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Lebanon flags at Orphaned Land concert
Or Barnea
Published: 28.06.11, 14:38
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1. Why don't you start at home?
Rami of Nazareth ,   Israel   (06.28.11)
promote coexistance and bring closer Israeli-Jews and Israeli-Arabs
2. why does it take negative satanic music to bring peace
anonymous ,   HERE   (06.28.11)
hellfest? WTF is this and why is the music so negative sounding? why can't it be POSITIVE images/music that bring peace. i know many will disagree but this music and venue, hellfest, says it all.
3. Obviously she is a Christian Lebanese, If she were muslim...
Ari G. ,   Philadelphia   (06.28.11)
If she were muslim, they would behead her when she gets home (actually, they might even do that if she's a Christian)
4. Very brave of her, and what's needed in this world
William ,   Israel   (06.28.11)
Some one brave enough to hold their flag up next to an Israeli flag, with a joint message for peace and coexistence. I applaud her!
5. Lebanese singer
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (06.28.11)
If it is true that this Lebanese singer performed with a Zionist-state music group, she must and shall have much to answer for if and when she returns to Lebanon. She opens herself to valid accusations of treason.
6. hey graczek
Abie Dee ,   New York, U.S   (06.29.11)
"She opens herself to valid accusations of treason" REALLY ? How pathetic you are to believe that a Lebanese performer who stands up against hate and FOR peace will have 'much to answer to'. It is precicisely this type of mentality that has made peace so difficult to find in this area of the world. Shame on you for being part of the problem.
7. Why is the lebanese flag smaller?
Youssef ,   Beirut   (06.29.11)
8. treason
Chaim ,   Canada   (06.29.11)
What a stupid comment. Treason, nonsense. Zionist state music. Where do you buffoons get this rhetoric from. Communist Cold war days. Face the fact Israel is here to stay. Land of Israel was covenanted by God to his people and arabs are welcome too.
9. "Satanic Music"??? #2 you are ignorant
Larissa   (06.29.11)
Orphaned Land's music is neither evil nor "satanic"- maybe you should actually listen to a song or two of theirs and read the lyrics for yourself before you jump to stupid conclusions and make false assumptions. Orphaned Land are an incredibly powerful and talented band, they make awesome music that is not only good for its musical prowess, but builds bridges of peace with music where politics has failed.
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