S. Korea eyes Iron Dome system
Udi Etsion
Published: 19.06.11, 07:37
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1. establish R&D with south korea.they are powerful in automobiles industries,...
Saed ,   Iranian jew   (06.19.11)
Developing lcd,loptops and many electronic industries(samsung)... i like its economy and its people culture(democracy).ties with south korea is a priority for every field we should have collaboration not just defenese.we have common enemies and we should help each other to always our industries be the best.because a powerful country is a country that has a powerful economy.
2. Today,hamas is not a real threat!china is the main threat for democracy,universe stability.
Saed ,   Iranian jew   (06.19.11)
China is helping our enemies directly.We should compete with its economy jointly with s.korea.What is better than sharing and transfering our technologies,experiences with s.korea.
3. Excellent Move
Brod ,   USA   (06.19.11)
South Korea is a strong Judeo-Christian country. When Israel and South Korea work together, they can produce the best Jet Fighters in the world.
4. forget italy, eu, form relationships with s. korea, asia
ralph   (06.20.11)
5. Israels greatest strength lies in its technological prowess
Al   (06.20.11)
I've said this 1000 times. That is where Israel will excel in the future, however not all segments of the population can participate in this great miracle. Its too bad, for example, where the religious to throw off the yoke of their myopic megalomaniac "Rabbis" who obviously couldnt care less for the well being of their flock, they too would be able to reap the financial rewards that will be coming in spades. In my own case I hammered home to my kids who were raised in Yeshivas by their "I found Religion" mom, that without English and Math their future would be one of poverty and neglect. They got the message loud and clear and today they are doing quite well. I appeal to all parents irrespective of religious adherence, that they actively push their children to be educated in English and Math. They will miss the boat if they are ill prepared, as Israel is obviously on its way to becoming a very wealthy nation.
6. great news but revive Lavi as a trainer not the T50
zionist forever   (06.20.11)
Israel needs to start developing close relations with South Korea. They have money to spend, they are non muslims and whilst they are close US allies they are not puppets so they have the freedom to shop around when it comes to buying military products. We need alliances with countries like Korea and India which we can have a relationship of equals with rather than master and servant which is the case with the US. Lets be generous and sell South Korea Iron Dome and a generous price, it will build up good relations and once one country buys Iron Dome others will take interest. As for the IAF desire for a new trainer its great that we are working on the T50 with South Korea but if we were smart we would look into trying to revive Lavi but as a jet trainer. As a frontline fighter Lavi is old technology. One of its original selling features was how it was easy to convert from fighter - trainer ( to avoid the IAF needing to buy dedicated trainers ). So why not market the Lavi as a trainer. Trainers are not as expensive as fighters because they don't have the same expensive advanced systems. There is no US choice to be bought with military aid for the IAF to benefit from so why not investigate a domestic solution? It will create jobs, means we don't have to rely on others to keep our plane in the air and of course if the IAF buys a plane other countries look into buying the same product if its exported. If Lavi can practically have a future as a trainer then its worth looking into reincarnating.
7. South Korea, Israel
Bill ,   United States, Mich   (06.20.11)
Both of these Nations face totaly destruction from there neighbors, with isolation and ignorance growing stronger from there so called friends and supporters. Like the United States and other Western Nations. This would be a great team builder and assistance for both Nations, Israel and South Korea. While the United States fight within our own country to find themselves again and to honor our Christian foundation. Including most important, the Will of our Heavenly Father. Shalom my friends.
8. Poetic Justice
Stephen in New York   (06.20.11)
in that North Korea was the source of the Syrian nuclear plant Israel destroyed in September 2007. Now Israeli technology will repay squat drunk, Kim Jong-il by rendering his weapons useless.
9. Partnership with solar powered/electric cars as well?
Hmmm ,   Interesting, Israel   (06.21.11)
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