OECD: Israel 3rd in milk prices
Sever Plocker
Published: 21.06.11, 15:15
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1. meat prices
colin   (06.21.11)
The ridiculas prive of meat in Israel is because the stupid government gave the haridi and only kosher is imported The arab consumer imports ay 1.o8 dollars per kilo but kosher costs an exagurated 5.80 a kilo It pays to buy from the arab market in rammalla.
2. Artificial prices
Ian ,   Israel   (06.21.11)
It is a well know fact that Israel is one of the most expensive countries in the world, but only because prices are artificially inflated. There is always a reason to raise prices even when raw materials are less expensive.Israel can not be compared to Nordic countries because even if you don't work unemployment fees are some the, if not the highest in the world . So cars are expensive but its offset by higher salaries and much better social benefits. Israel's 22.- shekels per hour is ludicrous and one of the lowest minimum wage in the OECD. How they let Israel join is beyond comprehension. Its a well known fact that tens of millions of shekels go in income go undeclared because of idiotic policies. How can this country belong to the OECD when policies here belong in the stone age - where prices are not commiserate with the rest of OECD countries. Its time for Israelis to say enough and start fighting back. When that happens, hell will definitely freeze over.
3. 2. Artificial prices
jerome ,   NZ   (06.21.11)
If in Israel, as in Nordic countries, the only time you fire a gun is for duck shooting, you'll be driving a Mercedes for the price of a Prius. When you are surrounded by millions of hostile neighbours, surely the cost of defence has to come from somewhere. Cheers
JOE ,   KFAR SABA ISAREL   (06.21.11)
5. Cost of living
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (06.21.11)
The average wage in Denmark is 120 Danish crowns per hour, roughly 23 US dollars. The average money that a worker takes home after taxes and other items like social tax, unemployment tax etc is 50% which leaves a wage at 12 US dollar per hour. Car taxes are at 180%.. VAT takes 25% of ALL purchases. In terms of real wages it leaves you with real purchasing power of 9 dollars per hour, doesn't look very impressive. The burden of the cost of the Israeli army must be huge, on the other hand Denmark is is involved in the fighting in Afghanistan, Iraq, Cosovo and now in Libya. Peanuts compared to the cost of the Israeli Army. On the other hand, Denmark has a large deficit of public spending owed very much to the influx of immigrants from the Middle East and other Moslem countries. The amount of deficit is over 17 billion Danish crowns roughly 3.5 million US dollars. Nearly all health service have been reduced by 50%!, It's like the song goes "Fings ain't wot they used to be"
6. P.S. OECD
Ameridane ,   Aarhus, Denmark   (06.21.11)
Just a short p.s. : Being a retired engineer, my pension and my wifes pension is not sufficient to cover our monthly expenses (quite modest), and at the age of 71 I drive a bus as a mean for supplementing our income and in a country where a cappuccino costs 6-7 dollars you think twice before you spend money. Don't believe a word of what the OECD publishes- it's all theory!
7. See we are no higher than most in Europe
dairy producing ,   Sabra Israel   (06.21.11)
It costs a lot of money to feed and water dairy cattle in Israel. Plus we have all the religious laws to deal with. Ever think of that? You should be so lucky to have milk and cottage cheese on the table. Why in the old days we were lucky to have even a cup of water and a crumb of stale bread. What kind of Jew are you?
8. That is why all israeli kids have brown teeth!
Zohan ,   Center, Israel   (06.21.11)
With milk prices so high, kids don't drink the amount of milk they should.
9. i must be stupid
shlomo ,   carmel, israel   (06.21.11)
u said it is a well known fact twice, walla how about that, i thought i was an informed consumer. alright folks, let's all go vegan. dairy and meat are supposed to be special things anyway. what an awesome hippy country we could be if we all started being vegans and using solar public transportation and drinking from and growing with solar-desalinized water.
10. How about the government taxing all
jason white ,   afula, israel   (06.22.11)
those manufactureres,importers and vendors that are making obscene profits. How about the knesset working for the general public and not the fat cats? Or we can form a new consumer's party and hopefully get enough votes to infuence the next government coalition or take over the knesset with a majority.
11. Prices for EVERYTHING are out of control!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.22.11)
So now we know where we stand, what is going to be done to improve the situation? My guess is a big fat nothing!
12. #8
A Shvitzer ,   Israel   (06.22.11)
Its the sugary diet -too many sweets and the cost of going to dentists.
13. What all of you need is MICHELLE OBAMA
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.22.11)
She will tell you what to eat, what is good for you & how much you should eat, while she gorges herself on cheeseburgers The President's wife has become an instant expert on Nutrition She is now on a tour of Africa, probably telling them how to change their diet
14. cheese prices............
sad ,   israel   (06.22.11)
the survey should compare our salaries to other countries. i am sure that we will be close to the bottom......... how people manage here is beyond my knowledge.
15. Michelle Obama sets the example
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.22.11)
She eats lots (so she say's) of healthy foods Her tuchas shows it, oy gevalt, it would put a hippo to shame
16. Soy Milk
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.23.11)
I tried some for lunch today, I diidn't know that soy beans had breasts that could be milked Once you've tasted soy milk, you'll pay anything for the real stuff, the best I can say for soy milk is Yech!
17. how about a link? s'posin you included a graph?
Margolit Knabbeldier   (06.23.11)
would it kill ya to join the 21st century in journalism? please already!
18. Bad quality
Michel ,   Jerusalem   (07.03.11)
The Israeli cheeses are not cheeses (not tasty, nothing..) and the milk is water.. And we have to pay high price for these products.
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