Palestinian prisoners to go on hunger strike
Elior Levy
Published: 26.06.11, 20:23
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1. They are so rediculous ..
Mr. L ,   The Promised Land   (06.26.11)
2. wahhh wahhh wahhhh
J   (06.26.11)
3. Too Little and too Late
Adam H. ,   USA   (06.26.11)
Whey they were give priviliges to take courses or organize from prison is beyond me. Was that another legacy of Olmert? Anyway let's hope they go on hunger strike and save on food to feed them. Best if they starve themselves to death then we can get rid of some of them without capital punishment.
4. Hamas prisoners 24 hr fast
leah ,   Yerushalayim Yisrael   (06.26.11)
That's a fast? That's a joke. Why couldn't they just take away these privileges quietly? It's totally justified since no one has access to Gilad.
5. such a chutzpah
tiki ,   belgium   (06.26.11)
Taking away "privileges from these terrorists. It's a scandal that they were given to them in the first place! The Israeli Left & International Human Rights groups are going to 'protest these 'inhuman measures of course. Take away the changes for a University degree from these 'innocent & poor Hamasniks. How dare these Israeli's!
6. Why bother?
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.26.11)
Worsening the Hamas prisoner's conditions won't release Shalit, so the question is why does Netanyahu bother. What should be investigated is who decided to gives these people such good conditions in the first place
7. sorry guys i believe hamas . bibi lies about everything
moshe   (06.26.11)
8. this headline made me laugh my head off
sam ,   jelem   (06.26.11)
Hunger.strike about making thier lives harder! !!! Lol..fine go on a.hunger strike and do the job for us! !
9. Hamas Hunger Strike Should be to the death
Harry ,   Victoria Canada   (06.26.11)
24 hours? What kind of a hunger strike is that? The Hamas in Israeli detention should show true Jihadi spirit by fasting until death. Their leaders should set the example.
10. Backtalk
Luke ,   South Africa   (06.26.11)
Sticks and stones may break our bones,but they'r going to hurt you just as well.
11. Its about time this was done...seriously stupid
Get your privileges ,   back - FREE SHALIT   (06.26.11)
12. Wow, a whole 24 hours! Why not indefinite?
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.26.11)
Are we to be affected by prisoners waging a full 24 hour "hunger strike"? Most of us Jews go roughly 25 hours every year in the fall, though we don't call it a strike. I say let them strike if they want to. Most eat pretty well in prison as it is. I do recall such a strike a few years ago. Prison officials broke it by showing striking prisoners video of Barghouti enjoying meals in his private cell.
13. Let them starve,the heroic brave hearts!
American Sabrah   (06.26.11)
They have more privileges in Israeli prisons than they would in Arab prisons. Poor souls :-P
14. Happy you save us the money
No problem ,   Go 4 it   (06.26.11)
why not make it a 124 hour fast or more have you....
15. Give 'em same media access & privileges as Shalit
Paqid Yirmeyahu ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (06.26.11)
16. Why So Soft?
solomon ,   bklyn   (06.26.11)
1. "Reducing the frequency of family visits and telephone calls" ? Eliminate them altogether. 2. Prisoners "who have already began a program will be allowed to finish it" ? Why? Stop these programs as well. 3. Yes, Hamas will remain stubborn (as we would, under the same circumstances). Maybe it will slowly get to them, maybe not; in any case, Israel needs to wait them out. But the most important point: While continuing these privileges for prisoners, Israel paints itself a sucker. This will at least show that the government can answer like for like. There will still be a difference, as Shalit is NOT kept according to those international laws so many anti-Israel, anti-Jews like to quote (even when there are no such laws so they making them up).
17. Netanyahu is right !
Gabe Yakmore ,   Canada   (06.26.11)
Hamas is upset. Who cares ? It is time to talk tough to kidnappers. Israel is going to be criticized, no matter what it is doing.
18. Let the murderers starve!
Kevin ,   Jerusalem   (06.26.11)
19. good,less food will be wasted. feed the poor,not terrorists
Jonathan ,   Israel   (06.26.11)
20. 24 hour Fast - That's a joke!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.26.11)
Maybe those fat terrorists will loose a few grams of fat! Actually, let them starve - who cares? Maybe the French who want to give money to the Palestinians while those Palestinians, not ONLY Hamas, hold a French citizen hostage!
Anon ,   Be'er Sheva   (06.26.11)
die a slow and painful death you rodents
22. Doing our job for us...
Jacob Erickson ,   Holon, Israel   (06.26.11)
So it is announced that we will make conditions tougher for the prisoners and then they decide to make things harder on themselves? OK, fine with me... Oh and a 24 hour fast is pathetic, I did that 2 days ago when I was sick and I'll do about 26-7 in about 3 months for yom kippur... boo hoo 24 hours... and it's not like they need a ton of food and energy to run around and enjoy the glorious outdoors. they're in prison...
23. please don't stop the hunger strike!!
Danny   (06.26.11)
24. great. no contact also means no journalists question
ralph   (06.26.11)
a terrorist starving alone in the desert does anyone hear a sound?
25. Hunger strike
Jorge ,   Israel/USA/Argentina   (06.26.11)
If they ar ereally men they should make 45 days hunger strike. What they are chicken so they do "24 hours". Freedon chicken go head make 45 days
26. Hamas Hunger Strike
NYC Girl   (06.26.11)
What a bunch of freaking babies. If you really want to go on a hunger strike, do what those guys from the IRA did...and starve yourselves to death.
27. may they never eat again
Golan ,   Modiin   (06.26.11)
28. Black bread and Water for gulag Gaza
Nate   (06.26.11)
Why must we have so many empty heads in our Govt. Why is it so hard to announce to the world immediately that when Gilad is allowed visits by his family, friends, red cross (if still alive), so will the prisoners.Same goes for education, recreation, communication, mail,all phones etc. For 5 years we have a total blackout, we should have same for the thugs wo laugh at our stupidity. The hell with this worthless UN, Ban ki moon, with France (it's citizen), with America's empty talk. They want to fast, great. I am all for it. Just let them extend it to 48 hrs, 96 hrs, the longer the better. And I hope that we have in this period a " super hamsin "
29. Hungry Hamas
Adam ,   London   (06.26.11)
Fry a few onions outside their cells that will crack em !!
30. Hamas prisioners 23 fast
Marianne ,   israel   (06.26.11)
I hope the prisoners will have 365 days of Jom Kipoer,omijn imijn
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