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Earthquake retrofitting project underway
Published: 03.07.11, 07:58
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1. riiiight...
nadav ,   tel aviv   (07.03.11)
we wants to live in a crime infested, violent, dilapidated city with a horrible education and transportation systems? I am glad they are finally rebuilding those hideous Soviet-style tenements, but the whole city would need to be rebuilt from the ground up.
2. With the Poles shifting this year and more and more
Rivkah   (07.03.11)
earthquakes in September, October and November, it would be wise for all people on the earth who can do so, put earthquake anchoring piers down to bedrock to stabilize the foundation of homes and buildings. This year is going to be a rough ride. By the way, the end of the Mayan calendar is not December 21, 2012. That is to keep people from panic-ing when the actual end of the Mayan calendar occurs: October 28, 2011. It is the end of the era, not the end of the world. The Poles will shift this year as they have begun to and then the sun will rise in the West. This happens every 3600 years when Planet X (Orchus to NASA, Nibiru, Comet Elinen) swings around our sun in its eliptical orbit.
3. Rivkah
Rachel ,   US   (07.04.11)
So is Israel going to get the Big One?
4. I think Rivkah is on to something
Yuval ,   Country   (07.04.11)
Go ahead Rivkah tell um, it's written, we just don't know when. As they say "the time fits the crime"
5. teshuva , tefilah, tzdakkah!
6. sdom eppisode
to 5   (07.05.11)
peace will be a good idea between am yisrael.
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