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Iranian president questions Holocaust, 9/11
Dudi Cohen
Published: 25.06.11, 12:06
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1. and Ynet thinks it is smart to made a headline with that...
2. Dangerous Fanatics
Brod ,   USA   (06.25.11)
Questioning 9/11 and the Holocaust shows how dangerous Islamist-Jihadist fanatics like Ahmedinejad and the Ayatollahs are. When they have nukes in their hands, it will be a thousand times more dangerous. Taking out their nuke facilities is an absolute necessity if the world were to survive.
3. what will he find out??? that jews killed themselves???
LOL   (06.25.11)
4. He claims it never happened
Marvin ,   Israel   (06.25.11)
What a stupid man he is. How can he compare what happened on 9/11 to the Shoa which he claims never happened. He is beyond stupidity but he is very dangerous.
5. Iran's Monkeyman
Elizabeth   (06.25.11)
is not to be heeded. This creature is completely off his nut and from what I see in toay's pictur of him, he is becoming more and more like the ape from the African jungle. I can afford to say that as I have lived there.
6. Whatever has to be said about
Moragh   (06.25.11)
Iran's little MADMAN, he is to be pitied. He must be suffering with a terrible complex re. his face and add injury to that remark, just look at the guys height.... he doesn't have any. All in all Iran's little ugly Ape (hate to insult the apes) is some kind of poor creature. I wonder what his mother & father look like?
7. Ahmadinejad and Khamenei
jerry1800   (06.25.11)
our best PR men am yisrael chai
8. To #3 LOL: that is exactly what he is going to 'find out'
Esther ,   Netherlands   (06.25.11)
. The Arab anti-Jewish propaganda tells the followers that the Jews engineered the Holocaust to ensure the founding of the State of Israel. And that in order to commit genocide on the Arab population and rob them of their homes and goods. Alas many believe this.We live in the western world in which this nonsense is ignored, but in other parts of the world it is believed as, you may say, gospel truth. I just wish many more people would oppose this lie openly.
9. Tehranical Tormentors
Ehai ,   London, England   (06.25.11)
The Iranian leaders referred to in this Ynet article have serious mental health problems. They let their mouths speak without thinking what the world will think of them. What does the world think of them? This is mostly unprintable but if you use your toilet every day for a month without flushing it you will now what they smell like. Ehai
10. And he's a devote Muslim?
Robert ,   NY USA   (06.25.11)
There is plenty of video evidence and documents from the nazis. And where are all my relatives? So, according to the Quran, denying what you've seen is a person with a sinful heart who will go to hell.
11. PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas makes 2 of a kind.
DR ,   UK   (06.25.11)
What would be really interesting would be to open the 'black box' into the agenda of the Iranian dictator. Of course the statistics pertaining to the Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, Soviet POW's and the disabled who were murdered during the Holocaust would be of no consequence to him. His hatred, like that behind the Holocaust itself, is primarily directed at the Jews. His brother-in-arms is no less than PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas who wrote a doctorate on the same Holocaust denial. Yet their predecessors in the Arab High Committee of 1948 swore that they would 'finish what Hitler started'. No 'black box' needed there then after all, as they mirror all the recent comments of the Iranian dictator which are readily available on the net.
12. I would be so ashamed to be an Iranian...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (06.25.11)
...with such an idiot representing the country!
13. Ahab the Persian Nut
Grant Thomas ,   USA   (06.25.11)
Why are we going after Libya and ignoring Iran? This is the most dangerous country in the Middle East and we look the other way. Is it because the dopes in D.C. know they can't beat Iran with drones?
14. ahMADinjad's Head is the BLACK BOX
BEN BO ,   ISRAEL   (06.25.11)
Crack it open, see what's inside And this is one of the Looney Tunes that's running Iran
15. #5 Elizabeth
People that lack manners resort to name calling. I guess it all goes back to family up bringing and moral values which you seem to have none of...
16. 4. He claims it never happened
split ,   US   (06.25.11)
When and where did he said that ?
17. When's the next monkey space launch?
Cynthia ,   USA   (06.25.11)
Ahmadinejad is fully ready. Sidelined and discredited in Iran. No microphones and foreign press listening to him. His fur has grown in nicely. Even babbles like a chimpanzee. Just blast him into space and be done with him.
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (06.25.11)
How do you deal with a people who live in such a fantasy-land? The "international conference on terrorism in Tehran", to quote this article, is a sick joke. Look who attends, all the terrorist sponsoring countries from the UN, Great! Sadly, these morons take themselves seriously, and many out there believe every lie they state. Talk about not passing the laugh test. These guys call all countries with freedom, terrorists? Then state that all of the terrorist states, and most oppressive to there own people, those are the good guys?
19. Conference in Iran
Ronald ,   Hemel Hempstead UK   (06.25.11)
May all of them rot in Hell, starting with Khameini that has so much distorted Islam to his own interests, ...How can you be a holyman and have so much blood on your hands?.....
20. Regime Change
zichron   (06.25.11)
Iran needs a regime change fast . The revolutionary guards and ayatotllas have forced the useless idiot to babble deluded ideas again..deutschland cannot trade with iran and not rescue greece .
21. # 15
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.26.11)
But who cares what some nobody out of nowhere thinks?
22. re: Iran's Ahmadenijad and the holocaust
joel ,   usa   (06.26.11)
even the foto of this guy ahmadenijad appears to be an "idiot", someone who does not accept history even with its knowledge, and those who follow him are not just fanatics but simply fools; since you cannot deny that such history had happened!
23. the USA should
Barney ,   USA   (06.26.11)
drop a nuke on Iran and then we can debate about whether it really happened or not.
24. # 14 Ben Bo Israel
Elizabeth   (06.26.11)
Ben BO, I'm sore laughing at your comment especially the beginning where you write "Crack it open, see what's inside". well Ben BO, that's the best I've read yet and how true. I wonder if Iran's little apeman has read this also. Achmaddy is so stupid, it wouldn't even offend him.
25. #16 split
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.26.11)
For your edification:
26. Split, let's just say, he's as sane as you are
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.26.11)
He's also waiting for the 12th Imam You guys could get a cut rate if you went to the same shrink
27. 9/11 Inside Job
Jay R. ,   USA   (07.07.11)
The mainstream media is quick to give a quack a platform on 9/11 truth. But the people with the facts and have credibility get muted. Or killed. The media is in on it.
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