Rabbi's students: Authorities have lost their way
Yair Altman
Published: 29.06.11, 21:16
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1. Kulturkampf with unjust methods
olim hadashim ,   tel aviv/israel   (06.29.11)
As an ole hadash I made the following observation.There are 2 camps in contest for the definition of the state.Jewish state versus Western state.The adherents of the Western state permit themselves to voice their opinions without limits but do not want to grant the same freedom to the adherents of the Jewish state.But a Kululturkampf is not won through suppression of an open debate.
2. the autorities may behind the curve....
O V A D Y A H   (06.29.11)
....on spititual things ....but the leaders of G-ds people have yet to have the scales fall from thier eyes ! the messiah will not come till then!
3. Boy were the Sages of the Talmud right
Dov   (06.29.11)
The Talmud (Psachim 49b) says that the hatred ignorant Jews have for Talmidei Chachamim, Torah Scholars, is far worse than the hatred non-Jews have on Jews.
4. "What about Beersheba professor?"
CC   (06.29.11)
Exactly. Precisely. Absolutely. BULLSEYE! Something that the "Niztan gang" can't extricate itself from... Their triple standards are sickening and obnoxious. But this wouldn't in itself be a problem. The problem begins when it is ever more and more TANGIBLE.
5. The Sages didn't see modern religious thugs
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (06.29.11)
Sorry, Dov, but the gdolim would most likely puke if they saw some your "Talmidei Chachamim" rioting on Bar Ilan Street and attacking Jewish policemen while burning what they can. What would they say about the Torah Scholars who sabotage police vehicles and attack other Jews? I look at the raging mobs of hooligans with payyis and tsitsit and all I see is sinat chinam. big time sinat chinam. Yep, Tisha b'Av is almost upon us again, and here you are hating your fellow Jews whom you claim hate you. Religious Jews are their own worst enemy.
6. #5 If the police
Dov   (06.29.11)
wouldn't beat up religious Jews during demonstrations, trampled on them with horses, fired grenades on them, thrown stones on them and spray them with tear gas, demonstrations on Bar Ilan would have been peaceful. All the trouble begins with those violent secular police.
7. "entire segment mercilessly hounded"
Sagi   (06.29.11)
Yes indeed. The entire secular and normal segment of the population is being hounded by the black coats, day and night, verbally and violently and worst of all by coercion and political horse trading which gives them power far in excess of their electoral mandate.
8. All religious Jews should be prosecuted
for turning to G-d 3x daily and praying wholeheartedly and begging for "velamalshinim al tehi tikvah..., put an end to this wicked government and corrupt judges" and then end with "May G-d listen to our prayers".
9. #6
O V A D Y A H   (06.29.11)
it would be interesting to take these demostrators back to the time when Moses & the nation of Israel was marching thru the wilderness see Moses & Hashems responce... me thinks abiram ,Dathan & korah would have a story to tell....
10. #8 You're just an ignoramus!
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem , ISRAEL   (06.29.11)
I don't know who's dumber; you or the guy who thought you were making an intelligent comment ! Talk about selective quotation out of context and without commentary ! What a pair of dolts ! Shame on you for not having even a primitive understanding of the prayers!
11. No Torah, no State !
Yisrael ,   Jerusalem , ISRAEL   (06.29.11)
Those of you who think that there is no God and that She pays no attention to the State are just the morons the Torah spoke about in Devarim. You did it all with your own strength. The last time that idea really took hold among the rulers of Israel, it did not turn out so well for us. In fact, it took 2000 years to get back to what we once had. If you don't want to believe, just shut up, so God will not get pissed off at the rest of us, and continue to support this State that persists only through Divine help ! Or perhaps you think that we can beat all the hundreds of millions of enemies that surround us, or that Uncle Sam will come to our rescue ? Baby, I do not want to be around when you find out how wrong you are on all counts ! There ain't no Santa Claus, but there is a Big Cheese.
12. "riot" continued to be used for incitement
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (06.30.11)
You imply violence against persons and property, including looting were conducted. Overexaggeration leads to overreaction. You have yet to prove that the demonstrations were violent .
13. Rabbis Students brainwashed beyond reason
Haim ,   Tel aviv   (06.30.11)
How sad to see these brainwashed religious sheep who protect a wanted criminal who seems to think he is above the law and incitement to murder is the norm. Hate to break it to them but there are laws in this democratic country and His Royal Holliness has crossed that line. May he be dealt with, with the full force of the law
14. Long Ago This Was Obvious
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.30.11)
Long ago there were Jews who realized that there can never be a complete merger between a secular state and Torah ideals. They realized that there is an inherent conflict of basic understandings as to what Jews and the Jewish mission is all about. Is this to be a state of the Jews or a Jewish state? The idea of the state being both Jewish and democratic is, at the end of the day, impossible. So, these Jews decided that if you cannot beat the state, at least cooperate with it, but don't lose sight of the ultimate goal. These Jews also gave no great hope and faith that the secular state will, miraculously, convert to a truly Jewish state. Such miracles just don't happen. That event will only take place during the days of the Messiah. Some other Jews, misled by leaders who mistakenly believe that the state is the beginning of the long-awaited Redemption, are confronted with conflict and disappointment because of the errant understanding of their leaders and teachers. They improperly read reality, and their followers are now in a state of dilemma. Remember what they told them about Gush Katif? Now, again, they are sad and angry.
15. to 13
a note .... i see that it is more powerful to defend the openion in the way that it is right more than it is a way of free expresion ... specialy in religouse purposses .. here i found these students defend the rabi in a more secular way in a religouse clothes i feel they are wrong more than they are brainwashed
16. Lets look at what the book is about.
Susan ,   Kfar Saba   (06.30.11)
From what I understand this book is about, is it permissible to kill non-Jews in wartime in a preemptive attack? Isn't that what Israel did in 1967? It doesn't mean that we can attack innocent non-Jews walking down the street. How is that incitement to violence? It seems to me its about self-defense.
17. Goyim
northwoods ,   tampa usa   (07.03.11)
The Rabbis are morphing the "chosen people" mantra into something akin to a Jewish "master race". We have Former Chief Rabbi Yosef, leader of the Shaa Party in the government claiming that non-Jews were created, like donkeys, to serve the Jews. The government was silent on these comments. Rabbi Lior and the settlers espouse the same views. What sort of anti- is it when it covers the 99% 0f the world that isn't Jewish. The world is beginning to notice your increasing religious fanaticism
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