Tamar Fogel meets Jonathan Pollard
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 26.06.11, 22:06
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1. Forgot the most important fact AGAIN
Mike ,   Tampa, USA   (06.26.11)
Israel stole approx 1 million docs from the CIA and the US Military and NEVER gave them back. Israel lied about stealing them for 10 years then refused to return the documents and never paid a penny in damages. In the least the theft cost the US billions and Israel never paid us back.
2. Mike's sources
Josh ,   US   (06.26.11)
What are they? Let's see something that can be verified.
3. So the U.S let's him meet with some little girl
Falafelis ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.26.11)
who he probably doesn't care about but they don't let him see his dying father. Pure cruelty
4. Oh brother
Cameron ,   USA   (06.26.11)
Pull all the symbolic stunts you want, but he stays where he is. Dreyfus he ain't.
5. mike tampa
jj ,   montreal canada   (06.26.11)
You have it the other way around. America would be nowhere without Israeli ingenuity and knohow, plus your economy would be worst without Israelis being forced to buy American for the so-to-speak finacial aid. Why do you think Intel and all other American high-thecs are in Israel!
6. Thoughtful Liberal Elite
Mark E. Kleiman ,   Florida, USA   (06.27.11)
Interesting... those in Israel (a minor, but powerful few) who continue to condemn Pollard as having done something so dangerous requiring such cruel punishment, then send a young Israeli girl to visit him?!?! Let's see it must one of two things... a) the time spent in prison is having a worse effect aging them in Israel... or b) Tamar Fogel is from Gush Katif! These same liberal Jews never did like them very much =(
7. to #1
Sealift67 ,   Northern California   (06.27.11)
Your assertions are incorrect on all counts. Pollard hired in 1981 by NIS promoted in 1984 where he became aware of critical information to Israel's survival being provided to Egypt, Libya and others including satellite data. Learned US was supplying arms to Iraq and Iran. US Liberty was assisting Egypt as part of 'even battlefield' strategy oriented toward Oil, Bechtel, and government anti-semites like Weinberger. Withheld all they knew leading up to 1973 to build Arab good will, incredible. Lied to Israel at its peril. Who was the traitor to its ally. we, US. Also those of you who hate Obama have no idea of the dire threat to Israel posed by Reagan, Bush administrations and refusal to adhere to the 1983 intelligence sharing agreement crafted during the AWACS sale to Egypt. There was no where near 1 million documents. US fears what Pollard knows and will never allow the scandal to reach the world.
8. Lionizing Pollard
semyon ,   New York, USA   (06.29.11)
Pollard considered his security clearances as his ticket for making money. Ask his first wife, Anne. The classified docs Pollard stole were first offered to intelligence officers, diplomats from countries other than Israel. A large no of the documents he stole had no relevance to Israel's security. So much for his allegiance to Israel. If Pollard had had access to classified Israeli documents, he would have stole them and tried to sell them. Pollard did not honor his father during his father's life time. Pollard's treasonous behaviour and Israel's embrace of Pollard have seriously damaged Israel's security. It is nonsense that the "US fears what Pollard knows and will never allow the scandal to reach the world." All Pollard has to do, if he has such information, is to whisper it to Esther and she can broadcast it. Let Pollard serve out his time in peace; it is cruel to fan his expectations of a release or pardon.
9. response to Lionizing Pollard
Esther ,   Jerusalem , Israel   (07.21.11)
Dear Semyon of New York, I have read your comments. Why do you think that Jonathan Pollard should serve a much longer sentence for crimes, even if they were as you say , than other similar individuals convicted of spying? Do you not believe in equal meting out of justice?
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