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Basketball player loses modesty battle
Associated Press
Published: 18.06.11, 09:37
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1. Um...
Avi   (06.18.11)
So why doesn't the whole team support her and also wear t-shirt. Guys in the NCAA do the same thing, not even for religious purposes...
2. excellent news
Alex ,   Jerusalem   (06.18.11)
one little step against religious nonsense. A little step in the right direction. That girl has to understand she is a part of the team, not the other way around.
3. If the team must have identical uniform tops make new ones
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (06.18.11)
If the team must have identical uniform tops then make a new set for each player with sleeves. Thus the team continues to show the support for her that they have until now, the rules are followed, and she is not compromising her principles. There are no safety or cheating concerns here like in the Muslim head scarf or knee coverings.
4. Props!
Joe Schmoe ,   Israel   (06.18.11)
Even though I am not religious myself, props to her for having the strength and will to uphold her beliefs.
5. There is no such rule!
Ron Webb ,   Winnipeg   (06.18.11)
Sakis Kontos should read his own rulebook. The rules DO NOT say that the players must be "uniformly dressed". It says that the OFFICIALS must be uniformly dressed. As for the players, Section 4.3 outlines the requirements for uniforms, and Section 4.4 ("Other Equipment") allows for variations, specifically including such things as "undergarments that extend below the shorts". Equipment not specifically listed requires prior approval via Article 4.4.4, but the clear implication is that as long as it does not give her an unfair advantage or represent a safety concern then approval will be given. I urge you to go to FIBA's Web site (, download the rules and see for yourself. There is simply no justification for denying this request.
Cherihana ,   Egypt   (06.18.11)
7. If the rules state that all members of a team must wear
Rachel ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.18.11)
matching uniforms, then why aren't all Naama's team members wearing a t-shirt under their uniforms? So much for team solidarity.
8. More reporting that doesn't tell the whole story
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.18.11)
Why did the team not change their uniforms to t-shirts? We don't know -- because the reporter didn't ask.
9. Why not have a a team shirt with short sleeves?
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.18.11)
so she can play and the rest don't overheat
10. Alex
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (06.18.11)
I can tell you don't like the religious
11. Naama Shafir to play, Ha ha Alex
Moshe ,   Jerusalem   (06.18.11)
Naama Shafir to Play! Posted by JoeSettler at 6/18/2011 08:54:00 PM When we last reported it, Naama Shafir wasn't going to be allowed to play in the European Women's Basketball Championship games because she wore a t-shirt under her Jersey for Tzniut (modesty) reasons. But now the Israel Basketball Association and FIBA have reached a compromise where Naama will be allowed to play, but instead of a t-shirt, she'll have to wear a skin-toned sleeves (perhaps a lycra top?). I'm not sure how that will look, but if we get a picture we'll post it. Good luck Naama. Good luck Israel. source: Ha'aretz
12. I was looking for pro-burqa rioting
steve from raleigh   (06.19.11)
Imagine if this was a player who demanded and was denied the right to play in a burqa. And the rioting and arson that would result.
13. If she's so modest let her stay home
Dovid ,   Tel Aviv   (06.23.11)
Like other good Muslims. I mean Orthodox jews. Why should the others be forced to change for her?
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