Olmert: Allegations preposterous
Aviad Glickman
Published: 21.06.11, 13:29
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1. Olmert, your mere existence is preposterous....
Avi ,   Israel   (06.21.11)
You humiliated us in 2006 like never before. Hope you get convicted and rot in prison....
2. olmert
sas ,   israel   (06.21.11)
the man is a liar, a crook, dishonest, a thief. the sooner he is put behind bars the better off we all will be. i hope that he will be forced to return all the money that he got as presents/donations etc.
3. Don't bend over in jail for the soap!!!
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.21.11)
4. I have no sympathy for Olmert.
Steve   (06.21.11)
He sold Israel out as prime minister.
5. With Israel's High Court of Injustice
Avraham   (06.21.11)
Olmert, you can keep calm. You have nothing to worry about. Your name is not Deri, Benizri or other Sephardic names, and you're not religious, and like secular Left Ramon whose corruption promoted him to become Vice Prime Minister, you have protectzia. The Left judges can never put you behind bars. Stop worrying.
6. Like the non-Sephardic Hirschson...
Moshe ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.21.11)
Olmert used his position for personal, corrupt profit and like the non-Sephardic Hirschson, he will go to prison. One has to wonder if he is also serving as the prosecution--"This description of keeping things in a secret safe suggests corruption and a conspiracy between Messer and me." Yep, that's EXACTLY what it was. Still to come...HOLYLAND!
yushl ,   Yerushlaim   (06.21.11)
Former Prime Minister Olmert will not be sent to prison, regardless of the strength of the evidence or the severity of the felony. There are at least five steps at which “show window” investigations and trials can send him home. I am betting on step #5, or perhaps even #4. 1. The police can declare that there is no indication of a crime. 2.The prosecution might decide that there is not sufficient evidence or alternatively pursue the prosecution with a predetermined agenda of presenting a loud, thunderous yet feeble, amateurish, legally discreditable fashion. 3. An Attorney General, who by the law of gravity and tradition always has his eyes on a comfortable seat in the Supreme Court in which to sit out the remaining decades of his legal career, can unilaterally decide to close the case. .. 4. The judges on the bench can vote to exonerate. 5.The Supreme Court can demonstrate allegiance and gratitude to a fellow leftist by overturning the conviction on the basis of fissures, fractures and holes in the procedure. The judges in the lower court can provide those very “cracks” in order to orchestrate a conviction that will be subsequently overturned by the Supreme Court to the delight of the entire legal family just mentioned. Former Prime Minister’s son was convicted of a felony. His jail sentnce was several months of incarceration under conditions that were the envy of more than one hundred thousand poor Israeli law abiding citizens. Former Prime Minister Sharon was not even tried. Or, as in the case of former ministers Bar On and Ramon, the judiciary can decide that despite the facts, the denials, the evidence, and the conviction in court, nothing can be gained by sending a brother“IN LAW” to jail. Besides, convicted felons suffered the indignities of trial and publicity and any more state provided discomforts would be cruel and unusual punishment. Poor former ministers Hirschzon and Segev are still shocked that they were abandoned by their comrades-in-charms, the Leftist legal establishment. Something went wrong. Even the finest made machines have mechanical problems from time to time. Mechanics repair even the finest cars, sometimes. When an Israeli Knesset representative is either suspected or accused by journalists, this is what happens here in the Democratic State of Israel. If he had supported the Sharon-Katif-Gaza disengagement, the major dailies would mention it on page 12, alongside the article entitled "Brave firefighters rescue cat from 2-meter- high tree." The prosecutor would say that he will read the report that the police will submit. The courts will dismiss the case as "not of any interest to the public." If the confessed perpetrator opposed the disengagement, the police invade his home in front of the cameras of previously contacted leftist journalists; the police conspicuously carry out boxes and computers; they might say "I am not at liberty to tell you what we found but you may report that my smile reflects a well planned operation and a well executed search." The editorials condemn the total disintegration of morals, point fingers of righteous indignation at the accused's fellow party members; the Attorney General announces that all is prepared for an indictment, as soon as they uncover a specific law outlawing the alleged behavior. Headlines would demand that the suspected individual resign, lose all rights of a former member of the Knesset, be sent to a prison for hardened felons and perhaps be crucified, and bear the cost of wood and nails. In Israel’s Ruling Elitist Leftist Guild of newspapers, prosecutors, Attorneys General and Judiciary, the unwritten agreement is “…If you supported Oslo Agreements and/or the Sacred Disengagement Crusade, we will overlook any SUPER-ENGAGEMENTS that you subsequently entered. If you opposed the same disengagement, we will make our best efforts to DISENGAGE you from conventional life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and public office.”
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