IDF fears flotilla activists will try to kill soldiers
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 27.06.11, 22:41
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1. That would mean your of Taurus
Ypip ,   Canada   (06.27.11)
hopefully in a field of daisies.
2. IDF- we supporet you. B safe...
am israel chai   (06.27.11)
3. to the israeli navy
FIDF   (06.27.11)
we're behind you. we love you and we wish you luck :)
4. Bags containing chemicals
JUDAH THE LION   (06.27.11)
If that is true,they have chemical to kill IDF,then Israel will have full right to sink the ships.Israel must use force and not to give in
5. The peacefull Flotilla's........
tiki ,   belgium   (06.27.11)
BS, these are warship and should be treated as such
6. May Hashem "take care" of them and quickly.
Kayla ,   Florida   (06.27.11)
7. bunch of cowards
How come they are not sailing to syria to break the blockade that Assad has on his people? Because they know they will die. cowards!!!
8. ROFLMAO....
Matt ,   USA   (06.27.11)
I love the depiction and serious claims of weapons seized on Marmara. These would have been just the right match against one of the most advanced armies in the world. This is another example of jewish propoganda machine calling culinary equipment as weapons!!!!
9. "IDF fears flotilla activists will try to kill soldiers"
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (06.27.11)
!?!?!? Wow, which of our rocket scientists in our defense establishment employed his immense powers of deduction to reach this profound conclusion? Your average kindergarten kid would tell you the same. The moment the IHH announced cancelling their participation, it was blatantly obvious that the terrorists would infiltrate the other boats. All the jokes about "military intelligence" are dead on the mark.
10. don't risk our soldiers
SBG   (06.27.11)
don't risk it, sink it.
11. Peaceniks all of them!
jack ,   us   (06.27.11)
>"This is another example of jewish propoganda machine calling culinary equipment as weapons!!!!" So because you call it culinary, the knife can't be used to stab? The propaganda is only from the so called Peaceniks who like the "friendly" knife are really terrorists.
12. Yeah #8, really hilarious...
Brian ,   Los Angeles USA   (06.27.11)
There are now photos of members of the ship with firearms. Did you watch the videos of "peaceful protesters" viciously attacking soldiers as they boarded the original Mavi Mari? Nah, probably not. People like you have an agenda, an anti-semitic one. So...laugh on, and we'll do what has to be done with this next flotilla.
13. so called 'peace flottila'
peter ,   toronto   (06.27.11)
matt! you're out to lunch.
14. shoot out propellers
15. To #8 \Matt
Joshua ,   USA   (06.27.11)
Oh yeah? You have already forgotten that all it took for 9/11 to happen were "Box Cutters" - Nothing more than Office/Shipping Department supplies. You are such a dumbshit!
16. IDF fears
debbie ,   israel   (06.27.11)
I hope the IDF knows how to defend its soldiers against these "peace loving" passengers on the flotilla. I wish the IDF success and godspeed. AND MATT, you are a pathetic, naive, ignoramus. I hope you or your loved ones are never victims of these so called peaceful terrorists. You could very well be. They have attacked and murdered innocent people all over the world.
17. Yeah, here's the thing ROFLMAO
Elihu ,   Efrat . Israel   (06.27.11)
Knives were used against the soldiers - so what if they can also be used in the kitchen? iron bars were also cut from the Mavi's railings by the IHH to bludgeon the soldiers - High high-velocity slinghsots and firearms were also carries by the 'peace activists' on the Mavi ... I don't know of any culinary recipe that calls for these things, do you? This behavior is sheerly provocative - and deadly foolishness. Save everyone a headache and stay home.
18. Losers
Devorah   (06.28.11)
One millimeter in Israeli water and sink the whole damn shebang.
19. flotilla activists
RC ,   USA   (06.28.11)
Fools on a fools erand.
20. Use torpedo's to take out the flotilla
makmud ,   egypt   (06.28.11)
Or continue sabotaging the ships in the flotilla!!!
21. destroy flotilla
Muhammad ,   Iran   (06.28.11)
Israel should have right to live in peace
22. #8 MATT
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.27.11)
A culinary knife will stab you deader than a doornail, a cullinary skillet when it bops you on the head may shake some the brains you don't have loose Now take a large culinary dose of olive oil, it will help to clean out your crap
23. To #8 ROLLER Queen
Gideon Reader ,   USA   (06.27.11)
OH NOOOOOOO!!! It's the JOOOOO's their army and their propaganda machine. Run for it.
24. @8. Culinary equipment aren't weapons?
Naor ,   USA   (06.28.11)
If they aren't weapons, than I take it you wont mind if I stab you with a "culinary" knife?
25. Oh, really!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.11)
Tough talk from the terrorists -- I don't exactly envision the IDF cowering in fear. What I do envision is live ammunition and shoot-to-kill orders. Unless, of course, the IDF simply chooses to put a missile into one of these boats. That would work, too.
26. WOW
Adam   (06.28.11)
To everyone: READ READ READ and investigate and educate yourselves. Do not allow the media to enslave you and take over your brain!!
27. these people are dumb
atoosaie ,   jordan   (06.28.11)
if they want peace like Israel does then they wouldn't sail to gaza
28. #8 This time you can be sure that
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.28.11)
....the IDF boys will be ready with more than paint guns, ROLFY mat
29. The IDF is already the victim
Leon ,   Ottawa, Canada   (06.28.11)
,even before the operation begins. Just like last year, the peace loving IDF will be 'attacked' by heavily armed hate mongers. Yeah those marbles and broom sticks could have killed the IDF. And now they could have stink bombs, oh no.
30. Disable or Sink the Terrorist Flotilla!
max ,   washington dc   (06.28.11)
The IDF with media witnesses aboard could diasable the terrorist ships peacefully and tow them into Ashdod. If weapons including chemical or bio weapons are used by the "activists" then they should be sunk before the media or IDF forces are injured.
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