UNESCO censures Israel over Mughrabi Bridge
Itamar Eichner
Published: 28.06.11, 11:10
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1. ignore them, keep digging!
tsun ,   eu   (06.28.11)
2. Jordan on a collision course with Israel.
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (06.28.11)
And we are about to see another islamic dictatorship go down the sh**ter. Oh, and while we are at it, expel the waqf from sovereign Israel and get the hell out of the UN.
3. It's Israel's land do what you want.
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (06.28.11)
Jordan has no say whatsoever in Israel's internal affairs. Jordan is the most anti semitic nation on earth when it comes to Israel. Send all the pals to Jordan and let them deal with them.
4. Unesco censures Israel over Mughrabi Bridge
Marlene   (06.28.11)
Do you really expect Jordan and Egypt to keep to any agreement. Time to tell Jordan, Egypt and Unesco to keep out of Israeli Affairs. Take back the Temple Mount and close it to Arabs. They only cause ;problems
5. jordan
a v ,   (06.28.11)
what did ecxpect from the palis(jordan) not to lies
6. Arab antisemitism
Ralph ,   Caesarea   (06.28.11)
7. Jordan approves and than petitions against work
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NY   (06.28.11)
Jordan approves and than petitions against work. With friends and peace partners like this who needs the Palestinians?
8. temple mount excavations
moron ,   galut   (06.28.11)
complaint will not end with bridge-if you let arabs and un interfere with brige they will escalate complaints-the real object is to end jewish sovereignty over this place
9. unesco
daniel mostrel ,   paris   (06.28.11)
unesco must know history culture education these are his goals ; but we know that they are unfaithful ; they also said before that kever rahel was a muslim site ; just a few time and they will say that the Temple Mount is just a muslim site and jews never exist; that's unesco cheers
10. The U.N. should be de-funded.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.28.11)
Time to throw the UN into the rubbish bin of history just like the old League of Nations. No civilized country should finance this miserable corrupt organization, a country club for looney-leftists, apologists for dictatorships, & anti-Israel & anti-American ideologues. The U.N. doesn't deserve even $1 ......
11. UN continues to prove why it is a valueless body
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.28.11)
No morality. No ethics. That's the UN.
12. excavations in Jerusalem
jayampathi ,   seeduwa,sri lanka   (06.28.11)
Beware. one day Israelis ts will unearth holy Ark of Covenant . other day they will unearth all other holy items once stood in the holy of hollies of the lords Temple!! so Arabs has to oppose them to expose to the outside world!!
13. Jerusalem is jewish heritage
doron ,   haifa israel   (06.28.11)
world main heritage is coming from abraham who was the 1st jew the world is forgetting the heritage they received from hebraic inside temple mount there are remaining of holy of holy of judaism we are determined to search and touch the old stones of our heritage this is not the Unesco problem this is the jews returning to their fathers land . this is irreversible force that pushed us since 2000 years
14. Unesco
Ben ,   chipperfield, herts   (06.28.11)
Basically.... F*ck 'em.... racist, corrupt and anti-israel body that should be ignored....
15. RUN the UN out of Israel
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.28.11)
Why hide the fact that this Organization has degenerated to become the voice for post-Nazi regimes?
16. Perhaps Haredim should protest to UNESCO
Dov   (06.28.11)
for the ongoing excavations of Jewish graves in Israel. You haven't heard about it? That's because the media was silenced to these atrocities. In Israel, you can't even die in peace.
17. Where's your article on
Dov   (06.28.11)
Arabs rushing to complete ILLEGAL mosque on the Mount of Olives near the grave of Menachem Begin? Why does the Court of Injustice look away?
18. Terry from Eilat - correct again
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (06.28.11)
The UN (Useless Nothings) proves again for the umpteenth time how absolutely corrupt and anti-Semitic it has become. It has no connection with its original goals or mandate. The UN today is an Orwellian money pit and barbaric clown show entirely dominated by the OIC (Organization of the Islamic Committee) - a solid bloc of 59 states dedicated to Islamic Imperialism and destroying the US, Israel and the free world. Time to end this farce, for the US, Israel and other free nations to pull out and throw that bloated cesspool out of NYC. Let them meet in their beloved Gaza Strip or Tehran from now on.
19. Everyday Islam proves what it is really all about.
Paul ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.28.11)
It's all about denial of Torah. Without the Jews, Islam would have no purpose for existence, since it never brought anything new to the advancement of civilization, spiritual consciousness, or peace. In their own small world of lies, a bridge in a land not their own, they cannot sleep over the threat to their malicious beliefs and narratives.
20. Expell Jordanians from the territories
David ,   Haifa, IL   (06.28.11)
They have a place to go, let's get rid of them.
21. Israel's ambassador to UNESCO Nimrod Barkan, which has an ob
james ,   uk/il   (06.28.11)
Says it all about the values of the UN when it comes to Israel...surely this is against what the UN should stand for.
22. Stupid, stupid, stupid.
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.28.11)
What a bunch of anti Semitic fools...
23. Sarah B.
Don't you realize that even G-d stands to be accused of being anti-Semitic if dares to point out your Jewish criminal nature?
24. Show UNESCO the finger! Egypt, Bahrain and Jordan - FU!
25. No bridge? No problem! dismantle and do not build new!
Let the crazed Muslims climb to their pagan temples on ropes!
26. Afraid of the hidden Temple gate
BARCLAYSGATE ,   china and israel   (06.28.11)
What most likely bothers them is that the so called "bridge" is actually rubble that accumulated against the ancient wall of the Temple and it is concealing the famous "Barclay's Gate" one of the main entrances to the Temple. It's lintel can be seen to the right in the womens section of the Kotel.
27. LOL
Korem ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.28.11)
The UN censures Israel. The UN also censors the Israeli ambassador from speaking because Egypt wants it that way, prevents Israel from defending itself even in speeches because it would "offend" its accusers. What a joke, a very unfunny joke. All the people who claim freedom of speech is stifled when debating against Israel have it the other way around.
28. submit a petition to UNESCO over illegal digging by the Waqf
zionist forever   (06.28.11)
If this petition got unilateral support from all 21 UNESCO members then this was obviously political rather than legitimate concerns. When it comes to Jerusalem as far as the world is concerned even ET has a stronger claim to the city than Israel does. Israel is the only country in the world that is not supposed to have any say about what happens in Jerusalem. I would like to know when Jordan, Bahrain, Iraq and Egypt are going to petition UNESCO to stop the Waqf illegally digging up Temple Mount and creating archeological garbage piles. 80% of Jordan's population are palestinians and most don't have citizenship, some are even having their citizenship revoked to avoid the Jordan is Palestine. Since the so called Arab Spring began Abdullah has been fighting to keep his throne so going after Israel's through UNESCO is sure to get him into the palestinian good books. Time for Israel to hold two fingers up in the air and let the archeologists do dig and the builders build a new bridge.
29. WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?????????
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (06.28.11)
It's part of the UN so what do you expect? Israel gets set up by Jordan beautifully, and then it's endorsed by the UN. While Israel is forbidden to say even one word in its defense. Yep, sounds like the UN to me.
30. The same Jordan that only allowed Muslems to temple mount?
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (06.28.11)
and UNESCO said not a thing. Now it wont let Israel speak about what we own?/ Ya well no fine. Tough luck. We control it. Put that in your pipe and smoke it. etc etc Ie UN go away.
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