Olmert: Prosecution delusional
Aviad Glickman
Published: 13.06.11, 18:19
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1. Olmert, keep clam, you have nothing to worry about
Avraham   (06.13.11)
Your name is not Deri, Benizri or other Sephardic names, and you're not religious, and like secular Left Ramon whose corruption promoted him to become Vice Prime Minister, you have protectzia. The Left judges can never put you behind bars. Stop worrying.
2. Olmert Is An Expert On Delusion
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (06.13.11)
Olmert ought to know when someone is delusional or not since he deluded himself as PM that he could actually have PEACE with Israel's Arab enemies by giving away most of Israel to them, and the man STILL believes this!!! Self deception is the ultimate delusion!!!
3. Let this fool rot in jail...
Avi ,   Israel   (06.13.11)
He let us down in 2006 and allowed a bunch of rag tag Hezbollah army beat the hell out of our I.D.F.
4. Olmert is Delusional. Send him to prison where he belongs
meir elazar   (06.14.11)
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