Cottage cheese boycott battles price hike
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 15.06.11, 01:33
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1. world boycott coming
BILL ,   canada   (06.15.11)
the prices are going up alot start hoarding food the world boycott will make prices double or triple BOYCOTT ISRAEL drag idf child killers to court
2. why don't these products taste nice?
Baruch   (06.15.11)
one of the things which disappointed me in Israel was the taste of milk and dairy products, a lot of PR is made for it, but the taste was fair to middling, if that.
3. Operating Costs are Higher
Liam Biran ,   New York City, USA   (06.15.11)
Energy and other utilities are significantly more expensive in Israel. That's why there is a slight ($0.50-$1.00) price increase.
4. Manufacturers raise because they can
Israeli grandma   (06.15.11)
The price of cheese products has been going up for a long time now, now it has reached ridiculous levels. I too get angry when I find Israeli foods cheaper in shops in other countries where Kosher is normally higher priced anyway. Israeli shopper must get used to power of the purse by only buying the cheapest products or just taking them off the shopping list for a few weeks. Unsold perishables in the shops will make the people responsible for price gouging readjust their approach.
5. Cheeses and butters
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (06.15.11)
Denmark is a country that produces dairy products. Danish dairy products are quite expensive, so a lot of none-Danish supermarkets import dairy from other countries, like France and Germany. For some stupid rules of the EU, no American -produced dairy is permitted where the prices are MUCH lower. What stops Israel from importing dairy products from the US?
6. this is the most civilized way of showing discontent
kia ,   spain   (06.15.11)
i thought israel is a very passive country//always bowing to the govt wishes..i never thought israelis know how to make a this i think is amore civilized way of hsowing protest,if you will unite..postive changes can happen..boycott !
7. taste of cottage cheese
max junowicz ,   ra'anana, israel   (06.15.11)
"cottage cheese" represents the ultimate in Israeli marketing. Take the polystyrene packing, granulate it add lots of salt and eureka: a best-selling Israeli product. By no international taste, does Israel make "cheese" in any shape or form. Hooray for the boycott. Max, Ra'anana
8. #1
Alon ,   Israel   (06.15.11)
Bill or is it Bilal? You live in Canada what do you know about living in Israel? you haven't a clue.These are the prices people outside Israel for their dairy products.Food inflation is a global problem.Don't come on an Israeli website and ask for a boycott cos it just won't work.
9. Cheaper????
Shayna Gezunt ,   London   (06.15.11)
Where did you get your prices from?In the Uk taking into account the exchange rate the cottage cheese is far more expensive than the prices which you are quoting.Its not chaper outside Israel not in Golders Green or Stamford Hill.
10. #6: I wonder how you came to conclusios regarding Israel
from SPAIN?!   (06.15.11)
Wow, you thought we were a passive country. Is that from spending a few years living here or from the Spanish media?
11. OMG we're fighting Anti Israel Boycotts & u do it yourselve
Ann ,   Australia   (06.15.11)
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't believe it!!
12. Boycott of cottage cheese
Marlene   (06.15.11)
This should just be the beginning, consumers must now boycott meat, chicken and fruit and vegetables. The prices are far too high and I would think 80 percent of the population here cannot afford it.
13. Tnuva/Strauss in Canada
Interesting how in No Frills grocery store in Toronto, Israeli dairy products are cheaper than some of their Canadian rivals? Why are Israeli consumers getting ripped off then? We now have in Hebrew packaging Tnuva Cottage w/Olives, Strauss SKI cream cheese, 1%, 3% and 5%, a whole selection of Strauss Milki, DANI, and Daniela products (some of which are either very expense or quite cheap), Tnuva sour cream, etc. In addition there is a large variety of Israeli dairy products from Tnuva in English packaging. Maybe if they didnt focus on their Internationl markets, Israelis wouldnt be gauged.
14. for those of you who never made cottage....
Golan ,   modiin   (06.15.11)
if you don;t like the price you should try making it yourself. Its labor intensive and I would prefer to make gouda myself. but if you don;t like the price you should find something else to eat-or grow a cow yourself. This is what I did when I lived in the US and was frustrated over the price of artichokes. I bought the plants and grew them at home.
15. Good time to turn Vegan.
noa ,   israel   (06.15.11)
Serve 'em right.
16. #14: The laborers don't get any more money from the hikes
Israel   (06.15.11)
As someone with connections to the industry, I know who gets the money - Mercedes, Gucci, Tiffany...
17. Cottage Cheese prices are far to high
Levi ,   Carmiel, Israel   (06.16.11)
The prices have more then doubled in the last few years on all dairy products. This boycott is just the start. Cheers, Levi
18. Great Idea!
Jordan ,   Is Palestine   (06.16.11)
19. Little Baby Israel
Ralph ,   Yonkers USA   (06.16.11)
Open the entire market to imports. Yikes Israel is a little baby nation? It needs price regulation? Start up nation? Are you kidding, this is little baby nation that needs to protect jobs for the boys. Set our people free.
20. Cheese and wine
Oscar ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.11)
Go together ,but the outrageous prices in Israel {Imported and local} make them almost a luxury for the regular folks on a normal paycheck. Why ?????
21. Everything costs WAY TOOOO MUCH here
Talula ,   Israel   (06.16.11)
It's out of control - the prices for renting a 4 room apartment are absurd - people should only be willing to pay a certain amount and absolutely no more - something is only worth as much as one is willing to pay for it. And, as the government don't seem to be doing anything to help - it looks like we need to take control ourselves - by not renting overly priced apartments from greedy people or buying extortionately priced goods. I really admire Yitzhak Alrov - more power to him!
22. Cottage Cheese etc.
Rita ,   Israel   (06.16.11)
The problem starts with the cost of water to grow feed for the cattle, which needs to be transfered to cattle with trucks so add in the higer gas prices, then it cost more to run the machinery to milk the cows, and the process the cheese because of higher gas prices, then once package in plastic containers made from petroleum (gas/oil), it then needs to be transported tothe consumer. It is all because of the water, gas and oil increases that have raised the prices for everything we buy and consume. We now also have to pay VAT on these items. The may be the reason Tnuva is cheaper abroad because we have to add 16% to every carton of cottage. Get rid of the exoborant taxes and find cheaper energy and prices will go down.
23. All Dairy products have increased prices
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.16.11)
Due to the simple factor that corn that the price of corn that has been used to feed the cattle that tproduce the product has increased in price Much of the corn has been diverted for use as Ethanool Corn today costs four times as much as it did a year ago
24. to Bill
Sasha ,   Haifa   (06.16.11)
give us a break !! what about the seal hunt in Canada ?? we will boycott YOU for this! go mind your own business, baby seal killer!
25. Boycott of Cottage Cheese and other overpriced items
Alfred Kahn ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (06.16.11)
Shalom I really hope this time the Israeli Public will BOYCOTT as Israeli dont now how to BOYCOTT always some petty excuse. "I cant have breakfast without cottage All the best of luck to you out there
26. #25 A;fred Kahn ()Cap't Boycott)
BENJABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.17.11)
BOYCOTT Botcott this, boycott that, boycott something else , what are you going to eat when you've finished boycotting ? You can wear last years pants, shirt, shoes, however you need victual’s to survive
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