Ex-Mossad chief stripped of diplomatic passport
Published: 19.06.11, 21:31
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1. hehehe...
Children squabbling over trivial things...
2. dagan couldn't keep his mouth shut
dante ,   uk   (06.19.11)
and, it was not just about the state; a lot of what dagan said, probably most of it, was designed to promote...dagan. surprise, surprise. and, he was willing to do that at the expense of the state. if he believed himself to be so important to the state, why did he resign? and, of course, he was OBVIOUSLY wrong about his assessment of the iranian weapons programme.
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (06.19.11)
4. Most of them get to keep them for 1 reason
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.19.11)
They offer to turn them in and are told no they can hang on to them. Dagan is too arrogant and didn't make that offer. That is why it was pulled.
5. Right wing Drumhead
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (06.20.11)
I fear for the country I love. A man who has dedicated his entire life to the service the Jewish people is slandered on this site and other Israeli media sites as though he were a member of Hamas or Hezbollah because he publicly stated his concerns that an Israeli attack on Iran would be disastrous for Israel - not just in the diplomatic sense but mainly in the loss of thousands of Israeli lives. This man has done more for Israel and the Jewish people than Netanyahu has ever done or will do. There is a right wing drumhead taking over Israel. Any lsraeli who dares to support a two State solution is now called the enemy. Read hundreds of posts every week and you will see Peres, Livni, Barak, former heads of the Shin Bet and Mossad, and several former Generals called enemies of the State for supporting peace with the Palestinians. Has Israel gone over the deep end? Do Israelis who treasure their democracy realize what is happening? Lifelong supporters of Israel who have served in the Israeli military and intelligence agencies are now being called the enemy because they disagree with where Netanyahu is leading the country? This is extremely dangerous and threatens the very fiber of Israel's existence. If Israelis want to punish and silence anyone who disagrees with the Likud and its right wing supporters the Israel of David Ben Gurion is forever gone and instead replaced by a country no different than Russia in suppressing and silencing dissent. Every Jew in Israel and the world should shudder at what is happening.
6. Still...
R ,   Israel   (06.20.11)
Dagan served well, rehabilitated the institution, and does not deserve this treatment.
7. Biting the hand that feeds you
Canadian Dude ,   Canada   (06.20.11)
For year after year, the guy is Superman, saving your butts from all sorts of unimaginable peril. Now the situation grows desperate as apartheid fascists take power in Israel, he speaks out, and suddenly he's an even bigger threat to the country than Goldstone. Israel, this is why you don't get to have nice things, because you don't know how to appreciate all the wonderful things you already have. So have fun while right wing lunatics take over the country and turn it into a medieval cult theocracy with less international support than North Korea. Ain't no fairies coming down from the sky to save you when it happens, but maybe Gee and his holy knights can protect you.
8. on #2, dante
joel ,   usa   (06.20.11)
9. Enough trouble here,Not another oneabroad
Roland Seener ,   London England   (06.20.11)
10. Dagan and the midgets
Philip ,   Afula   (06.20.11)
Childish revenge by some with very very brittle ego.
11. Stupid, stupid, stupid.Childish. Lack of forethought
Ozraeli ,   Australia   (06.20.11)
Although I cannot know the reasons behind Dagan's declarations (and I am sure that there are MANY more "moving parts" than what we see), what is clear, is that in Israel's usual inimitable & self destructive manner, it "Eats its young" while acting in the most short sighted manner possible, while later regretting & making excuses for "unforeseen" events. 1) Given the amount of knowledge that Dagan has, every protection should be provided him, until he becomes completely out of the loop & out of touch with current information-highly unlikely for quite a while, as there will always be informal contacts &/or political positions for someone so senior. I assume that there are bodyguards, just like with all past senior functionaries. A diplomatic passport will not prevent kidnapping, but it will formalise the diplomatic status of a former senior functionary, even when retired, making protection easier; 2) Given degree of harassment & "Lawfare" attempted in the UK, Spain, & other EU countries, it can help prevent much of it; 3) IMO, all senior personnel should have diplomatic passports, including IDF officers (say) from Colonel & above). Perhaps a sub class of passport or different title is necessary, but IDF officers perform their duties as an extension of the policies of the State of Israel, & to expose them needlessly to the personal political vagaries of some two bit backwater Magistrate is unacceptible, as is the inaction of Spain & UK in changing their "Universal Jurisdiction" laws; 4) In short: Grow up, stop with the political posturing, "power games", & one upmanship. Think ahead, have some forethought, & treat the man like the incredible success he was, even if there were (possibly) disagreements at the end.
12. Israel turning into a Syria
Robert ,   Brisbane Australia   (06.20.11)
It seems one is not allowed to cast an opinion in Israel unless it toes the Netanyahu line. Syria and China are similar.
13. Dagan
Oscar ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.20.11)
The strippers look petty and stupid.
14. Give it back to him!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.20.11)
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