Official: Netanyahu fears third intifada
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 16.06.11, 00:48
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1. rights
Gittel ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.11)
what utter rubbish noone can take away my right to live in Ramot whether I pay my municipal tax to the PA or to the Jerusalem municipality might be questioned but I WILL NOT BE ETHNICALLY CLEANSED even though ethnic cleansing is the policy of the PA, Hamas and the left in Israel
2. Some thoughts.
Jules   (06.16.11)
1) Violent massive clashes are obviously unavoidable after ANY decision by the UN General Assembly and/or the Security Council, simply because they (the clashes) have been the primary goal of the PLO/HAMAS unification. 2) The most important action from the Israeli Government _at_this_moment_ would be to make two clear statements: a) that, as a compensation for 830,000 Jewish refugees expelled from the Arab world, the Arab countries must accommodate the Palestinian refugees from ALL territories (including those people who currently hold Israeli citizenship but still associate themselves with non-existing "Palestine"); b) if the above demand is not met, ANY bloodshed in/after September "independence declaration" will be 100% fault of the Arab countries refusing to accommodate the Palestinian refugees on their territories. That statement has to be made right now, so the Arab countries formally have enough time to act promptly and in good faith.
3. So: Bibi the Deer FREEZES in fear of the oncoming headlights
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (06.16.11)
4. Reality finally sinking in
Jon ,   Baltimore US   (06.16.11)
A few days ago I read that Netanyahu was trying to enlist a 30-member block of states to stand against the vote for Palestinian statehood. Now we are told that he is looking to form a 20-member block. Unfortunately this will probably only cause the current right wing government to dig it's heels in further and try to convince Israelis that this shows that the whole world truly does hate them, not that their hateful policies must end.
5. Fear only comes from these leftist piece now activists
Yosi ,   Gilo-Jerusalem   (06.16.11)
They are pushing this propaganda with their "official" friends making pseudo-official statements like this. And if Bibi is afraid, let him join his friends on the left and we will find someone else to be Prime Minister.
6. Deal with riots as a strong, sovereign nation.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.16.11)
If our enemies riot on to commemorate another fictional declaration of Palestine statehood, let us deal with them as a strong, sovereign nation. Not as a fearful weak one. This land is ours and we aren't going to sacrafice a square inch of it due to rioters or any other cause. Israel must take whatever actions are needed to end rioting permanently.
7. bibi is weak
fad egypt   (06.16.11)
instead of fearing the PA plans and a third intifada he must stand firm and deal with the PA with the same approach the PA is planning to delegitimize israel and destroy the so called peace process by the unilateral recognition of the PA state in the UN so netanyahu must threaten to delegitimize the PA by threating to annex area c and reverse oslo and dissolve the PA so abbas and his co will find nowhere to live in the territories so he will be forced to go to lebanon or jordan so he will reverse his UN plans and this will be the same response to any intifada happens but netanyahu is weak he depends on the hopless US and EU so called allies ok they can block the PA plans but there is a price which will be paid by netanyahu he will be forced by hussein obama to accept 1967 borders as a basis for talks in 1999 netanyahu was in a terrible situation because he signed wye agreement and then put it on hold his relation with clinton admin was on the verge of collapse and then arafat threatened to declare a PA state in the UN unilateraly netanyahu threatened to annex area c and reverse oslo so arafat decided to reverse his plans under clinton pressure and netanyahu threats i hope that netanyahu will smell the coffee and do that again shalom
8. Dear Attila! Your style is really unique!
tanya ,   tel aviv israel   (06.16.11)
In such short article you managed to mention 5 times "officials," 1 time "Jerusalem officials," 2 times "sources say," 1 time "Israel also fears," 1 time "Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu fears," 1 time "Netanyahu fears..." Please do not underestimate the readers intelligence and stop spreading fear and "information" which, as usual, anonymous. Have a good day, Attila.
9. Lo lefared clall
Leah ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.11)
10. Israeli leaders acting scared
Dan Kelso   (06.16.11)
This coment stood out to me. Israel also fears the possibility that the Palestinian declaration will cause the 250,000 Jewish people living in Jerusalem neighborhoods defined as outside the 1967 lines. Earth to Israel stop worrying what other countries think. Do you think they cared about Jews when they were being exterminated in WW2. Netanayahu who is showing he's no Shamir and has no Backbone. Shamir would tell the world Jerusalem has been the Capitol of Israel for 3000 years and we can live in any part of it. Netanyahu like the previous Prime Ministers of Israel, except Shamir all govern scared.
11. Fears of Israeli Arab joining in riots
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (06.16.11)
If this is to happen a whole community of people siding with another group that's an Insurrection and should be treated severely harshly not just harshly.A country can't live with a minority of subversives holding the whole country hostage.
12. 3rd intifada
Neal ,   Minneapolis, USA   (06.16.11)
For heaven's sake, Bibi, propose something! Put the ball -- and the blame -- back in the PA's court! Israel should not have to deal with Hamas -- not that I think Fatah is any less committed to Israel's destruction -- but Israel urgently, desparately, needs to come out with a somewhat detailed, realistic peace proposal that Israel can live with even if it will be rejected by the PA. And do so even if parties to the right of Likud then leave the coalition; make peace with Kadima. By not producing such a proposal, Israel is setting itself up for a disaster in September and increased pummeling from all sides until then. There is no peace because the Arabs want to peace. A reasonable Israeli peace proposal (one that would resemble George W. Bush's assurances on population centers) would make it clear to any sensible person which side does not want peace.
13. Netanyahu made this worse
Steven ,   San Francisco   (06.16.11)
with his ill-conceived Bar Ilan speech that declared a Palestinian state is the answer solving the Arab-Israeli conflict. In doing incentivized Arabs and endangered Jews. The incentivized Arabs may harm Jews, even kill some of them. Your PM should be summarily dismissed as not being a Likud member while claiming he is, fostering social unrest, and ignoring the rights of the Jewish people. In think it's called unpatriotism and in a leader it's particularly abhorrent and can have serious, and dangerous consequences. Yes, Netanyahu is a heedless and reckless leader that has made the future violence possible. And now he has the nerve to fear it.
14. Legitamacy
Ralph Levy ,   USA   (06.16.11)
Israel has International Law on her side if she does not have the guts to fight for that then why do we have a Jewish State.or for that matter deserve to be a independent country. Eugene W. Rostow assistant secretary of state for the United States in 1967 who wrote UN resolution 242 wrote in several articles in 1991 that resolution 242 never meant for Israel to go back to the 67 borders. He also wrote that settlements were legal in the West Bank based on the fact that the British mandate in 1922 could not be rescinded. There is nothing in his writings in any agreements that say Israel had to go back to 67, and nothing was ever mentioned about land swaps.
Ya'akov ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.11)
Because the UN cannot take away land from its owners. The Jews/Israel. According to international law west banks and Eastbank of Israel is Israel's and our 4,000 year old homeland. However, the East bank of ISrlae was taken to invent anew Arab muslim state today called Jordan , leaving 22% of Israel (the western portion). It can be contested but since some Jews agreed to this two-state solution on Jewish land...some would say that Eastern Israel is lost for now. But UN cannot change legal status of Western Israel from Jordan river to the Mediterranean. The only people who can change staus of land and give it away is us, according to international law.
16. Why is Bibi afraid? Begin wouldn't be afraid
Rachel ,   US   (06.16.11)
He should fight for Jerusalem. Jews make up 65% of E. Jerusalem. I don't know Israel, your cause is just, but your PM leaves a lot to be desired.
17. Will bet the "official" is MoFA
Danny   (06.16.11)
18. Usage of the word "fear" is not accidental, is it?!!
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.16.11)
19. The Prime Minister makes ME nervous
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.11)
If he fears a 3rd Intifada than tell him to get off his ass and prepare the army to deal with it as Sharon did during the 2nd intifada. Declare emergency procedures, let it be known that Israel will deport any Arab insiting or trouble making. (We treat them a little bit nicer than the know, who shoot first and ask questions later.) And what is he so worried about deligitimizing Jerusalem? He is old enough to know better, that the world deligitimizes us every friggin day, they use double standards every friggin day. Are they still concerned about a few dead terrorists who attacked our soldiers on a ship when Assad Jr has been killing 50 Arabs a day for over a month. Tell PM Natanyahu to stop being a pussy and do his job, protect our people..and if he can't do it let Lieberman do it because he knows how.
20. Borders
Ehoop ,   UK   (06.16.11)
Still time for Israel to declare its borders, including Jerusalem. What is the best opportunity is a matter of judgement.
21. Annex Judea and Samaria and deny
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.16.11)
citizenship to anybody who does not make a pledge of allegiance to the state of Israel...ENOUGH IS ENOUGH ! This is >>>>>the solution !!!!
22. If Israeli-Arabs Join An Intifada, Then...
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (06.16.11)
Treat them as the enemy. make thatclear up front that there will be zero-tolerance for any intifada, and unlike the last time, don't let it escalate. Immediate, massive, concentrated, sustained force has been proven to be the ONLY way to stop an Intifada. We, the nation of Israel, are not afraid.
23. No one can take legitimacy away from Israel.
Daniel ,   Los Angeles, USA   (06.16.11)
Nor land-
24. Er...
Giant Steps ,   Jerusalem   (06.16.11)
In what jurisdiction, outside of Israel at least, has Israel ever been understood as having a legitimate right to settle its citizens (note - regardless of ethnicity or religion) in territory taken in 1967? How can legitimacy be lost when the development of these neighborhoods was never deemed legitimate in the first place?
25. You stand up and say, "THIS IS OUR LAND NOW. No batch of
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.16.11)
enemies can attack us again and again and claim they have a right to anything." If you stand up to a bully, he will back down. If you cower in front of a bully, he will take everything you have.
26. Thank goodness it is Netanyahu..
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.16.11)
as PM and leading and not "Drippy Zippy"
27. Since bibi is a coward and ehud burak
jason white ,   afula, israel   (06.16.11)
is incompetent, there is one thing left to do.Ask for volunteers from those that served in the I.D.F. Arm and retrain them. This way we will be able to have local battalions and companies in each area of the country.Let the volunteers put down the riots and the third intifada. Every town,village and neighborhood that has riots should be cut off from the rest of Israel for six months.Nothing and nobody enters or leaves.Let us give them a lesson in good citizenship. Time also to remove the right to vote by those that did not serve in the I.D.F., including Jews.
28. #4, you are aware 30 is at least greater than 20 right?
Danny   (06.16.11)
and the 30 states Israel will garner are the ones that actually count.
29. Build Build Build
Zev ,   Israel   (06.16.11)
Bibi, instead of pishing in your pants everytime a few hundred homes are built you should have built hundreds of thousands of homes. Istead you wasted 10 months on a building freeze and still hold back building.
30. Any intifada is by orders of Fatah.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.16.11)
Nothing is ''spontaneous'' - no intifada just happens. It will only happen if Fatah orders it. The same for the Israeli-Arabs, the Arab political parties will incite riots, especially the Arab MK's in our own Knesset. You want to prevent an intifada? Deport all the Fatah leadership, including Abbas. Same for the Arab MK's. Throw them out, dump them anywhere, in Gaza, in Jordan, wherever. Actually, on second thought, we should do that anyway, even without an intifada.
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