Obama: Israel, US stalwart allies
Yitzhak Benhorin
Published: 21.06.11, 07:12
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1. Key word ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.21.11)
... "fundraiser." Make no mistake about that.
2. Time to throw Obama under the bus
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.21.11)
He is no friend of Israel or of Jews. An ideologically blinded politician and a spiteful and evil human being. He could have authorized a furlough for the funeral, but he didn't do so out of revenge against Israel.
3. Muslum obumma fooled you once, isn't that enough?
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (06.21.11)
4. allies
colin   (06.21.11)
The Islamic black american president again preaching his lies untruths and falsehoods saying Israel is america's stallwart allies. He needs money and knows he has lost the 2012 elecions.He tries to pressure Israel to follow his stupid ideas without success. BYE BYE OWAMMA.
5. he is losing the jewish vote,
ghostq   (06.21.11)
that slogen not even efect me, it is pathetic.
6. Obama's heartlessness: Hardly an ally
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.21.11)
when you keep Pollard in jail and he cannot even see his dying father or attend his funeral. That to me says it all about Obama- as trustworthy as al Qaeda
7. "Did G-d really say....
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (06.21.11)
'You must not eat from any tree in the garden'?"
8. If Obama is elected for 2nd term
Sam ,   New Zealand   (06.21.11)
he will be free to oppress Israel as he wishes. Why? Cause there will be no more 3rd term. what do you think
9. Just the President who isn't....
Danny   (06.21.11)
10. global power politics and Ilan from Ariel
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.21.11)
There is a greater likelihood that Obama will throw you and Ariel under the bus.
11. Talks one way - acts another way
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.21.11)
12. Lier-Lier
JEW1 ,   ASHDOD & ISRAEL   (06.21.11)
Has anybody seen this moview of a lawyer who can't lie? I wonder what will happen to this big bunch of lies of Obama if the same thing happens to him? What what we will get to hear? Wow, everyone make a wish that from today Obama will only speack the truth and nothing else!!!!!
13. OMYgaita
cape straight ,   alaska   (06.21.11)
How crass. First he says 67 lines are it, then he remembers, how can I tell the Hollywood NumNits that. OMYGOITTA needs kesev and now he is so close. Let's remember what he did the last three years and keep our check books closed.
14. He should go to Mecca...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.21.11)
15. Would you buy a used camel from this man?
Bless israel. ,   United States   (06.21.11)
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (06.21.11)
He's right in one sense, if you do the same thing that's brought nothing but failure, and expect a different result, that's the very definition of insanity. Yet that's what the Palestinians continue to do, they insist on proven ideas that will bring failure. Returning to the 1967 borders, insisting on the "right of return", refusing to recognize Israel, refusing to renounce violence and terrorism, etc.,yet with all this what is the focus? Building houses in East Jerusalem? Is that some sort of sick joke? The most trivial part of the conflict, one that is non-violent, and puts no lives at risk, is all the Palestinians talk about? Talk about bizarre! Israel is expected to ignore attacks, terrorism, people who will not even recognize them, or their country. Then Israel is blamed because they build a house in a area that will become part of Israel in any final agreement?
17. Allies
Samuel ,   Yavne,Israel   (06.21.11)
Bullshit-If Obama really means what he says then he would have released Jonathan Pollard to visit his dead father, if not at least for humanitarian reasons.How in the world can he stoop so low?so you see how can he expect Jewish donors?
18. Barak the Obamanable - Censored the first time by Ed.
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.21.11)
He appeases the Muslims, but says "This is why my administration has done more to promote Israel’s security, its qualitative military edge, its defense capabilities than any administration over the last 25 years." He has demand that Israel go back to the 1967 borders which will make Israel as defenseless against Arab terrorism and aggression as it was before the Six Day War! A great ally President Obama who visits Muslim countries but cannot find the time to come to Israel when he was right next door in Egypt! No, Mr. President, Jews, both in the United States and Israel, have seen that you adjust your Israel policy to whichever audience you are addressing but your real policy is that Israel must do what the Arabs want and that is to commit suicide! Let them give you the money to win the next election. Mr. President, the next time you visit Ground Zero or the Pentagon you should pause and remember exactly who committed that atrocity of 9/11 and reflect on how many Americans of all creeds were killed in the name of Islam that you befriend and whose leaders who actively propose the destruction of your “ally”, Israel.
19. Best friends
sr ,   Belgium   (06.21.11)
Yes, the US and Israel are the best friends....but Pollard is still in prison like the worst criminal
20. Jews, do not waste your money on the lost cause.
leo ,   usa   (06.21.11)
Obama has got no chance in 2012. That is unless he will fix economy, which Obama doesn't know how.
21. A transparent bid for Jewish money and votes.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.21.11)
No U.S. President has ever treated Israel and her P.M. with the contempt Obama has. Until Obama, no U.S. President has ever tried to forbid Jews from building in our own Eternal Capital. For these and many other reasons, Obama has proven himself the most hostile U.S. President Israel has ever faced. Obama's kind words for Israel are nothing but a transparent bid for Jewish money and votes.
22. Sad to say
David s   (06.21.11)
I strongly supported Obama in the last presidential election and feel that he is closer to my views on domestic issues but I am sad to say that I am afraid of what he would do in a second term when he is no longer worried about reelection. Frankly, I believe that his personal views on Israel are profoundly wrong and that he would be much more aggressive in pushing his "peace" agenda in the middle east in a second term. I will not be supporting him in the next election.
23. To: Sam at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.21.11)
Even were Obama to win re-election (and, frankly, I do not believe he will), he would still have that major hurdle called the United States Congress. Congress controls the purse strings.
24. Actually ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.21.11)
... all indications are that Obama got a very cool reception. Jewish donations to the re-election campaign are down some 80% over 2007-2008 numbers. Perhaps the ersatz "Palestinians" or the Moslem Brotherhood will pick up the slack.
25. DT, TY Israel
Lady-in-Waiting.   (06.21.11)
If you want my humble opinion, what Ibummer has done this far to America has devastated America almost to the core. He is about to make his final punch and he'll be gone before 2012 shows its face. Say what you like and call me what you like, but what Obummer is doing to USA now was all set up like his sly moves are and the set-up was established with his al Quada friends. Why the dirty, underhanded smirk on his black face. What a horror. He gives me the creeps!
26. What about Pollard?
Meir ,   Beit Shemesh   (06.21.11)
Ican't believe these guys sat with Obama, promising him money for his campaign, both sides talking about this wonderful relationship, and not one word about Jonathan Pollard, not to release him completely, not to release him to see his dying father, not to release him for his father's funeral - nothing, nothing, nothing. I'm disgusted with all of them. Shame on you, shame on you!!
27. @19 Let me make something clear
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (06.21.11)
Pollard is an American Jew. He is not an Israeli. Just because Israel gives citizenship to every Jew worldwide it doesn't negate the fact that he is an American in an American prison for committing a crime against America. The only connection to Israel is that he was duped into giving it classified materiel so get your facts straight and Pollard is the worst criminal serving life and rightfully so he shall rot in jail for committing treason even though he could of been executed.
28. Obama will win easily because there is no
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (06.21.11)
alternative republican candidate that appeals to the American voter except maybe Sarah Palin and she is a joke trying to cash in with a reality show. He sure has my vote because Israel needs peace more than it needs weapons. I am not saying give in to Hamas or Iran but if there is any country that is willing to seriously negotiate peace with Israel I would like to quote Sir Winston Churchill "it's better to jaw jaw than to war war".
29. One word:
Gábor Fränkl   (06.21.11)
30. altruism at its truest
david kross ,   columbia (md) USA   (06.21.11)
And to think, he said all these nice things without any hope of personal gain: the very definition of altruism. If Jews are foolish (dare I say "stupid") enough to vote for him again, they richly deserve what they get.
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