the people who voted for Hamas that not only calls for the destruction of Israel and Jews all over the world, Is also a fundamentalist religious organization) - when you go to sleep with dogs don't be surprised to wake up with fleas. Such parade in Gaza or in the Palestinian Authority can not nor can ever exist which should tell you something about who are we dealing with.not that Israel is perfect, Not that there is no prejudice and homophobia in our society But all in all, Israel is a country that respects minorities and gives them equal rights, as it should. From a Heterosexual with respect to your community.
23. Thank God for Tel Aviv
Tif ,   New York City   (06.10.11)
Thank God for Israel being the only safe haven in the Middle East where every one may freely be the person they were meant and born to be. This is about human rights and dignity....if religion were to squash this Israel would be no better than Iran. I applaud Israel and her understanding heart of freedom for all.
24. to #16, and every other GLBT apologizer
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (06.10.11)
saying your son has all these good qualities is aside from the issue. Analogies: He is strong and healthy, but he has cancer. he's still sick, and it's unfortunate He is a fine member of the community and a hard worker, but he's a serial killer. he's still a serial killer and it's wrong. So, he has a job, serves in the army, has a degree, but he's homosexual. he's still homosexual and it's still an unnatural way to relate to people.
25. proud to be sodomized ?
MMAguy   (06.10.11)
26. no contraction for religious ? Have they read the Tora ?!
27. fed up with all this gay propaganda
28. OMG What you do there Israel?!
Yoav ,   Germany   (06.10.11)
Religious Gay? What will come as next, the sencetive killers, the proud thiefs?
29. 11...I'm sorry has this event disrupted your life?
Deebo_ ,   Holon   (06.10.11)
The Tanach also states that it's a sin to cut your hair around your temples, so if unless you've never shaved in your life, you shouldn't talk. This is an era where we accept people the way they were born. Sorry, Baruch. Gays, don't be afraid to let your colours fly. Sorry I couldn't make it out today, but I'm gay proud of you all the same.
30. To Keren
Gregg ,   Haifa, IL   (06.10.11)
I wish you to be a Lesbian Black Woman in your next life !
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