Israel’s Jordanian friends
Asaf Romirowsky
Published: 23.06.11, 13:25
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1. Yea yea yea
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.23.11)
Jordan is not Palestine. Small correction to you Mr. Romirowsky : we did not say "East Bankers and West Bankers" we say Jordanians and Palestinians ...okay.. this is for your next article.....byyyye.
2. Salma, you are back? Welcome to
Yossef   (06.23.11)
Yudah-Shomron :-]) Want a drink mataishu ?
3. hey salma..and what is exactly the difference between them?
jordan is balastine   (06.23.11)
how can a group of people call themselves something they can't even pronounce?
4. The illegitimate "king" of Jordan is NOT
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.23.11)
the friend of Israel, but only his OWN friend...he has finally to step aside and to give the "Palestinians" their state...! The "king" of "Jordan" has deprived the "Palestinians" of their own state, he lives at the expense of Israel...So much about a "GOOD" friend....
5. Salma
Daweed ,   Saana, Yemin   (06.23.11)
Two small correction. We do not say Jordanians and Palestinians. We say Arabs. And Arabs can't say Palestinians. They say Filistini.
6. #5 Origin of the word "Palestine"
Yossef   (06.23.11)
It comes from the hebrew פלשת - פלשתים the plural pronounces "Plashtim". The root of this word is פלש (Palash) which mean "invade" - "break into". Originally, in the Tanach the palestinian (Plashtim) was called the "invaders" because they come from the sea and invaded the kingdom of Israel (on the coast). It's true that in arabic this pronounces "Flashtim" because arabic has no the sound "P". And this is also why we know that "Falafel" is not a hebrew name because no hebrew word can begin by a sound "F". Have a nice day :-)
7. Yossef and all the other Guys,
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.23.11)
I invited all of you to take a drink, a toast to our beautiful coming state next September . Please come along and join us : )
8. blitzkrieg
jensen99 ,   Hollandia, Indonesia   (06.23.11)
Soon Israel will send blitzkrieg to Amman, kick out Abdullah back to Hejaz, put Abbas & co in Hashemite's palace, then in no time all the west bankers will cross the river. Happy ending.
9. #7 Salma, OK !
Yossef   (06.23.11)
I'll be there. Just send me a email, where and when. :-)
10. To Salma and all other Palestinians
Yossef   (06.23.11)
You can stay on a land called Yudah-Shomron with jordanian citizenship, or in a state called Palestine. I'll be happy as soon as you recognize Israel as the land of the Jews and want to live in peace with us. Not continuing to bomb us in the meaningless goal to liberate "the whole Palestine". We have no wish to rule you, palestinians. We have enough to rule over jews, israeli beduins and druzes. And we need to preserve the jewish and democratic character of Israel. We will do whatever we can to be a peaceful neighbor. This is not weakness, it's the contrary, because we believe in Israel, we are not afraid. We will certainly negotiate Jordan valley, Jerusalem, and refugees. But nobody can say now what will be the result of these negotiations. You want to go to the UN and declare a State in September, go. We will act accordingly. But once again, we are not your enemy. You think so, and declare that, we don't.
11. There's just no justification for a country named Jordan
With all due respect to the king, and I do have sympathy to his his efforts to move Jordan towards modernism and prosperity, I don't see the basis for a Hashemite kingdom in this area. Who are the Hashemites? As far as I know, they are some sort of dynasty of kings (I think originally from Saudi Arabia), but is there a Hashemite people? Are there millions of Hashemites who are in need of a territory larger than Israel and the west bank put together? The answer is no. There are no Hashemites in Jordan. There are Beduins who back the king, and many Palestinians. There's a huge territory that's been given by the Brits to a king without a people whereas millions of Israelis and Palestinians are fighting over a much smaller territory adjacent to the Hashemite kingdom. This whole situation makes no sense. Jordan as a Hashemite kingdom is an artificial entity without a real justification.
12. Let the Jordanian monarchy fall
daniel   (06.23.11)
and voila there have your Palestinian state. With more then 60% of the population Palestinian it will be a fact. No matter how hard you yell that Jordan ain't Palestine.
13. Is Salma A Scottish Man?
Salma's Uncle ,   Salma's City   (06.23.11)
Is "Salma" really just some psycho man in Scotland?
14. #7 And after September, it will still be coming.
15. Let the king fall
Rachel ,   US   (06.23.11)
16. i have an interesting vision...
Diego ,   Brazil   (06.23.11)
Someday Abdullah will fall down. As much of jordania is made of palestinians, i think that is sure, that they will help to liberate Palestine (Gaza and West Bank). Maybe they should unite, it could be a great state and i think that jordania+west bank and gaza, it won't be needed the entire land of historical Palestine.
17. friend indeed
A ,   Belgium   (06.23.11)
Wasn't the father of this "friendly" king the one who instigated Black September? How many arabs did this son of a Saudi bedouin murder in "Jordan?" And wasn't Abdullahs daddy also the same king who supported Saddam Hussein when Skuds were falling on Israel? Like father like son and NEITHER could be or can be trusted. Take a walk across the river to your "promised land", Salma and the rest.
18. Crown Prince of Jordan AKA Hussein II AKA Palestinian (Rania
Jordan Is ,   East Palestine   (06.23.11)
19. Jordan is Palestine! Let the king fall.
michaelredbourn ,   arad israel   (06.23.11)
Leftists think that they are smarter than everyone else. But just look at what happened to communism worldwide. Look at what's happening to the US under Obama, bankruptcy! Why should Israel support the king? Two States? Israel and what is now Jordan. The fat lady sang!
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (06.23.11)
Abdullah is one of the clever tyrants.But he's still a tyrant. If Jordan becomes a democratic Palestinian dominated state,so be it.Open the Allenby Bridge with a one-way turnstile. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL
21. to 10
suad ,   jerusalem   (06.23.11)
last week i visited hyfa and the mount of aljarmak realy i feel it is mine whatever you say or the negotiation be or the result will be ..
22. Re: #21, Suad
HaifaGuy   (06.24.11)
<> I had to copypaste this beautiful example of: 1)Arabs' amazing ability to obscure reality with pipedreams; 2) Their fashion of speaking and therefore, thinking. This is an excerpt from a typical Arab train of thought: chaotic, irrational, self-igniting, boasting. Did I read too much into it?
23. #22, Excellent
Ari Ben Canaan   (06.24.11)
#22 Haifaguy, Suad's absurd belief that Haifa is Arab is yet another piece of clear, objective evidence that the conflict is about 1948, not 1967, contrary to Abu Mazen's phony talk we hear day in and day out. "Nakba Day" is on Yom Haatzmaut, not the anniversary of '67. Yesterday it was Gaza, today its Judea/Samaria, tomorrow its Jerusalem, and next week its Tel Aviv. The Jews aren't going anywhere. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can get your little "state."
24. #21 Suad, who want everything
Yossef   (06.24.11)
generally get nothing.
25. to 22
21   (06.24.11)
sir .feeling is another thing than dreaming ,may feeling affect your dreaming may dreaming affect your feeling but sure they are not the same feeling is more real than dreaming and it is to me it is prior than my thinking . i starte to think after feeling .but seldom that thinking change my feeling .. ..i think if you can not understand my openion on feeling and dreaming you can respect it as another openion than what it is in your brain .. it is more from my heart
26. Since when was Jordan a friend ?
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.25.11)
27. 'Friendship' ???
Luke ,   South Africa   (06.25.11)
The jordanians might be an important ally to Israel, but they are definitly not friends or even slightly friendly towards Israel.
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