Lynch survivor: I saw murder in their eyes
Omri Ephraim
Published: 27.06.11, 18:24
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1. Send the assailants to Syria for some R&R.
Ben Yisrael ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.27.11)
2. these are the peace partners?
Makelover ,   NY   (06.27.11)
i don't think that israel can create peace with these monsters..
3. thank you
jerry1800   (06.27.11)
Peres, Rabin, Beilin, Oslo
4. If he'd used a firearm in self-defense ....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.27.11)
Our police would have arrested him. And, you can be sure the police will do absolutely nothing about this attack.
5. Wow, it took 24 hours! for this story to reach left media
Pete   (06.27.11)
Why did you cave in and report it after all? Are your readers interested in the kind of stories that the right media post? Wouldn't they rather appreciate reading some bogus news like how some "settlers" damaged olive trees from Arabs or beat some Arabs up or finding fault with haradi following their religious lifestyles?
6. Disguting cowards attacking an outnumbered unarmed civillian
PETER SM   (06.27.11)
trying to beat him to death.Religion of peace?
7. Still has not reached the uberleftist Haaretz.
PETER SM ,   Australia   (06.27.11)
8. Wait a minute?
Can ,   Istanbul   (06.27.11)
Accidentally entered there with a GPS? And isn't it ungrateful to call Arabs "they are inhumane, they have murder in their eyes" while being saved by an Arab?
9. detain the entire village minus the mukhtar's family
Eliezer ,   jerusalem   (06.27.11)
What an ordeal! this village should be made to pay the price of murder. If they are left to get away with this, there is no decent Arab (and we see that there are) who will risk his life, for a mob like this may kill him too.
10. What do you expect after decades of hate education ?
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem , ISRAEL   (06.27.11)
Compare this with the thousands of Arab forays into Jewish areas, and no one even looks at them funny ! Arabs as a group are not ready for their own land, are not ready for peace, are not ready for compromise, are not ready for co-existence, are not ready for the 20th, let alone the 21st century.
11. Thank G-d this ended well.
Jew ,   Israel   (06.27.11)
I agree with Yisrael #10. Arabs walk around freely in Jewish areas, including the settlements, yet Jews who go into an Arab area are lucky to get out alive.
12. It goes both ways
Vicky ,   Bethlehem, Palestine   (06.27.11)
I am a peace worker in the West Bank and I have successfully brought Jews to visit Palestinian communities here several times. I have also known Palestinians to be violently attacked by extremist settlers. It goes both ways, and the separation only makes it worse. Where there is separation, people start to see others as symbols of horrible things that have been done to them, rather than as human beings in their own right.
13. #8 The same with Jews
Yossef   (06.27.11)
you can be killed and rescued by a Jew. Got it ? We all are the same ;-) Not worse, not better.
14. to #8
rafrafUk ,   London, UK   (06.27.11)
You must have misread my friend: the victim was only talking about the mob that lynched. [quote] Nachshon recalled how during the lynch he searched among his assailants for "children or young people, I tried to look them in the eyes and find an ounce of humanity in them but all I could see was murder in heir eyes. [/quote] I think in his position I would be grateful for any kind of help and judging by the article, he is.
15. To the Arab family that saved this man
Standing Tall ,   USA   (06.27.11)
You and your family are the hope that one day there will be peace in the region. Unfortunately, there are many more who just want to murder and maim. I hope that you will be blessed with a wonderful life for saving this man.
16. To Can in Istanbul- Why do you query
miri ,   israel   (06.27.11)
this unfortunate man's statement : "I saw murder in their eyes !" referring to the young (12 years) arabs who have been educated on hate. Do you know that arabs can enter most anywhere in Israel without being accosted by jews ? Luckily this poor fellow was rescued by a mukhtar and his family with principles ! They too could be persecuted by their own brethren for acting in this manner. This conflict will not be easily solved.
17. I am like those people that helped that guy.i can't see jews are suffering from injustice
Saed ,   Iranian jews   (06.27.11)
By muslims.i love jews,and i don't like their elimination by muslims.
18. lynching
rikdil ,   antwerp belgium   (06.27.11)
try it to see on a other perpective the guy who was saved thanks to a good Arab these are the people with which we have to work together to build a better middel-east.
19. #8 Wait a minute Can
Hannah ,   Jerusalem   (06.27.11)
Read again what you posted. The guy was sure lucky to be saved by the muhtar.An act of courage. The rest of the lot cant be defined but blood thirsty animals. Or do your values is at peace with lynching ONE unarmed civilian? I wait for your kind answer.
20. he is gracious to thank the arab family.
roxanne ,   Haifa   (06.27.11)
21. Salma - were you there?
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.27.11)
Or were you preparing the festive celebration for when your favorite freedom fighters, the Awad brothers, are released along with hundreds of other convicted murderers in exchange for Gilad Shalit?
22. @8
D ,   Geneva   (06.27.11)
Just because he said that the attackers were inhumane, doesn't mean that he thinks that all Arabs are inhumane, and he is clearly thankful to his saviors. The point is not that all Arabs, and in this case Palestinians, are inhumane and capable of murder, but that there are enough among them to organize a lynch, and they are kids at that; truly a horrifying story. Of course, this happened many times before, and I saw some interviews with those kids, but it is as unbelievable to see it happen again as it is for the first time. I wish with all my heart that someone treats those kids in a mental institution, I can only imagine how horrible they are treated by the adults among them if they are ready to go and kill. The point is, even if there are many good Palestinians, and even if they are by far the majority (which I think is true, based on what I hear from the Palestinians I know; not that they don't have a bias, but I want to believe them), it doesn't mean that there is no problem in the Palestinian society. And in fact there is that problem, and until that is fixed (which is largely the responsibility of the Palestinians themselves), I don't see peace happening.
23. No. 12 Vicky
NYC Girl   (06.27.11)
Perhaps you're unfamiliar with the horrifying case of the two reservists who got lost and inadvertently ended up in one of those lovely neighborhood that's off-limits to Israelis. Unfortunately, in their case, there was no mukhtar to bravely come to their aid. Instead, a vicious mob of thugs literally disemboweled the two men with their bare hands...inside a Palestinian police station. If you have the stomach for it, look it up on the internet...and you'll see the murderers showing off their bloodied hands like some f--king hunting trophies So forgive me if I'm not buying your delusional moral equivalence about people not seeing each other as human beings, but rather as symbols of horrible things.
24. Where is Issawiya?
Raphael ,   Netanya   (06.27.11)
According to the maps, this section is situated on Mt Scopus, within the 1967 "borders". Another test to deligitimate Israel if arab pogroms are considered as usual business by police.
25. @Wait a minute. . .
Shaiel ,   Jerusalem   (06.27.11)
. . . so, ~100 Arabs tried to kill him, ~3 Arabs rescued him. And while he's lying in the hospital, lucky to be alive, you think he's ungrateful to call those who tried to kill him inhumane? Are you saying that because some Arabs won't abide terror and murder, no Arabs are inhumane?
26. Near Lynch
Frauss ,   Jerusalem   (06.27.11)
The amazing thing is that Isawiya borders French Hill that you would now think is an Arab neighborhood for all the Arabs in the bank, coffee shops, and stores. They enjoy all the benefits in our neighborhoods and we get lynched in theirs? It looks like the separation wall was put just a little too far out...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (06.27.11)
Even among all the evil there is still some good. Just think some little kid started to scream "Jew.Jew", It shows the hatred that has been taught since birth. But even among all the hatred there are still some Palestinians that know right from wrong. I fear their voices are muted for fear of reprisal. But the majority hate not only Israel, but all Jewish people. So the question is with this kind of hate instilled into the general population, do they deserve a country? Would that country keeps its word to follow all International laws, honor all past agreements etc. the answer is of course they would not.
28. first of all it looks from the photos he suffered
more than a light head injury. 2ndly, at least he had some help from some arab local and for that he does have to be grateful for, if no one helped him, he would have been a gonner for sure. seems most of these in that village/community dont like jews much. question is though, would this have happened to arabs who wandered into jewish territory? ask yourselfs that....
29. D in Geneva
Linichka ,   Gdynia, Poland   (06.27.11)
Neither do I anticipate a genuine peace - not now, maybe not even a hundred years from now. I don't hate Arabs, don't hate anybody, but I do hate their sick, twisted culture. THAT is what must change, before sufficient people follow suit.
30. #22 D, Geneva
Marco ,   Spain   (06.27.11)
Do you ever wonder why they do this? Just read the Goldstone report and you will get your answer...
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