US to resume Muslim Brotherhood ties
Published: 30.06.11, 09:50
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1. This article by al-Reuters is propaganda.
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.30.11)
Another attempt to justify the unjustifiable by .misrepresentation & distortion. The U.S. NEVER had official ties with the Muslim Brotherhood so this is a NEW development, and not a very good one. You can trace this back to Obama's speech in Cairo, this attempt to legitimize the Muslim Brotherhood. Second, why this attempt to make this a ''Jewish issue''??? Are we the only ones for whom this is a terrible idea? What about the Copts, gays in Egypt, women. What about America's traditional allies who are scared to death of the Muslim Brotherhood (Saudi Arabia, for example)? Is turning Egypt into a radical Islamic Shari'a state a good idea? Does turning Egypt into a Sunni version of Iran sound intelligent to anyone (except looney-leftists)? There is no way to white-wash the Muslim Brotherhood, it is what it is. And, what is it? Well, simply put, it's a terrorist organization with ideas much like Al-Qaeda (but smarter & better organized), basically a facist undemocratic genocidal Islamic supremicist organization dedicated to the over-throw of the West & the establishment of a Caliphate by any means, including violence. This is really a ''Neville Chamberlain'' moment .......
2. Obama's true colors come out of the closet!
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (06.30.11)
3. as expected
Israel Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (06.30.11)
Obama strikes again. Obama spent half his presidency trying to implement the teachings of Jeremiah Wright by isolating Israel, humiliating the Jews instead of caring for US interests. Thanks to his unique blend of incompetence and stupidity, Obama finds himself supporting the Brotherhood, an organization that is religiously obligated to fight America. I don't see how the next president will be able to fix the damage to American interests that Obama has done.
4. just more of the same
frank ,   Israel   (06.30.11)
accourding to Edward walker, who is quoted in the article about a free and fair election and how the US must engage them....what about Hamas, they too had a free and fair election certified by a US representative. Why the double standard? They are both terrorist organizations. Does the US currently perfers one brand of terrorists over another? Sure this strategy has been precedented and in fact is US policy, they supported the Ayatola and then OSB and that turned out pretty well. How does the US justify dealing with terrorist who not only destroy your beliefs but also you personally. But the US has a very accomodating president ....except when it comes to Israel.....
Richard B ,   Canada   (06.30.11)
TERRORISTS WHO planned to blow up American temples? but reports on this? If this was European temples under attack, it would be at least4 days of a story, followed by pointless op-eds. Go on New York, carry on living in your bubble, wear a kippah around Texas, South Carolina.. test it out.. Just goes to show something.
6. Hussein Obama doing as expected. 2012 he will be gone..
David ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.30.11)
7. The Muslim Brotherhood have already infiltrated the US
Tahl   (06.30.11)
and managed to get their agent into the White House.
8. And another tidbit from Obama .....
Terry ,   Eilat - Israel   (06.30.11)
Did you know that the US Dept. of Homeland Security put Israel on it's list of countries that support terrorism? So this shmuck wants to recognize the Muslim Brotherhood & puts Israel on a list with such terrorist-sponsoring countries as Afghanistan, Yemen, Algeria, etc. about 36 countries. Guess who's NOT on the list? North Korea. N. Korea was removed & Israel added. Unreal.
9. This is my wet dream come true!
Barry Obama   (06.30.11)
Hahaaaaaaaaa! We are gonna mix it up nowwwwwww. Yeah! West Side Story: Shariaaaaaaa, I just met a law named Shariaaaaaaa lmao! Springsteen: Borrrrrrrrn in the USA! Uh huh, right lmao! Pledge of Allegiance: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America. Oooooooh, stop! I'm laughin' so hard I have to sit down. Seriously, no hard feelings, Hosni. I had to do what I had to do for my special peeps. And you weren't one of them lmao!
10. Hussein Obamas new bed fellows...
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.30.11)
It is crystal clear, that the Muzzie in the White House just LOVES his Egyptian BROTHERS...!
11. Obama has just become OSAMA...!!!!!!!!!
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (06.30.11)
12. So who's celebrating July 4th Yom Sheini? Not me!
American Israeli Jew ,   Israel   (06.30.11)
13. Muslim Brotherhood changed their name to Freedom and Liberty
observer ,   UK   (06.30.11)
party. They also replaced their swords logo with a flower. (how nice of them). But they forgot to change their agenda that says every jew should be wiped out in the Middle East. And these are Obama's friends ... Interesting.
14. all american jews should vote this guy off!
Norwegian ,   Norway   (06.30.11)
life isn't easy for jews outside america. in 2012 elections american jews should also vote in favor of European Jews and Israel. obama is not the guy to help us.
15. Err... isn't this the same White House...
Roscio ,   Rome, Italy   (06.30.11)
... that promised everyone that the Muslim Brotherhood had no way at all to be part of the new Egyptian government? Well, it is the same White House that makes very expensive dinner speeches promising support to Israel whenever the President needs campaign funds... and the same White House that keeps trying to throw Israel under the bus in order to kiss up to Islamic Imperialism. I pray this won't be the same White House after the next election.
16. Slowly but surely.....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (06.30.11)
Obama is determined and moves steadily ahead with his radical pro muslim and destructive plan. The State Department along with Hillary is quiely moves along with his plan. Imagine what will happen if this man gets reelected.
17. # 7 Amen and the American people will vote Obama out
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (06.30.11)
he's the worst US prez ever. ( add to that his love of all things muslim)
18. # 15 Roscio Obama's a goner after
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (06.30.11)
the Nov. 2012 election. Two words for all Americans:: Vote republican. Other than extending the wars, weakening America, and siding with Israel's enemies, what else has he done? Certainly nothing to help the average American or, act like an ally to our only ally in the ME, Israel.
19. jews have been left behind... again!
20. No.2 how very true-"True colors"
Samuel ,   Israel   (06.30.11)
Very soon Barak Hussein Obama will resume ties with Hamas as well as Al-Quida.Whew! He has truly shown his colour-with flying colours. Why can't he stick to his principals. Can we honestly trust this guy on Sept when the Palestinians go to the UN.Can he keep his " VETO" promise?
21. want to 'understand Obama?
tiki ,   belgium   (06.30.11)
Go to the (British) "Jewish Chronicle to a blog by Steven Kalka, referring to an article by Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr. (same background & education as Obama, but what a difference).
22. maybe that's what Obama meant when he said
Bad assed Jew. ,   United States   (06.30.11)
"yes we can'? Obama wont be reelected.
23. Just making explicit what's been implicit policy
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (06.30.11)
This latest policy is in keeping with the general trend under Obama. The US has appointed an emissary to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. Several individuals with direct links or sympathetic to the Brotherhood have been appointed in the White House and Homeland Security. The brother and mother of Sec'y Clinton's Deputy CoC are involved with the Brotherhood. Clinton removed the ban on Tariq Ramadan, grandson of the founder of the Brotherhood. And when Obama spoke in Cairo in 2009, he insisted the Brotherhood not be excluded. And yes, there are voices in the Administration that say we should be speaking to Hamas (and Hezbullah), only to their "moderate" wings. Yeah, right...
24. It is NOT the USA
Brod ,   USA   (06.30.11)
It is the Obama antiSemite administration that is doing this deplorable thing of talking with the Muslim Brotherhood-the Mother of all Islamist-Jihadist terrorism around the world. Islamist Obama is doing a lone ranger move with the dark forces of the world. Congress should rebuke Obama and his incompetent administration. It is time for Congress to impeach Obama. Obama has NO right undermining the national security interests of America and buldozing Israel-America's only friend and ally in the region. Islamist-Jihadism is America's and the Free World's number one enemy!
25. Big mistake
DrG ,   Atl USA   (06.30.11)
Time after time, the Obama administration, in a very sneaky way, advances the long term sharia objective. Conveniently they forget what the Muslim brotherhood stands for, sharia law and a Caliphate. The demise of the USA is the naivety in which they analyze the Middle East. The terror war on the West is deeper than a bombing attack. The Islamist sharia movement sees all independent western countries as their battleground, and the majority Christian USA and the Jewish Israel are their main ideological enemies. You sleep with a poisonous snake, sooner or later you will get bitten by it and die from it's venom. Big mistake, once again. 
26. His State of Union speech....
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (06.30.11)
Is there any president in american history, who was called a liar? No wonder he's a favorite in liberal jewish circles.
27. The White House is turning green
Joey   (06.30.11)
and no one is putting his foot down. Let's be realistic; If it serves it's interest, the US will deal directly with the Devil himself. The hell with friends, allies of long standing. Neville Chamberlain has had a very long " moment " in Washington. Louis Farrakhan, Jeremiah wright, the official american terrorists, have an open door at this new White House -- a great team
28. Remember the "Manchurian Candidate"
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (06.30.11)
He's morphed into the Hamas President
29. He's preparing for their win
David ,   sf-usa   (06.30.11)
After telling the world that his muslim Bros have no chance of winning the election, others are predicting they will "sweep" it for total victory. Not one word from him or his clueless Hillary about the continued persecution of the Copts and other christians throughout the ME (you should be "mining" that situation for all the PR you can get from it). As soon as they win and begin denouncing their treaty with Israel, escalating tensions, we americans will call for an end to all aid to Egypt. Erdogan of Turkey once said that Democracy is the "bus" to shariah law. We (US) can barely get our democracy to work-what arrogance to think we could impose our system on ancient "clans" of arabs who seem to prefer the iron-fisted rule of a tyrant and a set of laws which needs no tassled-shoed lawyers to interpret. Enjoy your few weeks of freedom, Egypt. I wish you would go back to your pharaoh and worshipping the sun-that's when you had a grand vision and unparalleled style.
30. The Sinai
vitenberg ,   France   (06.30.11)
Speaking with Muslim Brotherhood, may be... And after new elections, Brotherhood gain majority. We had occupation of the Ruhr after WW1 with Hitler .We had occupation of Sudetenland after Munich and with Chamberlain. We will get occupation of the Snai with the brotherhood and Obama Speaking of Obama as Hussein or Osama is neither nice nor useful. I like better Chamberlain 2. Knowing the past helps foreseeing the future.
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