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Italy against the Jews
Giulio Meotti
Published: 13.06.11, 08:49
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1. This is but a taste of what's coming
Central Command ,   BDS   (06.13.11)
2. Coming soon!
moriah ,   sacramento usa   (06.13.11)
An unprecedented natural disaster...It's on -the-way ...
3. people never change
pac ,   Ashkelon   (06.13.11)
Hate never disapear. Only find new way to get back in a more obsene way
4. Do not fear Israel!
Regardt ,   South Africa   (06.13.11)
In the face of increasing and relentless pressure Israel will live as long as you see the stars,moon and son in the heavens. This is nothing but an age old agenda of destroying the jewish people, and proof that God exists. Anti-Semitism will be judge by the Al Mighty through Israel.
5. Get out of Europe
k ,   US   (06.13.11)
Why would any Jew have anything to do with Europe, let them wallow in their Muslims, Europe has ALWAYS been Enemy # 1 for the Jews
6. Selective media
Regardt ,   South Africa   (06.13.11)
Ynet, you are on purpose selective of what you post, only to suite you anti-semite, global agenda to destroy Israel. It baffles me to understand how Jews can turn against their own people when they should be standing together.Your plans will not succeed.
7. Jews, Anti Israel....
Paul ,   Jaffa Israel   (06.13.11)
Ynet news.... Dare you to try to put a front page together without these words: Jews, Anti-Israel, Anti Semetism, Zionist racism. Then mabe you could really be news - not propaganda.
8. The Death of Hasbara as a Strategy?
Nour ,   One-State   (06.13.11)
First, the article lies in claiming the protests are against Jews. This is a viscous lie. Italians are against the torment, occupation and dispossession of Palestinians by Israelis. Second, it's interesting to witness the death of Hasbara as a once effective strategy in bamboozling public opinion (especially in Europe and America) to accept the Israeli narrative. THe world might be against you now, for a very good reason. Your total intransigence, Bibi's 5 "No's", and your utmost arrogance when it comes to International Law.
9. I love you, Italy.......Ti amo : )
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.13.11)
Giulio Meotti, Are you sure you Italian? Why incite against your country? The Italian are very nice people, with civilized culture and with great food ; ) personally I don't buy your propaganda that Italians are against the Jews, perhaps many of them are against "Israel"but not Jews. Giulio Meott, You are a disgrace to Italy.
10. Failed societies embrace anti-Semitism.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.13.11)
Italy, like most of Europe, is going down the toilet. Italy, like most of Europe, is going bankrupt. The basically Leftist model of the welfare state is a total failure. Then, there is the demographic decline, Italy has one of the lowest birthrates in Europe. This is a symptom of a profound malaise & has enormous cultural & financial consequences. Add to the demographic decline the massive Muslim immigration and you can easily see the future, or should I say, the lack of a future, for Italian society. Italy's economic decline & the inability to finance the welfare state will cause incredible stress within Italian society. Such stress often finds an outlet in anti-Semitism. ''Blame the Jews'' is a lot easier than finding practical (and difficult) solutions to problems. As in the 1920's & 1930's, Europe is morally bankrupt as well. We should never forget that Europe's intellectuals were supporters of totalitarian political ideologies such as fascism or communism - Italy is no exception. Anti-Semitism is the symptom of decline, of failure.
11. antisemitism
Michael ,   Turin Italy   (06.13.11)
I live in Turin where I know the city well and I am profoundly Zionist, this article take events where few people have participated mainly from the extreme left and try to show that it is a trend, I don’t want to say there is n anti-Semitism as everywhere there is , I am saying it is a gross exaggeration . I have never hid my Jewish identity and pro Israeli views and most of the time I find sympathy with our cause. There people who are pro Palestinian (also Jews) belong to the left wing and they remind me of the fascist movement through Europe before WWII
IamJoseph ,   Sydney   (06.13.11)
The same weapon planned for Israel is making a U-turn: Isamisation of Europe instead of Israel. Heaven has her vays too.
13. @7 kol ha'kavod
jl ,   usa   (06.13.11)
true story. enough "media" mongering.
14. Vastly exaggerated; Europeans KNOW who their problem is...
MORRIS   (06.13.11)
ISLAM. Expansionist, aggressive, conquering, invading, destructive. It is Islam that fans the flames of antisemitism, and they have their useful idiots. Pro-Palestine is usually the pretext under which they try to hide. But increasingly they get exposed. ISLAM IS AT RISK OF BECOMING THE SINGLE MOST HATED ENTITY IN EUROPE.
15. Oh, no!! I really hope....
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.13.11)
that this situation does not have a negative impact on all those ministers' junket to Rome. I hope they can shop and eat with much pleasure. Have fun in Rome, ministers. Send us a postcard. We're paying for the trip!
16. Thank You Israel for inciting anti-Jewish hatred worldwide.
Moshe   (06.13.11)
The worlds growing disgust of Israel's continued occupation and persecution of the Palestinians is causing a rise in anti-Jewish sentiment around the world.
17. Moshe #16
R ,   Israel   (06.13.11)
When communist China executes dissidents do you blame Americans of Chinese ancestry? I feel sorry for you that you are living in a total vacuum.
18. the rebirth of islamo-fascism with allah's blessings
Giovani   (06.13.11)
Nazification of Israel comes under " freedom of expression" so decides the Italian court.. How easily forgotten that only 'yesterday ' their beloved " Duce ", Mussolini's " freedom of expression " slaughtered 100's of thousands of Italians. For this, hanging by the balls and riddled with bullets, alongside his mistress, he was displayed throughout the world.. Now it's the arab's turn, since slaughtering is their specialy. ALL this while the pope sits on his gilded throne, wrapped in gold " confiscated " from the Jews, and refusing to return the artifax stolen from the Jews. Did you say that pasta is italy's specialty ?
19. Nour & Salma... read this
Giuseppe D. ,   Italy   (06.13.11)
Giulio Meotti is one of the finest journalist we have in Italy, and his book "A New Shoa" is astonishing. He's italian and he knows very well our situation and he's a proud defender of his country from arab lies. Salma and Nour, wake up, in modern days when you want to curse the jews you curse Israel. Your "palestinians" lies and your narrative are simple A BIG FAKE .
20. pro-palestinians are sooo boring
21. I'm a big fan of Mr. Meotti, but...
Roy Doliner ,   Rome, Italy   (06.13.11)
in this case, I have to say the article is a bit sensationalized. Yes, we have the extreme left wing, such as the useless idiots who scribble il manifesto, the Communist rag read by even less people than Ha'Aretz. Yes, we have a few freaks and haters, such as the article quotes, but some of these events happened over the last few years, not weeks. Yes, we have some rabidly anti-Israel professors brainwashing their classes - but less than are spewing their venom in Israeli universities. These haters will most likely be able to cobble together some sort of media show in Milan against Israel this week, but please remember that the vast majority of Italians and their politicians much prefer Israel and the Jews over the Muslims and the so-called "Palestinians". The media here is nowhere as anti-Zionist as the elitist media in Israel. I am often in the media and in the Vatican and in the streets of Rome with my kippa on, and have never had any reaction other than respect. I do agree with Signor Meotti that Israel MUST do Hasbara - not only in Italy, but worldwide, and especially at home where even about half of all Israelis do not even know the true history of their own country, making their children easy prey to the Neve Gordons of the world. Roy Doliner, co-author of The Sistine Secrets
22. We / Italian Jews must fight back.
Sami ,   New York, USA   (06.13.11)
We / Italian Jews must fight back..
23. No 16 -
Timothy ,   NY   (06.13.11)
Probably Hitler was also influenced by injustices done by Jews, as well as pogromers in Ukraine were distugsted by Jewish conituned persecution and occupation of somebody. Dont' you dare to use the name of Moshe, you schmuck.
24. Out of time: Radical Islam Taking Over Europe & West (Video)
25. Italy against Jews and so are secular Israelis
Avraham   (06.13.11)
especially against haredim and religious Jews. Self-hating liberal Jews are the biggest anti-Semites in the world, worse than Italy and the European countries.
26. italian anti-semitism
moron ,   galut   (06.13.11)
jews are only popular in europe when they are victimized..better to be less popular
27. modern blood libles all across europe!
marcia ,   UK   (06.13.11)
28. Antisemitism on the rise in Italy
PO ,   Rome, Italy   (06.13.11)
Giulio Meotti described a reality mixing old and new incidents in Italy. The Italians with anti-Israel and anti Jewish feelings are a good quantity but still a minoriry. Unfortunately this minority is growing due to the LACKNESS OF FAIR INFORMATION about Middle East issues. National (dis)information media in Italy are literally INTOXICATED by pro-palestinan propaganda, that puts Israel in bad light. What is still avoiding to turn Italy into an anti-Israel country is the presence here of Muslims: despite the arab/palestinian propaganda and the politically correctness of statements around Mid East affairs (that is double standards AGAINST Israel... ) they see with their own eyes what happens when you have muslims in your homeland. And they DO NOT WANT them. Just to clarify: Italians have no or very little problems with Jews, with Protestants, and with many other immigrants from other countries, except those ones coming from Islamic countries. Why? THEY DO NOT WANT TO INTEGRATE. That's it.
29. no. 14 true dat Moe
they just do not have the courage to say the real truth which is what you write about.
30. Meotti is right
Haim ,   Rome   (06.13.11)
I am a Jew living in Rome. Meotti is right and his article a real MUST for everyone who want to know what is happening also here. Those who are saying that the article is sensational must know the truth. A story today, another one tomorrow, and we were loosing the whole picture. Meotti did an incredible, unique work in rebuilding the entire story.
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