Russia, China defend Iran's right to nuclear power
Published: 16.06.11, 15:54
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1. after Chernobyl I don't think that peace
ghostq   (06.16.11)
reactors r even a posibility, not many people know but in Iran there r earth quakes, just a terible senatio, they r literaly playing with fire, but Russia do that for the money and the others do that for the stupidity.
2. Iran feels Moon God entitled to lots of things
Marco ,   Spain   (06.16.11)
This is only a short list: -Making annual scientific inventions that amount to more than the rest of the world combined -Stoning women to death -Hanging Gays -Executing Baha'i -Guards raping women prisoners sentenced to death -Torture maiming prisoners for life as standard interrogating procedure (not kids play waterboarding) -Clubbing peaceful demonstrators -Too incompetent to control Stuxnet virus that permanently disabled the nuclear program -Ruining the economy of a country with the 2nd largest oil reserves in the world -Having average income one third of what it was 33 years ago -Hosting the largest government bureaucracy relative to population size -Corruption all the way to the highest level of Guardian Council -Number of Ayatollahs with multiple wives -Number of Ayatollahs becoming $billionaires who have never run a business in their lifetime and never will -Number of drug addicts roaming aimlessly in the streets -Constantly reducing the amount of gasoline produced in the country -Photoshopping imaginary military accomplishments -Losing one million people in an 8 year war -Sending tens of thousands of poor children to be blown up by mines in the same war, and as a reward putting on their little necks plastic keys to Paradise -Denying Kurds, Baluchis, Azeris and Khuzetan their unalienable right to secession and forming independent countries while shamelessly/hypocritically demanding Israel to allow it The long list doesn't fit in this post. Be proud of such entitlements.
3. Does russia & china Really Think Anything
Wondering   (06.16.11)
in iran is peaceful? The WORST HUMAN RIGHTS Record in the WORLD and comming in SECOND is china. So Would this be the kettle calling the pot BLACK? Just Wondering?
4. Iran has no wright.
jj ,   ISRAEL.   (06.16.11)
A country that has a leader that ones to wipe ISRAEL of the map has no say in anything.
5. China and Russia keep it strategic.
Chris.B ,   Australia   (06.16.11)
This is only business for them and a counterbalance against America in the Middle East. The more the west demonises Iran over its legal and scrutinized nuclear program the more business China and Russia get.They must be loving it.
6. #Marco Spain "
Yasin ,   Mogadishu Somalia   (06.16.11)
Don't you have life? other than posting nonsense Ynet 24/7
7. #2 #3 #4
deutronomy 28 ,   world   (06.16.11)
to #2, give me one proof of your famous dont have any so case closed, you should be worried about your strong economy in spain, go find something to the way you can blame zionists for your screwed up economy LOL to #3, israel has the worst human rights record followed by the you think before posting? just wodnering LOL to #4 your comment is so true but it applies to israel, because its not a legitimate state... go russia go go china go LOL
8. #7 Talks Cheap PROVE IT !!!
Wondering   (06.16.11)
LOL you Fool?? Think Before You Post? You must be an arab? Just Wondering?
9. No. 6,7 Truth always hurts
Marco ,   Spain   (06.16.11)
10. #7 deuter..., #6
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.16.11)
#7- Follow your own advice: Provide your proofs. Marco of Spain's proofs can be found in the international news. Your #3 and #4 show you don't read anything that even hints of reality. #6- You don't read anything that hints of reality either.
11. Armed conflict with Iran is inevitable
Stephen in New York   (06.16.11)
Better on a Western timetable than an Iranian one.
12. Me too ;),...
split ,   US   (06.16.11)
13. #6 yeah like anybody in mogadishu has a live! not one!
14. Medvedev must have consulted with Stalin and Tsar Nicholas
Essie HaKohane ,   Florida, USA   (06.16.11)
As far as China is concerned, all of their decisions are strictly business based; like in Sudan and Nigeria. No ethics
15. Imagine Their Surprise
emanon ,   USA   (06.16.11)
Imagine Russia and China's surprise when they find themselves on the receiving end of Iran's "peaceful" nuclear power.
16. Paranoid much?
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (06.16.11)
The paraniod people in the West need to relax. Until you have concrete proof of Irans nuclear weapon, you have no proof to make such claims. Does Iraq still have their weapons of mass destruction? Yeah, I know, they didn't have any.
17. 16
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.16.11)
They had plenty of time to move them. You don't know anything.
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