Olmert: Talansky fantasizing
Aviad Glickman
Published: 16.06.11, 14:10
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1. fantascies
colin   (06.16.11)
Olmert is an outright liar,cheeat,thief and coniveing bastard. He is as most politicians a corrupt underhanded backstabbing rubbish done all these criminal doings and now wants to call everybody fools. Maybe someone must teach him that you cannot fool all the people all the time.
2. Olmert in a frying pan will say anything.
Nora Tel Aviv   (06.16.11)
He knows that he is a convicted man already. Why not say sorry? Pissing over his frends heads will show the judges what kind of a person Olmert really is. What a pity for a former Israeli PM to descend to such low levels of character. Israel is ashamed.
3. ohlmert
sas ,   israel   (06.16.11)
the man thinks that he can fool the entire country. you should also be investigatin his wife's "business".
4. its almost laughable
mohson   (06.16.11)
what is reported is that talansky is fantasizing and a nag yet he did give him some money for some expenses and is not a bad guy. As for risby I neither defend her or attack her. Sarid and barnea's attempts to sanitize have to do with olmert's concessionaire politics or as livni, we have to make painful concessions while she hopes the arabs behave. Sanitizing won help because even if the judge acquits, olmert is guilty as sin in my eyes. That israel could select him as PM conclusively proves to me tha tthe jews are from a chosen people. How about a crooked gutless one!
5. 3 * sas is right .
Nora Tel Aviv   (06.16.11)
Olmert`s wife, son and brother too must have been involved. But not all persons can be investigated in democratic countries unless....a journalist receives an anonimous proof.
6. Olmert : Israel's version of Tricky Dick Nixon.
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.16.11)
"I am not a crook".
7. Olmert Needs To Call Bill!!!
Edward ,   Savannah, USA   (06.16.11)
Olmert needs to call Bill Clinton and get a few lessons on how to handle this!!! Tricky Dicky had nothing on Clinton...Bill could lie his way out of hell!!! The old saying that, "you can't fool ALL of the people All of the time" is just not trrue. Olmert and Clinton fool all of the people ALL of the time and that is 'WHY they are where they are at today, in the limelight. I'd be very surprised if Olmert goes to jail. If he was a conservative or religious he probably would but being a liberal rag, all of this is just for show!!!
8. Morris Talansky another CIA agent.
Dr No ,   Holon   (06.16.11)
Morris Talansky another CIA agent.
9. Is this the best defense you can put
Shalom ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.16.11)
what a lame excuse. What a sorry person and to think that people actually elected him as PM. He could have used this defense if he was the PM of Syria (they are used to this nonsense). There is an old saying "if you fool me once, shame on you but if you fool me twice, then shame on me" and Mr Olmert NOBODY is buying your fantasy.
10. Olmert is guilty...
George ,   NSW, Australia   (06.16.11)
In all your talkbacks you already decided that Olmert is guilty as Hell. Why wasting time with the trial? Never occur to you that maybe, just maybe, he is innocent?
11. to #10 Sure like Al Capone was innocent
jason white ,   afula, israel   (06.16.11)
Those of us that live here know our politicians better than you. We know what is going on with them and with union leaders and others. We want to clean house and put the crooks in prison.
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