Kika to open Israel store in September
Meirav Crystal
Published: 07.07.11, 08:20
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1. Tell us who will own Kika
Alan ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (07.07.11)
Apparently it's a franchise. So, how much did they pay for the exclusive franchise? Is it another one of the keiretsu/chaebol who control the economy or an independent group? Who is financing it?
2. thats good news
celine w ,   austria   (07.07.11)
kika is a good alternative to ikea and has a lot of choices. also it is not a total self-service shop, they have consultants. btw, bargaining is appropriate if you buy more expensive items.
3. That's good,maybe thieves like Zedka will disappear!
michal   (08.22.11)
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