French senator calls MKs 'colonialists'
Moran Azulay
Published: 29.06.11, 00:18
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1. Kudos to Moshe Matalon.
Jules   (06.29.11)
Since she didn't answer whether she recognizes Israel, she looks like a PLO agent.
2. French don't change
Ari ben Canaan   (06.29.11)
Those frogs handed us over to Hitler and they would do it again. Things never change. They can't come to grips that France will be Arab in 50 years, just trying to win votes. Pathetic.
3. What a horrid embarrassment for France
EZ ,   USA   (06.29.11)
She should take a long walk off a short plank. Indecent putz. ZERO honor, No Shame, just a whack job. Moving on from the New Jew Haters! Let them fester in their own cesspool of meaninglessness.
4. France is colonialist. Judea & Samaria belong to Israel.
Chaim ,   Israel   (06.29.11)
The French were never as good as the British at colonizing the world. Or at anything much. However, France did it's best. France sprouted colonies throughout North America, Africa and elsewhere. That is why it is so disgustingly hypocritical for France to call Israelis "colonialists". Judea and Samaria legally belong to Israel. France had no right to any of the nations it colonized.
5. This is the beginning
Westbanker ,   Jerusalem   (06.29.11)
This is the beginning; things will go worse in the future, the world start discovering the truth
6. A French calling others colonialists?!
Dave from Brazil ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (06.29.11)
Very funny! Also this part "I asked her if she even recognizes us as a state," he said. "Of course, she didn't answer." proves once again that support for Palestinians is for the most part simply hate against Jewish people and denying their right to self-determination.
7. One word BIGOT
C.I . H. I   (06.29.11)
She's luck that she does Speak German. Sailavie
8. France lecturing about colonialism? lmao
Liron ,   NJ   (06.29.11)
9. Anti-Semites can be found in France easily.....
Asher ,   NY,USA   (06.29.11)
10. Typical French twisted thinking
Frank ,   Canada   (06.29.11)
Arabs are colonizing Jewish territories, they want to hide the truth by falsely portraying Jews as occupiers.
11. Did he say anything that was not true?
12. Unlike France, Israel has never colonized half the world
Zvi   (06.29.11)
All it has ever done is to defend itself against much stronger countries that sought its destruction. French idiots who attack Israel thus are shameless hypocrites.
13. What do you expect from a member of France's Socialist part?
David T. ,   USA   (06.29.11)
14. Senator Ben Guiga--of France, or Algeria?
Martin ,   New York   (06.29.11)
15. gentlemen MK's
daze ,   US   (06.29.11)
mofaz, what kind of milquetoasts are you and those other MKs? When that frogette makes accusations, get in her face and demand proof of what she claims to have witnessed. Remember, these are the same smarmy eurotrash that looked everybody in the eye and swore that the al-dura tape was real
16. Shalit has mother
Harold ,   USA   (06.29.11)
Is Shalit the only prisoner who has a mother. What about thousands of Palestinian prisoners - do they have mothers, wives, children and grand parents. The Israeli MK should check his words before he talks about mothers.
17. They should have asked her if Jewish blood was as
truth   (06.29.11)
red as Muslim blood? If a Jewish mother's tears mattered as much as a Muslim mother's tears? She is a JEW-Hater, nothing more, nothing less.
18. France of Vichy and Petain
Paul Freedman ,   Falls Church USA   (06.29.11)
Sartre, Ben Guiga, Marxist dhimmi intellectuals--it's all the same Vichy France with Petain's policy of cheap self-righteous honor store bought through collaboration.
19. Of course, she is married to an Arab, no surprise
Marco ,   Spain   (06.29.11)
20. finally someone not kissing israel's ass
abdalla   (06.29.11)
god bless her
21. Has she ever been to Canada?
Robert ,   NY USA   (06.29.11)
Or are the Indians the colonialists there, too? Should it be needed, Rabbi Lior's lawyer would have a strong case with this. No need for any genetics experts.
22. French colonialism - They have been almost everywhere !
abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (06.29.11)
Here is a partial list for Ynet readers in order to get an idea of French colonialism.... Gabon, Central African Republic and Republic of the Congo, French North AfricaFrench Morocco, French Algeria, French Tunisia now Tunisia, Libya. Fezzan - conquered by Charles de Gaulle, French West Africa, Ivory Coast, Senegambia and Niger French Dahomey now Benin, French Sudan now Mali, Guinea or French Guinea, Mauritania , Niger, Senegal, Burkina Faso, French Togoland, Nigeria , Gambia. French Equatorial Africa, Chad, Central African Republic, The Republic of Congo or French Congo, Gabon, French Cameroon, Eritrea, Madagascar, Casablanca, Mauritius, Djibouti ,French Somaliland, the French Territory of the Afars and the Issas, French Somalia, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam,
23. Welcome to the Real World
John Cone ,   USA   (06.29.11)
Maybe now the Kadima MKs who constantly call for appeasement will finally understand why appeasement will not work because the world hates us as a people and a country and we must protect ourselves as a people and a country.
24. Mistake
Adam ,   Golan Heights Israel   (06.29.11)
Why did our MKs credit the ignorant bigot with a response?
25. France : 12 millions muslims livin in
Arik A ,   Givat Yearim   (06.29.11)
Out of a population of 65 million and still growing! All their medias are pro-arab and anti-Israel like the israeli media but even worse. And remember WW2 and the French collaboration with the nazis : today they do the same, they have no guts. What do you expect from such a country? Besides, MK should have answered her the same way, it is not good for Israel to look weak. Do you think Menahem Begin would have answered like you did?
26. A true friend
Ali ,   Scotland   (06.29.11)
will call you out when its needed. This French senator is probably Jewish and this is probably the only reason MKs are not shouting anti-Semite.
27.  Ben Guiga is an hypocrite and a prevaricator
ken   (06.29.11)
28. Socialist
jerry1800   (06.29.11)
what else
29. Did one woman beat up the whole defense committee? Wow!
Curious ,   Boston, US   (06.29.11)
In law, assault is a crime of violence against another person. The specific meaning of assault varies between countries, but can refer to an act that causes another to apprehend immediate and personal violence, or in the more limited sense of a threat of violence caused by an immediate show of force.[1][2] Assault in some jurisdictions is defined more broadly still as any intentional physical contact with another person without their consent;[3][4][5] but in some common law jurisdictions, this is defined instead as battery. Some jurisdictions have incorporated the definition of civil assault into the definition of the crime making it a criminal assault to intentionally cause another person to apprehend a harmful or offensive contact.
30. MK Matalon asked the best question!
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (06.29.11)
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