'Israeli spy arrest attempt to please crowds'
Hagai Einav
Published: 13.06.11, 10:51
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1. So Egypt claims to arrest spy, and release all evidence
Marco ,   Spain   (06.13.11)
before trial? What kind of counter spy agency does Egypt have, which divulges all their methods of operation? More than anything else it looks like a setup for domestic consumption with the enthusiastic cooperation of the Antisemitic media in Egypt.
2. Who said they released all the evidence?
Mohamed Tarek ,   Cairo, Egypt   (06.13.11)
It's best to wait till things are more clear before making unsupported clamis like "This is an attempt by the military council to please the crowds." The egyptians officially notified Israel about this and that they are free to send a lawyer to attend the investigations yet didn't receive a reply till the end of the day. Let's just wait and see how things develop.
3. No. 2, they released more than enough before end of investig
Marco ,   spain   (06.13.11)
So far none of this evidence has anything to do with spying but it is intended to inflame the mindless Egyptian masses you are part of against Israel. That the guy was in IDF? Everybody in Israel serves in IDF. If this is your criterion than no Israeli can ever visit Egypt and no Egyptian former soldier can visit Israel, therefore it is true that Arabs are the obstacle to Peace. That he participated in an open and public demonstration in Cairo? What does this have to do with spying? Encouraging Arabs against Mubarak? You know well that no Egyptian will listen to an Israeli for this and Mossad is no stupid. Also what interest will Israel have to topple Mubarak and give Muslim Brotherhood a chance to take power? Beside, how many Arab instigators for demonstrations against Mubarak are currently investigated, in jail or standing trial? None you say? Exactly, it is not a crime any more in today's Egypt. Everything else is unproven allegations that will be proven false as usual with big mouth Arabs like you.
4. spy?
fredi ,   karmiel/israel   (06.13.11)
what kind of peace can we achieve with an arab nation. this is a good example!
5. Monitor the revolution
Serge ,   Antwerp, Belgium   (06.13.11)
Why would you send a spy to do that ? This is a journalist's work ! Just read the newspapers. This incident is fresh meat for the crowd. What is left of the peace treaty ?
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (06.13.11)
Ah yes, "to please the crowds", again. The excuse makers of Egypt have to prove their worth. They need Israel, or at least a good hatred of Israel, to be successful in politics. Is this guy a spy, probably not. But it makes good press doesn't it. It gives them a false feeling of superiority, that somehow they outwitted Israel. How desperate they must be? How deflated their ego, and those of the people must be? To need such fake propping up, just to feel good about themselves, how pathetic.
7. Very Spy :)
Hisham   (06.13.11)
if not a spy what was he doing in the square carrying banners against USA, and what was he doing iside moques sleeping , talking and even breacing?
8. # 2 & 7
Hal ,   Usa   (06.13.11)
Why on earth would Israel want to spy on Egypt? Egypt??? Egypt makes Mexico look like Germany economically. Too bad for you Mohamed, but nothing has changed in your museum of a country. The military is still calling the shots and getting imbeciles like you and Hisham to spout the vomit of all Arab dictators. Blame Israel and click your heels three times and you're in the Arab land of Oz repleat with swastikas. Nothing will change for you or any of the other Arab people while they insult G-d! Nothing has changed with the Arab Spring except the positions of your deck chairs.
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