Human trafficking report ranks Israel with 3rd world nations
Published: 28.06.11, 10:14
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1. Instead, Israel is placed in Tier 2 - :) ,...
split ,   US   (06.28.11)
2. foreign workers
fredi ,   karmiel/israel   (06.28.11)
this report is absolutely rubbish. foreign workers in israel are better of than in singapore.
3. American Jew hatred.. in disguise.
4. #2 Singapore is also on tier 2 like Israel
5. Public howls of protest
Israeli grandma   (06.28.11)
when Israel government tries to deport illegals, and not enough follow-up of the workers allowed in legally. This provides ideal conditions for the lucrative business of human trafficking which the Beduin of the Sinai region have specialised in for centuries. And dont forget that Israel is on the radar as a preferred destination for economic migrants despite the difficulties and dangers of getting here.
6. typical Ynet sensationalism
what you forgot to mention is that other countries on tier 2 along with Israel include: Singapore, Hong Kong, Iceland, Greece,Switzerland, Romania, Bolivia, Brazil.Chile, Hungary, India, Argentina, Peru Jordan, Serbia , Japan which sounds a lot less alarming than Rwanda and Pakistan
7. human trafficing
moron ,   galut   (06.28.11)
especially reprehensible when it occurs in israel ...although it appears the bedouin are the worst offenders;who can govern them?
8. the workers of the world
tiki ,   belgium   (06.28.11)
Illegal Foreign workers in Israel are better of than thousands of citizens and local workers in the US. Illegal workers 'always get a rough deal, even in 'Paradise Europe, where they end up many times living in the streets, stealing, selling drugs. Those who do find work, are paid a fraction from what locals get (that's why they find work), so before writing stupid reports, these 'experts should start checking their home front realities.
9. Close the borders and keep them out...they'll be crying foul
EST ,   Miami USA   (06.28.11)
Israel will be labeled any which way they move...anti-Israel bashing if they allow them in to work, anti-Israel bashing if they keep them out and ..."deny them basic rights" Nevermind that they are killed in other countries, nevermind that there is a huge sex slave trade in the US, nevermind there actually IS a slave trade in Saudi Arabia, Russia, etc., etc.
10. this is worse than cottage cheese
bob ,   potomac USA   (06.28.11)
this is worse than cottage cheese prices and deserves a public outcry--and prosecution of the miscreants
11. Human Trafficking
Nili   (06.28.11)
Seems to me there is a simple solution--ship all the illegals back and don't let any more in--No matter what.
12. how dare you Americans respond ?
an Israeli citizen ,   israel   (06.28.11)
Sitting on your high chair in the US and criticizing Israel or the migrants here? Unless you live here and see the reality first hand, you have no business responding, at all!
13. Wow Nili, so enlightened!
from Tel Aviv ,   israel   (06.28.11)
14. Feminists Rabbis Writers where R U?
NationalDisgrace ,   china and israel   (06.28.11)
WHere are all our so called spiritual leaders feminist leaders and our cultural elite in this battle? Their voices are deadly silent and it is a national disgrace and a stain on Jewish civilization.
15. The Foreigners in Your Midst...
Asfoora ,   northern Israel   (06.28.11)
I am an American citizen living on a moshav in northern Israel. I have had the opportunity to get to know many foreign workers here on the moshav, and in other areas of the Galilee. The stories I have heard are appalling: withheld wages, confiscated passports, not being allowed to leave the house where they work, debt bondage, lack of food and medical care, denial of holidays and holiday pay, and the list goes on and on. Most of these people do not work for poor families-their employers in many cases have multiple homes, expensive cars, and travel all over the world. Their children attend wonderful private schools, and dress in the latest fashions...Yet they are unable to pay their workers even the minimum 3,800 shekels a month (some of which they even receive back as a government stipend). On several occasions, workers have asked me to call their employment agencies and speak on their behalf because they do not have the Hebrew or English skills necessary to communicate with them. They are afraid, and often mistreated. One came to my home hungry and in tears-for 9 days, she had subsisted on only 2 pieces of bread, some tea and coffe...And she is the mother of a young child! I fed her myself with food from my home for a month until we were able to get the employers to provide enough food for her in her workplace (and the entire time, they had been deducting her pay for her meals). Another woman was having the fees for health insurance deducted from her pay for 1 year, but never received her insurance card. When she called the agency, she found that the employer had never filled out the requisite paperwork-or paid the fees-and she had no insurance. The fees deducted for this "non-existant insurance" were never reimbursed to her . In that time period, she had been ill several times but had to continue to work even when ill, as she was unable to go to the Doctor. Another woman I know is from Moldova, and working as a housekeeper for a very wealthy family. As soon as she began employment with them, they confiscated her passport, so she is unable to leave Israel-or seek employment elsewhere- for 2 years (when her employment contract has been completed). She has a 6 year old son in Moldova, and cries constantly because she cannot see him, even for a holiday-and he is not allowed to visit her here. There are many more stories I could share, and they are very typical from what I have learned. Of course there are many good employers, but they do not erase the sickening behavior of all the bad ones. It is a national disgrace, and a stain on this country. Peraps instead of being so dismissive of this report, Israelis might want ot ask a few more questions and do a bit of their own research, as I have. What you learn may be enlightening. Perhaps its time to remember the words of G-d, who commanded us to treat well the foreigners in our midst as the Jewish people were once strangers in a strange land, and also endured slavery in Egypt...
16. Deportation
Eli ,   USA   (06.28.11)
Israel should learn from the mistakes of Europe and the USA. If you don't get rid of your foreign migrants you will no longer have a Jewish Identity within 50 years. How do you think a Muslim like Hussein Obama got elected? This man would not of been known just 20 years ago. Deport them all ASAP.
17. #6 is right about the sensationalism
Elmer ,   USA   (06.28.11)
We seem to go through this once a year. And once a year I have to point out that the US State Department's report on Israel is overwhelmingly positive.
18. Right - labor trafficking is very positive!
from here ,   israel   (06.28.11)
19. Without slaves...
there would be no settlements, strawberries picked on kibbutzim, or nannies to care for Israel's elderly population. Human trafficking is one of the world's most reprehensible crimes. If those on this forum wish to sweep this activity under the carpet, then the State of Israel will only find itself in a deeper hole among the list of civilized nations.
20. This should come as no surprise...
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.11)
Anti -Semitism is alive and well in the U.S...
21. we most stop that!!!
this is disturbing   (06.28.11)
send an e- mail to the knesset and ask them to increase the fain and the punish the criminals who do that!!!
22. @ 20 Sarah B
Sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (06.28.11)
Oh come on you know it has nothing to do with Antisemitism just facts. The US (Hospitals) recruits Filipino nurses all the time because of a severe nursing shortage in the States and they are given top dollar and the salaries are equivalent or in some cases better then there American counter parts if they work per Diem.
23. Australia: Where Israelis work without pay
Barelli Joseph ,   Sydney Australia   (06.28.11)
Israelis touring Australia without work permits are often victims of evil people who do not pay for honest and hard work performed; the penalty for complaining is imprisonment in a detention facility and being thrown out of the country. There are also Phillipino women in brothels working to pay back their Australian trip after being told that they would be working in sales. DOES ANYONE HEAR ABOUT AUSTRALIA?
24. Along w/ Japan, Switzerland, and Iceland
David ,   Jerusalem   (06.28.11)
25. #1 - and Tier 2 means "needs to do more, working towards it"
William ,   Israel   (06.28.11)
As opposed to most Arab countries which are Tier 3 - "absolutely doing nothing towards eliminating human trafficking". Despite being in a neighborhood of racist populations and many on the human trafficking blacklist, Israel is fairing quite well (considering). Human trafficking blacklist: Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea and Sudan along with frequent U.S. foes Eritrea, Libya and Zimbabwe New countries on blacklist: Algeria, the Central African Republic, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Lebanon, Libya, Madagascar, Micronesia, Turkmenistan, Venezuela and Yemen. I see a few of your friends there, Split.
26. Major Point of Interest in Article
Ashira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.28.11)
Quote from article: "The report notes that "an increased number of migrants (approximately 14,000) crossed into Israel in 2010 from the Sinai, compared with approximately 5,000 in 2009. Organized Bedouin groups kept many of these migrants captive in the Sinai; an unknown number of them were forced into sexual servitude or labor to build homes and serve as domestic workers." Quote from Wikipedia: "The Bedouin ( /ˈbɛdʉ.ɪn/; from the Arabic badawī بَدَوِي, pl. badw بَدْو or badawiyyūn بَدَوِيُّون) are a part of the predominantly desert-dwelling Arab ethnic group. Specifically the term refers only to the "camel-raising" tribes, but due to economic changes many are now settled or raising sheep." Once again, Israel is criticized when its policies of inclusion and human rights to all create situations where unfavorable elements of society give Israel a bad name! Nevertheless, Israel chooses freedom, liberty, human rights and democracy above the challenges presented by offering these freedoms to others.
27. #18 - a "glass is half full" type of person
William ,   Israel   (06.28.11)
What #17 was trying to point out was the State Department's report shows Israel strong efforts to resolve this issue. This is a global epidemic and one that plagues many neutral countries like Singapore. Israel's Tier 2 rating is pretty good because it indicates Israel is not perfect but is working to get the job done. The majority of global States are in the Tier 2 Watch List and Tier 3 which indicates they're not doing much to resolve the issue, if they see it as an issue at all. Very few countries are in Tier 1. The fact that you would ignore context in order to bash Israel shows your agenda bias, which makes one question your own concern about illegal human trafficking in the first place.
28. #19 - I picked veggies on kibbutzim
William ,   Israel   (06.28.11)
along with many other European and American youth and none of us were "slaves", so stuff it. Even worse is your claim that workers in settlements are "slaves" when just yesterday an article cited a "Palestinian" claiming that work in settlements are good (better paying, better conditions than work in West Bank), and" relations between Israeli and "Palestinian" workers were excellent". Anymore lies you'd like to dispense while posting here?
29. #23 - this happens in the US as well
William ,   Israel   (06.28.11)
and both were (not surprisingly) given Tier 1 status in the US State Department's report.
30. #28
There are certain kibbutzim that are for your western tourists and others that are corporations that employ slaves. Take a look at some of the banana farms along the east coast of the kinneret. Slave labour is a major problem in Israel and must not be ignored. Those aren;'t lies, just those who think Israel is perfect need to take their blinders off.
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