HRC keeps clause dedicated to Israel
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 17.06.11, 23:33
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1. The UN
Dwolf ,   Los gatos ca   (06.18.11)
Winston Churchill spoke to the forming UN in 1946. In that speech- where he coined the "Iron Curtain" for what would become the insolence on the USSR in caging its own people in a Stalin dictatorship- Chuchill stated that he hoped that "the UN would not become the cockpit in the Tower of Babel". It has.
2. Valid Reason?
Bill ,   Land of the Free   (06.18.11)
Isn't Israel engaged in the inhumane business of occupation and expected to continue operating it for the next 5 years?
3. Whatever
EZ   (06.18.11)
Is Libya still on the council? Who else is on? Iran? China? Syria?
4. It's all simple.
Jules   (06.18.11)
The conglomerate of ruthless dictatorships and theocracies (comprising 3/4 of the UN) attacks Israel for the sake of their own survival, because the comparison is not in their favor. The UN has to be closed down, and a new body, consisting of democratic countries only, needs to be created on its place.
5. Sure tells us who supports fascism
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.18.11)
That includes countries like the UK and Germany.
6. God bless Israel, US, Canada and PALAU
Joshua ,   U.S   (06.18.11)
Dear UN, "These days, as Assad slaughters his citizens, Gaddafi murders his countrymen, and in Yemen people are being gunned down in the street, The Human Rights Council is dedicating a special clause to the issue of human rights in Israel," he said. Ron Prosor, Israel's UN ambassador
7. Go Figure...
Israweather ,   Tel Aviv   (06.18.11)
Does anyone expect more from the UN?
8. goldstone and pillay
alexi   (06.18.11)
the united nations shows itself to be representative of the majority moslems who it is trying to appease. Goldstone and pillay fear consequences of arab retaliation so they subvert the law to curry favour by attackinig israel. Goldstone thinks he can walk away and likewise pillay, the 2 of them have blinders on and see israel as a colonialist implant as opposed to the original inhabitant of the land. Both of them will experience hell in the days to come and nothing they can do can extricate them from this hell. what comes around goes around and the famour 4 of travers, chinkin, goldstone and pillay will meet tragedy after tragedy for the fraud and libel they have perpetrated on israel.
9. Let Free World Taxpayers decide on U.N. funding.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.18.11)
Hard pressed Free World taxpayers mostly fund the U.N., though it serves as hand puppet for the world's terrorists and tyrants. It's time taxpayers had their say on national referendums to defund the U.N. For the U.S. Republicans, it would make a terrific wedge issue for the 2012 presidential election. The U.N. is widely and justly despised in America. Let Obama squirm to defend his beloved U.N. Other Western Nations could easily find far better uses for billions of misused dollars during these challenging economic times.
10. Get the thugs out
someone ,   somewhere   (06.18.11)
The European thugs that voted for it should be punished. There should be a consequence to their indecent behavior. to them. US should withdraw from Europe and let them themselves cope with their problems. US, Canada and Israel should get out of UN, kick UN off New York and start a new new body in its place, United Democratic Nations.
11. Outrageous HRC's decisions.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (06.18.11)
The refered HRC's decisions are unfair; more yet, outrageous. Israel is a Democratic State, different from many others into the Middle East. She has no absolute kings, nor dictators, nor ayatullahs. As a jurist, I do repudiate it. But I think, as a true friend, that the Jewish State must ever care for her good international image. It means fidelity to her humanistic roots. It means strength, but, also, fairness. Shalom.
12. HRC
Eli   (06.18.11)
Those TITANS of human rights, lybia, syria, saudi arabia, sudan, china ect are obviously quite suited to judge israel. Its no bias or jew hatred, 100% legitimate. If Israel didn't exist the world would be peaceful as a rainbow.
13. Outrageous
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.18.11)
Look at what is going on in Syria, Yemen, Libya, Iran, China .... and only Israel is targeted. I think Israel should withdraw from the United Nations. F**k 'em.
14. Proud To Be Canadian!
Billy ,   Burlington, Canada   (06.18.11)
15. Armchair Advocates
Tif ,   NYC   (06.18.11)
Israel is the ONLY country the UN is targeting for human rights violations as Lebanon publicly declares Palestinians are "trash" and no longer welcome, Assad slaughters his citizens, Gaddafi murders his countrymen, Yemen people are being gunned down in the street, anyone remember Darfur..or that half the countries in the world permit child slavery....oh yes, but let's target Israel, the global first responders....the defenders of a perpetually assaulted nation....the creators of life saving technologies....the only place in the Middle East where the persecuted from enemy countries can find safe haven....but YES UN....let us condemn Israel at every turn while allowing your brotherhood to massacre millions as the naive arm chair advocates that take on a cause without understanding the big picture of blaming Israel when meanwhile the madmen of Syria and Iran funnel arms, money and hate fueled dogma to the gullible masses feeding poor and desperate Palestinians on revenge and oppression when the only ones keeping them down and imprisoning them is those they chose to follow.
16. No big deal
Chris.B ,   Australia   (06.18.11)
All Israel has to do is kill its own citizens and it can join clause no.4 with Syria and Yemen.
17. Manipulating and faking news.
Li ,   USA   (06.18.11)
Ynet is losing its credibility. Why not stick to reporting things accurately? It might not make such exciting headlines but you will be respected.
18. The UN has now clearly braded itself as racist & in breach o
John Phee ,   Sydney, AUSTRALIA   (06.18.11)
By this action alone, if there were no others the UN has indicated bias to a degree that could subject it to litigation. Is there a good lawyer that is prepared to take the UN before a court for bias. If Israel is the benchmark, then fine but others must also be measured by the same benchmark otherwise it is bias.
19. I have an idea!
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (06.18.11)
How about, just maybe, you stop the illegal (yes, ILLEGAL as in NOT legal) occupation of Palestine. Instead of pointing fingures at other countries. Your government is doing nothing to make peace, just avoiding it by trying to shift attention to other countries. Heads up, it's not working. However, if you solve your Human Rights problems (which you DO have), then there is no more reasons to focus on Israel, is there? I know, a crazy idea to you, eh.
david ,   Atlanta   (06.18.11)
21. Western member states should withold dues
GZLives   (06.18.11)
until HRC is disbanded
22. United Nations
The Bald Scotsman ,   Medford,USA   (06.18.11)
The hypocrisy within the HRC is quite simply unbelievable.
23. This is not news
Korem ,   New York, USA   (06.18.11)
Only thing to do is not to take it seriously, and not to take the people who take the UN seriously seriously.
24. Rule# 2
J1 ,   Earth   (06.18.11)
Never use Jew and fair in the same sentence!
25. Sorry, our muslum obumma allows US money to the UN.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.18.11)
26. So Did iran And china Get Invited To
Wondering   (06.18.11)
this FARSE? Just Wondering?
27. UN - Shameful, cowardly group- thanks Canada,US. Paulu
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (06.18.11)
28. Human Rights Commission
max ,   washington dc   (06.18.11)
The UN HRC should be disbanded as the 154 members who voted to keep Israel as the only Democracy in the Middle East on their watch list while Arab Dictators slaughter their people protesting for their Human Rights get no mention. What a bunch of hypocrits!
29. Does this surprise anyone?
Jewish Warrior   (06.18.11)
30. f these bunch of clowns who really
Barney ,   USA   (06.18.11)
gives a flying f what these guys think
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