4 girls arrested for 'Price tag' violence
Yair Altman
Published: 19.06.11, 15:36
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1. Politics
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (06.19.11)
All this things are consequence of the utilization of the IDF for political purposes. Ehud Barak is destroying (or at least trying hard) the link that always made the IDF a people's army. Barak and his ilk are turning everything to political tools. Jews who love Israel are not the enemy! Is it so difficult to understand? 18 years of failure are not enough?
2. Education?
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.19.11)
Educate them with what? The grand olde 'co-existence with our cousins', 'terrorists are human too' mantras, so they can become right-brain dead leftists crying only over Arab blood, hating their government their people and proud history, and supporting the Arab right-of-return? Is this what they have in mind?
3. No boyfriends to fill their time?
4. The families comment
LebanonPride ,   Canada   (06.19.11)
Did their family actually critisize the police for doing their job? Maybe their daughters should of thought twice before burning cars...
5. By Their Fruit Ye Shall Know Them
World Citizen ,   the world   (06.19.11)
Another example of Israeli culture.
6. Eshet Hayal!
Yoram Gold ,   Tapuah, Judea   (06.19.11)
Those are the greatest young ladies in Israel! Where are the boys to defend them?
7. Anti-Jewish State
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Ephraim   (06.19.11)
B"H - If the State was Jewish, these women would be praised, not harassed and humiliated in the name of some anti-Jewish, egalitarian so called "law", that has nothing to do with Halacha, Jewish Law. Shame, shame, shame on the men holding them and putting handcuffs on them!
8. in handcuffs
irving ,   kiryat modtzkin   (06.19.11)
she looks so dangerous. they have to put her in handcuffs. shame on israeli police.
9. let's wait
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.19.11)
Maybe the girls did these crimes, maybe they did not. Anything might happen considering the police history of making random arrests of Zionists and then being forced to release them after it turns out they have no evidence. Let us just hope that this time the police respect the girls' human rights.
12. education?
Golan ,   Modiin   (06.19.11)
you mean like math and science? Or do you mean social reprograming? I guess I should pretend these acts of vile vigilantism was done in a bubble.
13. we must stop this settelrs!!!!
riko   (06.19.11)
they destroy what wa have built for the last 63 years
15. If these girls...
David ,   Haifa   (06.19.11)
had been Arabs, their crimes would have been called what they are, acts of terror. And few people would blame frustration and rebellion.
16. One of my sons is seeking his bashert.
Genuine Moshe   (06.19.11)
This girl (20yrs) has my vote. And my wife's as well.
17. don't agree with tactics but arabs are
Barney ,   USA   (06.19.11)
reaping what they have sown. do agree with their rights to live anywhere in Israel and don't see them as "settlers" but Israelis
18. #13 rather "what the settlers built in the last 63 years"
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (06.19.11)
It's people like the settlers, who were prepared to be on the land and risk everything for Eretz Ysrael, who built this country. People like you are trying to give it away.
19. If These Girls
The Bald Scotsman ,   Medford,USA   (06.19.11)
David, you are 100% correct. I am a zionist. I am neither right nor left wing. However, when we support the behavior of these girls, we are lowering ourselves to terrorrist levels of thought.
20. Police have a history of arresting "settlers"
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (06.19.11)
holding them under unacceptable conditions, and finally being forced to release them when the police cannot prove what they have made up. I wonder how many police men have been "feeling up" these minors, like they did to a previous group to intimidate them.
21. teaching history of when they love their kids more than they
observer ,   Egypt   (06.19.11)
hate us. Golda Meir, famous for peace!, when they love their kids more than they hate us, said: "There were no such thing as Palestinians". little addendum here, Meir only said this in 1968 when she resided in the West Jerusalem Talbalyya house owned by Palestinian Hanna Bisharate. Golda Meir received the house from the Foreign Ministry which was occupying the house since 1948 after kicking out its owner Palestinians. One of the females arrested on Apr 9.11, Saturday night was 14 year old Julia Mazen Awwad, who was taken from her home together with her mother and father; Noaf and Mazen Awwad. Two days earlier, her two brothers; George and Hakeem were arrested, leaving only the smallest children not in Israeli custody. They were left alone after the latest arrests and were taken care of by one of the family’s neighbors until their mother was released Monday morning. Their sister, brothers and father remain in Israeli custody.
22. #19 Price tag terror
Ian ,   Israel   (06.19.11)
Thank you I thought all was lost.
23. #20 Price tag terror
Ian ,   Israel   (06.19.11)
One has to have a very warped mind to come up with nefarious thoughts such as those.They did the crime so let them do the time. Does not matter who they are.
24. it's fairly simple really....
Gabriel ,   Netherlands   (06.19.11)
Being jewish myself, I think this behaviour simply cannot be condoned in any state where democratic rule of law applies to each and every subject. Thankfully Israel is such a state and regardless of these girls being jewish, palestinian or from outer space for that matter, they should be punished for what is, in fact, criminal behaviour. Frustration is a common emotion, and especially in Israel's case, it's even entirely understandeble. That's ok. Taking the law into your own hands and randomly torching other's people's property is not.
25. Minors torch Palestinian cars
Joe Charlap ,   Jerusalem   (06.19.11)
Anyone who breaks the law must be arrested and made to face the consequences. In the case of these young girls, corrective education is needed as well, but not instead of education. They deserve the punishment that this despicable crime calls for. The price tag revenge must be stamped out. It will only generate more hate and more revenge.
26. Remember Anat Kam. This is the reaction
Roy ,   Miami   (06.19.11)
27. # 20 Rebecca ever heard of the law ?
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (06.20.11)
Thats right blame the police, how typical . In case you havent heard there is a system of law in this country and every citizen including the settler thugs are bound by that law. If they cannot accept such laws they are free to leave the country, while im sure the country will be a better place for it. These so called religious girls are petty criminals using religion as an exscuse to justify their crimes.
28. Wow, brainwashed teens
David   (06.20.11)
So it seems the extremist settler establishment brainwashes and indoctrinates their children with hatred and promotes violence. Disgusting. Too bad they will never actually be punished for their crimes as they go through Israel's revolving door justice system when it comes to Jews harming Palestinians.
29. why is ynet calling them right wing?
rachel ,   usa   (06.20.11)
30. Stop teaching hate to your kids
IRAN#1   (06.20.11)
It will kill you from the inside eventually.
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