PM: We'll aggravate Hamas prisoners' conditions
Ynet reporters
Published: 24.06.11, 01:18
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1. you think they care
izzie irgun ,   usa   (06.23.11)
lets get real, does anyone think that the leaders of hamas care about israeli jail conditions. these are people who believe in suicide bombings so whats a little suffering by their local terrorists. Its just time for bibi to toughen up. lets start by telling the floatilla boats that if you do not listen to our maritime orders we will sink you. To the Palestinians don't call us until you accept israel's right to be called a jewish state. Then i would throw every NGO out of the country and deny them acces to any government resource. Enough is enough already, its time to stop playing nice when everyone wants to kill you
2. #1
Ken ,   Australia   (06.23.11)
Nicely put, nice conclusion , its about time to be alot tougher , get shalit back and let the palestines think about what they want to do.
3. Bibi is losing his marbles!
Cynic #2   (06.23.11)
Does he really care about Gilad Shalit? I don't think so. He is using the poor sod for his own political purposes.
4. End party for traitors too.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.23.11)
The pampering of terrorists, by Israel, is one absurdity that appears to be ending. It's time to confront another one. Professors at Israeli universities collect generous salaries and benefits while trolling the world demonizing Israel and promoting boycotts against Israel. End the party for these traitors. End the party for those who collaborate with our enemies, aid an abet them, provide them information about our communities, which could be used for terror.
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (06.23.11)
Hamas are shakin' in their boots....not.
6. #1: they do care
david ,   new york   (06.23.11)
not because they care about these terrorists, but because the families of the terrorists can make life very difficult for hamas if they are unhappy. an interesting historical note: the policies in the past of demolishing the homes of terroist's families was very successful. now, the terrorist's mother's professed how great it is that their son was a "martyr" and how they would "give all their sons to the cause", however, if their house gets knocked down because of it, then they want nothing to do with it!! also, saddam used to give $25,000 (a princely sum in gaza) to the families of suicide bombers. when this money stopped (no more saddam), the number of suicide bombers plummeted. "i'll give all my sons to be martyrs, so long as i get a nice car and a bigger house"
7. Hamas rules, BiBi.
Salma ,   Palestine   (06.23.11)
our prisoners are freedom fighters and as you know or maybe you don't know the price of freedom is high.
8. at last!!!!
shira ,   jerusalem   (06.23.11)
my taxes won't found a university degree for the terrorist who killed my grandparents!!!
9. I agree with Prime Minister Netanyahu on most issues
Alexander ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.23.11)
But not on all issues. 1) I do not accept a "Palestinian" state on Jewish/Israeli soil. Giving up one's integrity, pride, freedom and principles as an individual and as a nation is not worth any "peace "treaty". 2) I support a one-state solution - Israel from the river Jordan to the Mediterranean Sea. 3) I support a solid Jewish majority in all of Israel - including Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, Golan and Gaza - but no Arab minority. 4) My peace conditions: one Jewish and democratic State of Israel from the river Jordan to the Mediterranean with a solid Jewish majority and with no Arab minority and with no Peace Now activists (terrorists) and with no people sympathizing with Meretz and Avodah. Shalom/Salam/Peace
10. you are so stupid, risking Shalit to be tortured
Ivan ,   Haifa   (06.23.11)
just for a political defiant speech to gain votes.
11. To: No. 7
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.23.11)
You are SUCH a stupid cow. Do freedom fighters deliberately attack a school bus? Do freedom fighters slit the throats of a sleeping family? Do freedom fighters stab innocent people who are just waiting for a bus? Do freedom fighters hurl boulders at moving cars? Whatever depraved and genetically compromised individuals such as the ersatz "Palestinians" may call it, the rest of the world calls it terrorism. Do you any idea -- ANY IDEA -- just how high a price Israel can exact from you? Perhaps you should learn to keep your extraordinarily stupid mouth shut. No one is really all that interested in what you have to say -- all they do is deride you! You are just too intellectually challenged to realize.
LAWRENCE ,   Zefat (Safed)   (06.23.11)
I hope and pray that Mr.Netanyahus' initiative regarding Shalit works out for the best.
13. These changes are long, long overdue
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.23.11)
University degrees, cell phones, interviews with the media, special cells for special prisoners like Barghouti. Enough is enough. If the family visits are restricted, they can complain to Hamas. The fact that a butcher like Sami Kuntar earned a Masters Degree in prison after multiple murders is a disgrace. These changes are long overdue.
14. Gilad wants wife?
giverat   (06.23.11)
15. Salma shut up please !
Yossef   (06.23.11)
16. Alexander, stop the universe, I want to get off.
Gingi ,   Milky Way   (06.23.11)
17. To: No. 1 and No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.23.11)
Israel should immediately cut all electricity, fresh water deliveries and humanitarian aid to Gaza. Show them what a REAL humanitarian crisis looks like. Each day, as the crisis worsens, simply say two words: "Gilad Shalit." Bomb their tunnels, destroy their buildings, do that non-stop for a few days, then stop and say "Gilad Shalit." If Hamas does not relent, the people of Gaza will rise up against them. Hamas is not that popular to begin with. And if they don't -- let them sit in the dark, starve and die of thirst. Trust me; they won't. Whatever else can be said of terrorists, they sure do like their creature comforts. P.S. The Egyptians won't pick up the slack. The convoy earlier this week was for show. If the Europeans send more aid, the Egyptians will simply confiscate it for themselves. It's not as if they have an over-abundance of food.
18. To: No. 10
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.23.11)
No, Shalit is Hamas' ace in the hole. They would never risk torturing him. Because if he dies, nothing can save Gaza then. Unfortunately, they have no intention of ever repatriating Corporal Shalit, so perhaps we should just cut to the chase and raze Gaza right on down to the ground.
19. I agree, too little too late.
noa ,   israel   (06.23.11)
As if it would do any good anyway. Hamas could care less about its' people.
20. return the favor
Shalom ,   Ashdod, Israel   (06.23.11)
treat them the same way they treat Gilad Shalit. No visits from family, no contacts, no radio, no TV no newspapers and if they do not like it, the answer is "tough luck". Bibi, full steam ahead maybe then I will consider voting for him again otherwise Lieberman "here I come"
21. #11 Response To #7
Bill Foonman ,   Jacksonville, USA   (06.24.11)
Nicely said! These halfwits are delusional and truly are a lost cause.
22. give them the bare min that international law requires
Ovadyah ,   haleS   (06.24.11)
no special foods ,basic cot and blanket - no visitors till - international red cross gets to visit shalit... no TV or computers phones ... -----
23. Try Arizona's 'correctional' conditions
BUILDING ISRAEL ,   United States   (06.24.11)
prisoner's sleep in tents, eat balogna or peanut butter sandwiches and no TV, no air conditioning and no 'honeymoon' visits. The costs are about $ 2.50 a day to the tax payers.
24. # 8 Shira yes to that !!!!
BUILDING ISRAEL ,   United States   (06.24.11)
Time to end all funds to the pals and I mean all.
25. # 9 Alexander
BUILDING ISRAEL ,   United States   (06.24.11)
sounds good to me. Maybe Bibi is making the terms too logical for the pals who wont accept Israel on any terms. It wont ultimately matter, there will not be a pal state.
26. I so agree with you Lady.
BUILDING ISRAEL ,   United States   (06.24.11)
Gaza should be left glowing in the dark and uninhabitable for at least 1,000 years.
27. # 19 Shalom Brilliant suggestion.
United States   (06.24.11)
From your lips to G-ds ears.
28. # 4 Chaim you're right!!!
BUILDING ISRAEL ,   United States   (06.24.11)
about time Israel treats prisoners like prisoners. Exact the same terms from the pals as they do to Shalit.
29. Want to REALLY aggrevate,...?
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (06.24.11)
Have each cell have a lifesized color photo of Zippy apoxied to the wall in a position that will be unavoidable to see, and continous recorded loop of speeches of Putz Peretz piped in at a level that will by unavoidable to hear. 24/7/365. Now THAT is aggrevating.
30. Wrong move Bibi
Yacov ben baruch ,   toronto, canada   (06.24.11)
This is beneath us. We do not sink to the level of our enemies. Firstly, this could backfire and they could further torture or kill Gilad as a result and from a public relations point of view you're doing damage there too. All in all a big mistake. I am right wing and I think this is wrong. We can illustrate how well prisoners are treated to present to the Red Cross (corrupt organization that is racist) but from a public affairs point of view this is better. Yes, Israel needs to care about public relations. Too many people hate Israel because Israel is losing it's war in this domain when in reality it has every justification to win.
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