Netanyahu meets Berlusconi in Rome
Published: 13.06.11, 15:08
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1. free free KURDISTAN!!!!
victoria 4 KURDISTAN   (06.13.11)
befor you fix ties with turkey make shure they stop kill kurds!!!!!!
2. No 1:Either you have no idea what you are talking about or
was passing by   (06.13.11)
your intention is to just false facts for negative propaganda and disinformation. My humble suggestion, refresh your knowledge, it should be quite easy in the 21st century for God's sake.. No one is killing Kurds in Turkey. They represent the 4th biggest group in the Turkish parliament currently. If you are referring to the 30 year struggle between the Kurdish PKK and Turkish army, where people from both sides were killed, well that is a long story and quite irrelevant to this article. Hope could be informative.
3. netanyahu.
justice for all ,   world/planet earth   (06.13.11)
two politicians who have a(n) (insane) hatred against leftist people, people who have other opinions, palestinians and other arabs. however belusconi is a real criminal, dictator and a paedophile. with such friends as berlusconi you do not need enemies.
4. Bunga-Bunga Berlusconi
Barbara ,   Bern   (06.13.11)
Does IL PM knows who is Berlusconi and his mafia connections... Recently an Italian friend of mine said that since Leonardo da Vinci Italy has gone down the drain and the few intelligentia is fleeing abroad....How can anybody talk one serious word with a criminal like B.... A shame for Italy and Europe!
5. Ties with Turkey?
Bruria   (06.13.11)
First stop all tourism there, then when the uproar starts because they money is gone, enter into talks...
6. Friends? Of this dirty liar?
Ludovico ,   Genoa, Italy   (06.13.11)
Mr. Berlusconi is regarded as a clown and a liar in Italy (and everywhere else). Whoever considers him a "dear friend" will not find many admirers in Italy. Times are changing in Italy. Israel should better leave this old liar alone with his prostitutes and his (often antisemitic) dirty jokes. Berlusconi is definetly *not* a friend of Israel.
7. no 5...
turkish   (06.13.11)
Believe me when I say, Turkey does not need Israeli tourists for its economy to progress. I dont mean to sound arrogant or imply that it is a good or preferable thing. On the contrary, the fact that Israeli's will never visit a once close ally and Turkish tourists will never step foot in Israel is sad, stupid and meaningless in a way. However, Turkish tourism was/is and will continue to boom with or without your boycott. I would find a more effective narrative, if I were you.
8. to nr. 4.
justice for all ,   world/planet earth   (06.13.11)
very well said. i completely agree with you.
9. Turkey - to # 2
George Brown ,   New York   (06.13.11)
No, Turkey is not killing Kurds. Niether did Turkey kill 1.5MM Armenians. Nor does Turkey discriminate agaist and kill Christians, Alawies, Greeks and other minorities.
10. After forcing Turkish Ambassador to sit on floor?
Nour ,   One State   (06.13.11)
11. nu 2
daren   (06.13.11)
we all know what she is talking about. google free kurdistan...
12. Common turks are nice people, it is erogan and crazies that
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.13.11)
want all the trouble and in muslum state where kurds and Xtians and Jews are oppressed and killed that is the problem.
13. Killing Kurds?
Turkish_boy ,   Brussels, Belgium   (06.13.11)
The one's who are screaming that Turkey must stop killing Kurds, I suggest them to look first to their own country where Palestinian children are bombed when they are playing on beaches. In Turkey no one is killing Kurds, they are represented in the parliament in Ankara. Can someone tell me how many Palestinians are represented in the Knesset? If Turkey is killing Kurds, can someone tell me why thousands of Syrian (Kurds) are fleeying to Turkey for security?
14. No. 1 is right, before Israel-Turkey ties improve
Marco ,   Spain   (06.13.11)
Independent Kurdistan must be realized and cut out if Turkey.
15. Nobody needs the Turkeys
Albrecht Klein ,   Germany   (06.13.11)
Not NATO, not EU, and definitively not Israel.
16. That is pretty simple to achieve
Chris   (06.13.11)
Apologise for killing nine unarmed Turkish citizend, and pay compensation to their families. Ties will be normalised overnight. Erdogan himself has said so.
17. I hope Bibi doesn't go crawling to the turks...
Malone ,   Hfx   (06.13.11)
...should be the other way around.
18. I support Israel, but ...
leo ,   usa   (06.13.11)
... if you will decide that fixing ties with Turkey amounts to issuing apology for Turkish provocations I will be very, very, very disappointed. . However, if Turkey and especially Erdogan will openly and loudly recognize its wrong doing and issue official apology, then Israel can express its regret for unfortunate loss of life as well as express hope that these kind of provocations will stop for good. . PS. I know I am nobody, but hopefully I am nobody among great many like minded nobodies.
19. its waste of time,the dont want our
ericdavis ,   israel   (06.13.11) trips for us too turkey
20. turkish @5, is Israeli safe in Turkey?
leo ,   usa   (06.13.11)
Because if not, then to boycott or not to boycott is rather moot.
21. #10. That was so wrong. Everybody sits in the air.
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.13.11)
22. No. 16 Chris
NYC Girl   (06.13.11)
What absolute nonsense. Those people weren't unarmed. Because, if they were, how the hell did the Israeli commandos suffer the injuries they did. Do you think they were self-inflicted? Not only that, but many of those people belonged to the IHH...a Turkish terrorist organization. So the fact that you apparently have a bug up your ass where Israel is concerned, doesn't give you the right to totally distort the truth.
23. #10 Nour
David ,   America   (06.14.11)
You are absolutely right. He should never have been allowed to sit on the floor. Perhaps on a stinky seat in the out house so he would feel at home.
24. to 16
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (06.14.11)
The answer to your post has been given many times-you are not well read. It's Turkey that should apologise to Israel.
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