Iron Dome heads north
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 27.06.11, 20:24
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1. Why not speed up production of the Iron
jason white ,   afula, israel   (06.27.11)
Dome batteries? And use our dollar reserve to order more!
2. One anti-missile system battery
split ,   US   (06.27.11)
A $50 000 - $70 000 sophisticaded rockets system just to shoot down a $15 flying gutter that in last 10 years didn't kill, one person ???,...
3. to 2
john Darren ,   cairns-Australia   (06.28.11)
Oh,shut up Wes-take fit or split or quit or what ever somewhere else.
4. I think israel will be one of the most advanced countries in anti missile defense system,...
Saed ,   Iranian jew   (06.28.11)
One of them is trophy.that's a unique system.every tank must be equipped with this system.israel should develop cheaper types of iron dome and trophy aps(meil rauch).i think huge underground stronholds and shelters and equiping vital parts of the cities with the automatic extinguishing systems,and adding armor to the roof of buildings will be important.israel must add to its fire fighter planes in order to prevent carmiel fire disaster in this case not by dry weather,by its enemies missiles.
5. #2 a few corrections
Tahl   (06.28.11)
1. It's more like $45,000.per interception. 2. A Grad missile is hardly a "$15 flying gutter", it contians a good amount of TNT and costs at least $100 3. During operation Cast Lead alone, at least 10 Israelis died or were seriously hurt by such Grads. 4. The damage to property by those Grads greatly exceeds the cost of interception. 5. The moral boost to people, who don't have to witness missiles falling around them, is even more important than the sheer economic value. Your demoralization effort is pretty lame, honestly. Why don't you get a normal life?
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