Activists: Israel sabotaged Irish vessel too
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 30.06.11, 01:16
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1. Some very dim Irish bulbs in that flotilla
Michael Davison ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (06.30.11)
Don't they realize what they're sailing into? The fact that they've already declared that their primary objective is to "break the blockade" makes their actions illegal. Somehow, despite all the legal opinions (including that of the UN) that the blockade IS legal, these people have convinced themselves that they "know better". They sound very much like the bigoted idiot who says, "My mind's made up, don't you dare try to confuse me with facts!"
2. Ha ha -Irish rugby players
Angela ,   Ireland   (06.30.11)
would make the IDF look like the wimps they are. Let's hope for their sake they deal gently with 6t 6 Trevor Hogan.
3. Baby talks
Shimon ,   Israel   (06.30.11)
" he blamed Israel for "causing damage" to Irish ship" It is nothing but baby talks.
mark ,   t.a. israel   (06.30.11)
5. You want to help?
Judge-mental ,   Australia   (06.30.11)
If you want to help the Palestinians, don't send a flotilla. How about concentrating on getting Hamas to recognize Israel and stop violence? That's all it takes. Once they do that, then peace and freedom can be achieved!
6. unemployed loosers in action...
simple man ,   panorama city, CA   (06.30.11)
...anti-israelism is a new face for old ugly antisemitism...with many activists, who has no better thing in their life to do
7. Damage of the Ships is an act of vandaliziom
Yossi from Tel Aviv   (06.30.11)
It is posible that Isareli comando did this criminal act, too cowerd to admit.
EZ ,   USA   (06.30.11)
Israel has NEVER had so much support from the 'common' American as they do now: with the overhwelming majority of us supporting Israel lock-stock-and-barrel so get your libtard facts right! Oy a TINY percept (less than 20%) of Americans have ANY feelings of sympathy for the Palestinians. Thought u should know the facts. And YES: Hamas, Fetah, Hezbollah and the PLO ARE terrorist groups and support for them are on the wane world wide, as is support for your misguided 'flotilla'. Additionally, if it is your intention to try to sabotage relations between the US and Israel: U might not want to come to the US...unless you want to have your butt kicked for interfering with the relations we have with our ALLIES. THAT is a national security risk and we WONT tolerate terrorists like you involving yourself with OUR business. U r NOT welcome here in the US putz!
9. israel is not playing fair. boo-hoo not fair
ralph   (06.30.11)
mark ,   t.a. Israel   (06.30.11)
11. Evidence
Raul ,   Brazil   (06.30.11)
Probably the ship was damaged by them in order to gather more media attention. They fail to show any evidence of Israel responsibility.
12. Blaming Israel for the collapse of Ireland
DavidM ,   USA   (06.30.11)
The videos of the Irish passengers is quite revealing. As Ireland's economy collapses and another generation of Irish citizens leaves the country, these activists try to divert attention by blaming Israel when it is their policies that have lead to the fiasco at home.Blaming the Jews has been a tradition in Europe since the Black Plague of the middle ages. Not much has changed.
13. Give me a break!!!!!!
David ,   America   (06.30.11)
You stupid Irish wouldn't know sabotage if it bit you on the arse! You are so ignorant that you don't know that 99% of your heritage is Israeli. Your entire population is made up of the Tribes of Dan and Simeon. You are deliberately attacking your own blood with your so called freedom ship! What a bunch of stupid morons! Do a little historical research and find your roots! GEE! It is tough being Irish in these ignorant times! Father forgive my stupid ancestors who don't know whose blood runs in their veins. HELP! What a stupid world I was born into!
14. Flotilla
Aryeh ,   U.S.A   (06.30.11)
What a bunch of misguided individuals, putting their energy into supporting Hamas, a violent, reactionary and oppressive regime. A regime that is holding Gilad Shalit for years in the most cruel manner with no visitation. It is the innocent Israeli civilians in Sderot and other nearby communities who deserve sympathy and support for the unprovoked attacks they have endured. It is simply pathetic that this is the flotilla’s focus when there are so many more deserving places that would benefit from their help. I speak as someone who believes in compromise and peace with the Palestinians. This group's agenda is to to delegitimize Israel, not peace or helping Gazans.
15. Hahahahaaaaaaaa......soooooo..funnnnnnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
Asher ,   NY,USA   (06.30.11)
16. Kol HaKavod to the sharks
Frank ,   Canada   (06.30.11)
These dumb people are falsely claiming that they want to free Gaza while they support the real oppressors of Gazans: Hamas dictatorship. These people are fake humanitarian and fake freedom defenders.
17. Irish Drunks
Harry ,   Victoria Canada   (06.30.11)
Looks on them! That's what you get for sailing drunk!
18. Sabotage
Fivey ,   Canada   (06.30.11)
Poetic justice. The folks that are trying to sabotage Israel are themselves being sabotaged. Cry me a river, boo, hoo. No sympathy here. They should all be sued for aiding and abetting a terrorist organization as per the laws of their home countries.
19. Worst possible target of Israel sabotage
lydia ,   Brisbane   (06.30.11)
Only a fool would want to pick a fight with the Irish. Far more deadlier than Hamas Ask the Brits.
20. The Irish gave the world the IRA & cowards who blew up & mur
John Phee ,   Sydney, AUSTRALIA   (06.30.11)
Ahhhhh......... yes the Irish Government, remember this is a government that thought the IRA were "holy warriors". They also turned a blind eye or helped to blow up & murder thousands of women & children because they were a different religion. Now they want "protection" for terrorism supporters. They have some gall, they are hypocrites.
21. Clever Jews
Seth Greenberg ,   Ra'anana, Israel   (06.30.11)
Actually, I'd heard that the Irish vessel hit an iceberg on it's way to Turkey. Iceberg, Goldberg, what's the difference. Okay, it's old. I couldn't help myself. I guess I should have been more 'sophisticated'. To my fellow Jews, my apologies for tarnishing our image. I'm off now to check on my media empire and my holdings in the World Banking Cartel. Have a nice day.
22. Sabotage
Devorah   (06.30.11)
""I would call upon the Israeli government not to take any action that would in any way cause injury or harm (to those on the flotilla)," Kenny told the lower house of parliament." Let's say Israel did disable Ireland's boat. If so, then Kenny got her wish. Nevertheless, the burden of proof rests with the accuser. In this case, Ireland. So, Ireland, do you possess conclusive evidence that Israel disabled your ship, or are you just flapping your jaws like the rest of the peaceniks?
23. Blame Israel!
John ,   Alaska   (06.30.11)
If the sea is stormy, it's Israel's fault. If the terrorist-sympathizers get sunburn, it's Israel's fault. If the dolphins the terrorist-sympathizers want to swim with turn out to be sharks, it's Israel's fault. If the violators of the legal war-time blockade are warned to stop, have their vessels disabled and are shot back at, well you get the idea. And whatever happens to the Jew-hating, Islamofascist-supporting terrorist-sympathizers, it will be only what they deserve.
24. Tell Irish prime minister to keep his crusader army away
from Israel!   (06.30.11)
25. Ever heared of Irish flotilla sent to Arab aparthied states?
Like Syria? cowards!   (06.30.11)
26. Irish Morality(?) and Priorities
Herut ,   USA   (06.30.11)
How ironic---an Irish ship standing up for the poor people of Gaza...Their sense of morality and priorities never change...remember that these same people could not even join the allies in World War II---even then they were not sure who the good guys and bad guys were....
27. Hahahahahahahahaha
A Nice Fellow ,   Montreal   (06.30.11)
Nice work, IDF
28. Don't ! Don't! Don't you mess with Israel
Israeli 2   (06.30.11)
29. if it is Israel...BRAVO! Way to Smarten Up!
30. Irish PM should instead reign in his provocateurs who may be
bernard ross ,   st anns bay jamaica   (06.30.11)
reasonably assumed to be suicide bombers
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