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Israel's strategic battle over Africa
Ronen Medzini
Published: 23.06.11, 23:00
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1. good relations until 2002 ???
Stan ,   Israel   (06.24.11)
He conveniently "forgot" to mention that after the SIX DAY WAR in 1967 most African countries cut off diplomatic relations with Israel. Israel then developed closer ties with South Africa who was at that time boycotted by most of the world
2. Israel too ship weapon to Africa....
Rasta ,   Central African Rep.   (06.24.11)
Israel is most known in Africa for supporting Dictatorship by providing personnal security to these tyrans. Beside that, weapon and on technical assitance was given to many African armies with serious human rights records, the case of Guinea (was reported in Haaretz), and Ivory Coast where Israel sold Drone to Laurent Gbagbo in violation of the UN resolution.
3. Supply Africa with weapons -all they want, while proclaiming
tom ,   tel aviv   (06.24.11)
our never-ending support for African People's (whatever THAT is?) right to Freedom an Independence and (most important): Democracy!! -otherwise Iran wins....That's how it's done ,ain't it?
bob k ,   las vegas nv   (06.24.11)
One has to wonder whether black African nations ever stop to think about their real problems. Wars have killed tens of millions since the independence years of the 1950s and 60s. Hunger and disease have killed and are still killing millions. When will these nations learn to deal with their real problems and make their peoples' lives better. They should forget the Arabs and Iran. Israel will continue to help them find solutions to their health and hunger problems.
5. Ahmadinejad - Can it get worse?
Tim ,   Brighton   (06.24.11)
At the recent Shanghai Cooperation Conference - reports say that Ahmadinejad was treated a virtual outcast Even his erstwhile Chinese and Russian friends were reportedly embarrased and some say angered by his attempt to hijack the conference by cheap extremist anti West jibes and outbursts Look at all the images and film - and see how Ahmadinejad is sidelined and ignored by most delegates. Almost a pariah, a foul odour that made everyone else want to keep their distance Is this the true face of Iran? Of course not - but Ahmadinejad and his right wing fanatics are creating an image of Iran thats so far from the truth and running Irans credibilty and future into dust
6. move from nigeria
emmanuel ,   nigeria   (06.24.11)
i believe nigeria is the gretest friend of israel in the whole of africa. with thiscurrent administration, israel has a better opportunity to make a great impact in africa. get more close with nigeria....nigeria will always affect any decision in african union and Ecowas is in our complete domaninace.
7. nuba people
zichron   (06.24.11)
take in the nuba people and convert them to humanist internationalism with jewish characteristics over fifteen generations .
8. #1 you are a bit off
ori ,   israel   (03.10.13)
you are referring to the Yom Kippur War of 1973 in which israel was very near cairo
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