In Tel Aviv, gay pride pays off
Meirav Crystal
Published: 20.06.11, 15:07
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1. In Anticipation Of A LOT Of Hateful Comments On Here
Ed G. ,   BETHLEHEM, USA   (06.20.11)
In anticipation of the avalanche of hateful messages on here I would like to say KOL HAKAVOD. Anything that furthers PROMOTION of Israel & Tel Aviv is a MITZVAH not something bad. These gay tourists go back to their home countries and SPEAK WELL OF ISRAEL. That is what Israel needs, badly. These gay tourists are NOT ARAB TERRORISTS. They are good, hard-working people and as the article states, they have a high disposable income. What better place to spend it than in Tel Aviv, the San Francisco FREE city of the Mediterranean!
2. Is this what the pioneers struggled for?
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (06.20.11)
what a shame, that this is a picture of Eretz Yisrael.
aL   (06.20.11)
CASES...may I ask. Way to go...whereas I would like to see Israel be the R&D capital of the world..I dont Israel to be the S&M capital of the world. I really dont give a hoot what people do in their own homes...I do care that the State funds this and take pride in this. That to my mind is seriously wrong.
4. In One Word...
Steve from Florida ,   Palm Beach, USA   (06.20.11)
5. HeteroPride will bring much more people...
6. Gays to Los Angeles
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (06.20.11)
After living amongst the Gays in Los Angeles for years, I would like to state for a fact the the one person that is not gay (meaning happy) are the Gays. They are almost always people with very deep seated problems and just as always unhappy. Homosexuality is an un-natural state and the many whom I have seen are people with terrible life problems. Let them go to Los Angeles and see what happens to them there in the nut and fruit capital of America.
7. You're welcome :)
gay israeli ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.20.11)
8. Gays in Tel Aviv
Bruria   (06.20.11)
People should be free to do as they please in their own homes. Why should tax money fund a parade that is just gawdy and tacky? As for giving us a good name--Please! Has nobody heard of the Gays and Lesbians who are boycotting us as an Apartheid state? Sinking to the depths of deprivation will only turn the rest of the world against us as well. Shame on those promoting Israel as such.
9. Plz keep it in Tel Aviv.
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (06.20.11)
Great place for it. Keep it up there.
10. 3 al
Twice Blessed ,   toronto   (06.20.11)
aids spreads faster in the straight community. Now go back and put your head back in the sand
11. Gay pride, shmay pride
Religious Fanatic   (06.20.11)
Will Tel Aviv be tolerant enough to allow us to have a straight parade? I'm within my right to express my heterosexuality to the public.
12. EVERYONE is welcome
Dara ,   Gadera, Israel   (06.20.11)
As far as I'm and everyone else should be concerned, EVERYONE with good intentions should be welcome in Israel. Short, tall, fat, thin, man, woman, black, white, pink, purple, orange or green, gay, straight or anything in between, doesn't matter.
13. This is nothing short of a Jewish national tragedy!
Ariel Ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Ephraim   (06.21.11)
14. #1 Is right. This is GOOD P.R. for Israel-Kol Hakavod!
Eliane Tavares ,   EE.UU   (06.21.11)
I agree with the sentiments of #1, this is EXCELLENT P.R. for Israel. It is the truth. The world then sees Israel in a better, REAL light - the true nation of the FREE! It is not a religious/secular issue since there are now a lot of gay religious Jews, even ORTHODOX GAY JEWS!!! Stop this demonic hatred of all things gay. Gay people are G-d's children just like Straight people are!
15. 11
twice blessed ,   toronto   (06.21.11)
you are free to express your hetrosexuality everyday.
16. Just what Israel needs
Devorah   (06.21.11)
From TA they can travel to the proposed FABULOUS STAS CASINO at the Dead Sea or Eilat and blow (no pun intended) their money at a crap (no pun intended) table.
17. We are in Modiin too - get a brain...
David ,   Modiin   (06.21.11)
First of all, Rebecca, we are your neighbors in Modiin. And we are not the only ones - there are many gay couples here. Get over it. As to the other genius negative comments (why pay money for a parade? cost of AIDS? ), first of all, can any of you haters be a little more original? Gays pay disproportionately high taxes in return for what they get. Other interest groups (e.g. Haredim, national religious...) are definitely on the receiving end of these funds, whereby Gays end up ironically paying for their gay-bashing education. About time gays get a little bit of their tax money back...and they idiot that thinks that parades and pride cause AIDS??? Read a book!
18. Kol Hakavod
Ste ,   UK   (06.21.11)
From what I've seen the Pride event looked great fun. Am thinking of coming to the Pride events in Tel Aviv next year.
19. does judaism agree with homosexuality? and if yes where in
deutronomy 28 ,   world   (06.21.11)
the torah does it say so? and if not why is israel suuporting it against its belief? last time i checked israel want sto be recognized as a jewish, doesnt that mean they actually have to follow judaism? so does judaism agree with homosexuality?
20. #2 to Baruch
Joe ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.21.11)
Yes Baruch, this is what the pioneers struggled for. The pioneers were disproportionately secular, and hence more liberal than you. We should be proud of this, even if we are religious ourselves. Without tolerance, you and i have no chance.
21. Struggle
Shmuel ,   Canada   (06.22.11)
It is a wonderful picture of Israel.
22. HaSheim hasn't changed!
Eliyahu Konn ,   Powell, OH USA   (06.22.11)
23. @ #19
AJ - Raalte   (06.22.11)
Israel IS the Jeweish state which doesn't mean everyone has to be orthodox. It does mean that Israel is the nation state of the Jewish people, including the gay community!!!
24. #22 And your point is?
Joe ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.22.11)
Eliyahu, so Hashem has not changed, does this mean that Judaism has not changed? MUCH has changed my friend.
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