Peres becomes Sheikh
Ronen Medzini
Published: 14.06.11, 22:56
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1. Instead of fighting to help Pollard....
Ken G. ,   Haifa   (06.14.11)
this loony tunes is running around playing sheik in the desert? And he is our JEWISH leader??
2. Clearly Peres has lost his marbles
Peres Scares ME ,   Israel   (06.14.11)
He should be but in a nice "adult care" facility so he can't hurt jimself or us.
3. The Bedouin keeping its traditions - like polygamy?
rnathans00 ,   Washington, USA   (06.15.11)
Though nominally illegal in Israel, it's still widely practiced among the Bedouin. And the resulting large families create the kind of population pressure that manifests in land seizures, poverty, and frequent attacks on Jewish farms and ranches. I expect Peres never raised the issue.
4. way to go Sheik Peres you will have made Obama proud
zionist forever   (06.15.11)
That robe of his looks exactly like one I have seen Gaddafi wearing. Black greasy hair, abit of stubble and dark glasses and in that robe Peres will look just like him. I think for his next birthday we should buy Peres a little island which has lots of sand, a barrel of oil and a camel for good luck then he can be a real sheik.
5. Peres visit to Negev Beduin.
DB ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.15.11)
In response to "He should be but in a nice "adult care" facility so he can't hurt himself or us. " I wonder if you should examine your relfex to slander anything related to Peres or keep your thoughts to yourself so the rest of us do not get hurt. More people of all ages should be encouraging hard earned success in areas that promote Israelis - in this and the many other challenges Israel society faces.
6. It's all mud to me
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.15.11)
7. meanwhile israel bulldozed another beduion village today
ABDALLA   (06.15.11)
8. Nobody should preside in any position even ceremonial
Dan ,   USA   (06.15.11)
after he/she turns 85. He is becoming crazier by the hour.
9. British life peer, Nobel Prize and what not -
Ariel ,   Europe   (06.15.11)
The only thing Shimon Peres is lacking now is a honorary catholic sainthood.
10. 3 It's polygyny
Eliyahu Konn ,   Powell, OH USA   (06.15.11)
And large families don't create any of the problems you mention. Some of the greatest men in Torah history had more than one wife at one time. Step out of the enlightened line and read the history not the connections pseudo psychologists make for every institution they hate.
11. 8
zionist forever   (06.15.11)
Ariel Didn't you hear, I heard they were going to make him the next Pope.
12. As long as he gets "honors" he may stay happy&harm us less..
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.15.11)
13. peres
sas ,   israel   (06.15.11)
will do anything to get his picture in the news. he really should retire... he's old n senile and dishonest.
14. Need to find alternatives to smuggling and thievery
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.15.11)
If the Bedouin are going to make a positive contribution to life in the Negev they need to abandon some traditional values that clash with the accepted norms of respect of the property of others in Western society.
15. #1 It's not about Pollard is it!?!?!?!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.15.11)
He spied - he got caught - get over it. He was paid very well and he knew what he was doing.
16. We must thank G-d that Peres only has a puppet position
Dov   (06.15.11)
(a position which is a waste of taxpayers money) and not anything substantial that could harm Israel.
17. finally Peres found his true way of life
19. why its hard for u to have someone that really wants peace
rania   (06.15.11)
u say all the time that all the world is against u... and u want them to legetimise ur exist here in the middle east. how u canna get this without showing that u respect the minorities . P. Peres is the only politician that is axceptable to both arabs and jews. i mean the normal and not raciest arabs and jews. bot want peace. their voice cannot b heared since the raciest voices from both side talk and say silly things without thinking how that will affect israel outside. im so sorry that im the arabian feel bad about our country and u jews dont.. so sad that good jews dont get their voice heared and im sure there is many,
20. pronunciation
Sheik Vlad ,   Sofia, Bulgaria   (06.15.11)
Is it true that they pronounced his name as Beres?
21. Don't tease us
IRAN#1   (06.15.11)
We need a picture with the head gear on him otherwise he ain't no Shiekh, LOL!
22. This comment
stevieb ,   toronto canada   (06.16.11)
says more about the reality of the Benduion situation than all the other comments combined. "The...visibly moved Sheik Peres.." Guilt is a tough emotion to deal with, even if it is only fleeting...
23. @ #3 Polygymy is one a great Jewish Tradition as well
Yitzchak ,   Melburne Australia   (06.18.11)
Mathans00, keep your stinking Pseudo Roman morals out of the Middle East! Polygymy is a wonderful tradition when done correctly better a good polygynous family than a bad monogomous one! Jews 4 Polygymy, Yitzchak
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