Olmert: Talansky case forced
Omri Efraim
Published: 23.06.11, 15:05
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1. Poor man
Jack ,   Hedera   (06.23.11)
He never delt with money matters. He never saw a 4 shakel bill. He is leader of Kadima. We need you our Father.
2. olmert
chookie   (06.23.11)
it appears as if olmert, the great father of israel, treats all his children as brain dead idiots.put a stop to this serious delusional individual. he is a serious embarresment to your nation.
3. delusional and pathological
mohson   (06.23.11)
olmnert is delusional and pathological. everyone is wrong but him including winograd, barak, livni, zaken, messer and risbi and talansky. everyone else is wrong but ehud, the prince as barnea and haber describe., What a pathetic and gutless person he is.
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