Opposition: Netanyahu isolated Israel
Moran Azulay
Published: 15.06.11, 18:46
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1. Netanyahu is not great, but Kadima would be a disaster
Rachel ,   US   (06.15.11)
2. Pathetic Itzik, how many friends did Israel have 2 years ago
Marco ,   Spain   (06.15.11)
Thanks to Kadima failed polices Israel now has as many friend countries as it did 2 years ago which is not many.
3. If Kadima had their way Israelis would barely have a country
J K ,   NYC, USA   (06.15.11)
4. Wrong to blame one man for everything
Rune F ,   oslo Norway   (06.15.11)
It is wrong to blame one man for everything.To be Prime minister of Israel is the tuffest prime minister job in the whole world,because he has the world media eyes on him everyday.And a pressure from the whole world .So it is a very difficult job
5. No lie is obnoxious enough for this pathetic woman!
CC   (06.15.11)
6. Waste of Knesset time.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (06.15.11)
The Knesset is not the place for trying to get votes. Try work together with the elected body and you might get more of your way. Doing this just sounds like you're a spoiled child. Which is really embarrassing from our female MPs
7. Israel has friends that span the globe. Don't forget it!
Lee ,   Manchester UK   (06.15.11)
we will not let the brutal, bloodthirsty arab bastards get you. We are so strong just don't ever vote Kadima.
8. Canada and the US are allies of Israel!
Joseph ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.15.11)
9. Kadima "opposition"
Yosef ben Baruch ,   Palm Beach USA   (06.15.11)
Kadima is a perversion and a punishment for A. Sharon's failed vision. It is politicians like these (and the LEFT "liberal" mob MENTALITY) who will destroy the Jewish state - NOT THE ARABS OR "PALESTINIANS"
10. What the hell is she rambling about????
Harry Wright ,   UK   (06.15.11)
When people stand up for what is right they find their "friends" have fallen by the wayside. She probably prefers Livni in the chair to give away the store while the world smiles and nods in approval. Well, Livni and Olmert already had their turn and the result was a big, fat zero. What Itzik wants is a whole bunch of countries trampling on Israel while smiling and nodding in the process. I hope the guards returned the cheese to Tirosh and not consume it themselves.
11. Kadima is falling fast and for good reasons.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.15.11)
Kadima was founded on appeasement and corruption. MK Izik must not have seen the overwhelming reception Bibi received by the U.S. Congress or polling showing most Americans like Israel. Izik is a liar. Pure and simple. Israel won't have as many supporters as "Palestinians" for the forseeable future because there are dozens of Arab and Moslem states which vote for them automatically. That is not Bibi's fault. As for Kadima's policies; they would destroy Israel within a decade if we were lunatic enough to implement them. Kadima wants to divide Jerusalem, give away Israel's heartand and trim Israel's waist to a suicidal 9 miles (15 minute tank ride). Kadima is falling fast and for good reasons.
12. Israel has friends..
Jeff ,   USA   (06.15.11)
Alot of them... And they wont forget you either,, Screw the EU and the Arabs....there is one Jerusalem..the united capital of Israel.
13. Tzipi Livni
aline silverman ,   israel   (06.15.11)
I tried to listen to Tzipi Livni's speech but I had eventually to swap channel !!!! She shouted on and on about the same things over and over again. It was really PATHETIC !
14. better an Israel hated from anyone than an auschwitz loved
Rav Kahane   (06.15.11)
by anyone
Kadima Israel ,   Jerusalem   (06.15.11)
Leftist are weak half Jews (at best). We will make the country grow and be strong without them.
16. Itzik + Livni = 2 wretched wenches that won't unseat Bibi.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.15.11)
17. Erm 2nd Lebanon War, "blockade" and Goldstone
Danny   (06.15.11)
are the fault of Kadima....
18. and D.Itzik has not one brain-cell as an ally!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.15.11)
19. Netanyahu has become kadima's jew
Amihai ,   Yesha   (06.15.11)
20. nonsense the whole civilised world supports Israel because
avrom ,   bet shemesh   (06.15.11)
only Israel will sort out the Iranian nuclear problem and world terrorism and everyone knows that the US won't
21. Netanyahu Is Doing Fine
Johannes Broos ,   South Africa   (06.15.11)
Yes, Israel is becoming isolated. Yes, Israel has many friends, especially under Bible believing Christians. Yes, the Bible predicted a time like now. Yes, the world hates God, the God of Israel and the Bible. Netanyahu is doing just fine because no Country can ever negotiate " Peace" with whom they are hated. Yes, Israel is there to stay and this is because of the Almighty God of Israel.
22. 'We don't have single ally in world
Oleg ,   US   (06.15.11)
Can somebody tell MK Itzik, that in reality Israel never had one. Thanks
23. Treacherous Kadima
Michael ,   Toronto.Canada   (06.15.11)
"I hope you will finally decide to support these founding principles, and that you will finally place the state's wellbeing above the benefit of the party," There is not hope!!!!
24. Livni & Co.
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (06.15.11)
Shame on you traitors!
25. Not exactly, but close
Steve M ,   USA   (06.15.11)
The PM has not alienated everyone. He still has his right wing supporters in most Western countries. What troubles me, as a supporter of the State of Israel, is that he may be permanently 'putting off' the entire middle and left. In the normal cycle of historical events, the left will surely rise again. And with so much moral capital, expended in Bibi's years, Israel could suffer serious consequences as a result.
26. Stop criticizing PM.what benjamin has done will be seen in future.
Saed,iranian jew   (06.15.11)
Be the man of future not today.benjamin has built jerusalem.don't you see it.recognizing palestinian means saying goodbye to israel existence.
27. Is Cast Lead the Likud's fault?
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.15.11)
Kadima is completely full of bs and think the public is as stupid and greedy as they are. We are not. We remember that it was Olmert who brought Israel to the state of international pariah. They also remember that the Likud is the reason we are not deep in a recession.
28. politics distort the truth
Wade ,   NYC USA   (06.15.11)
Itzik and Livne have no scruples in their efforts to denigrate the current Israeli gov't.There is apparently no subversive level to which they won't stoop to further their political agenda. Stop blaming the victim because anti-semites want to destroy Israel. "Let 5 million Arab refugees come to live in Israel and we will be your friend." Israel cannot buy such friendships. They are too expensive.
29. Silly me.
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (06.15.11) I was under the impression; incorrectly so, it appears, that the Knesset of Israel, is just another Congress. A Commons/Lords Lite. Leftist Polititurd midgets and anti State 'rabs, more comfortable with Hezzbollah-Crats; kvetching masters of minutae. Two agorot say the real cottage cheese is to be found amongst the nether regions of the Kadima Charwoman, the Zipperette) and dallying Dahlia. How bleeding pathetic they are. No issue and sweet thoughts of surrender oozing out of their eyes. Motek. You know what happens to foolish girls (and boys) who try to please too hard,....?
30. Tzipi Livni my dear....
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