Organ donations set new record
Dr. Itay Gal
Published: 14.06.11, 07:49
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1. An organ from an older person regenerates when transplanted
Rivkah   (06.14.11)
into a younger person. A girlfriend named Sissy Morton needs a kidney transplant and will be on dialysis until she gets one. She was scheduled to have surgery for a routine urinary bladder problem when her creatinine level showed she was in kidney failure and the surgery was cancelled. She is handling it pretty well and knows if there is a disruption in dialysis before she gets the transplant she will die. It is important for Sissy to live since she is raising two of her grandchildren and they are only five and nine years old and need her to live until they grow up. She keeps them near YHWH and the Scriptures and the narrow path to eternal life. But kidney failure runs in her family genetically. With so many natural disasters and wars on the horizon, I hope she gets a transplant while that is possible.
2. Donating an Organ is a wonderful thing and a Mitzvah
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.14.11)
Avi Cohen, the famous Israeli football star who played for Liverpool, was a promoter of Organ Donations and the ADI Card. He himself had one. However, when Avi Cohen died after a motorcycle crash his family overruled his decision to donate his organs which, no doubt, would have saved the lives of at least five other people! Basically, his family besmirched Avi Cohen's memory and denied him his right to give! The ADI Card must be as binding as a will and not subject to the whims of a family who were influenced by a rabbi who did not approve of donating organs!
3. Situation Still Pathetic
John ,   Jerusalem,Israel   (06.14.11)
Israel still has one of the lowest rates of organ donation in the Western World. Too many idiots with harmful religious beliefs or quasi-religious tendencies.
4. I HOPE...
Frank-el ,   Seattle USA   (06.16.11)
I hope that the New Jersey rabbis don't read this story! "...I'll trade you a kidney and a heart for a set of eyes and some lungs and future $ considerations..."
5. Now there's a feather in your cap!
Mea   (06.18.11)
This headline...awful
6. Saving Lives
Menachem Friedman ,   Brooklyn, NY   (07.01.11)
Another way, while more challenging, is to donate a kidney while alive. Living Donor kidneys have better long term survival rates. There is an organization Matnas Chayim that that helps people in Israel that want to learn more about donating a kidney. In the USA, the small risk involved is so much more known. There are many people who look into doing this there. Renewal has helped many people be able to donate in the USA. Living kidney donation is also allowed according to Orthodox Jewish Law as well.
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