Hezbollah members indicted in Hariri murder
Roee Nahmias
Published: 30.06.11, 21:25
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1. Funny...
Danny   (06.30.11)
after all the dismissed warrants against Israeli leaders, looks like Hizbollah, Assad and the Palestinians are the ones who will end up in the Hague...
Mark from Georgia ,   USA   (06.30.11)
Who can really be surprised? We know that in the Arab world, leaders are routinely murdered. killed, assassinated whatever verb you want to use. Even a brief look at history verifies this fact. The beauty is, now in the Arab world there is is a ready made scapegoat, Israel. Plus, a built in audience so gullible, so full of hatred, brainwashed since birth, they will believe anything that vilifies Israel. Now of course the Arab leadership takes advantage of this, so they kill any perceived threat to their power and blame Israel. Now we have the UN, a very anti-Israel organization accusing Hezbollah of this murder. So we know one thing for sure, the evidence must be overwhelming against Hezbollah. Now we know why Hezbollah threatened a civil war in Lebanon if the results were released. Because Hariri Sr. was a popular, and a much loved leader among the Lebanese people. So popular, that Syria, who was originally blamed, was forced to leave Lebanon after the killing. This killing could not have happened without the knowledge and approval of Nasrallah. He is the mastermind who controls Hezbollah. So lets watch the denials, threats and more Israel conspiracy theories. But know one thing, your Arab leaders laugh in the back rooms, out of sight, knowing how easy it is to manipulate their own people. They look at their own people as nothing more than useful idiots. Tell me, how does it taste?
3. Long Overdue
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.30.11)
The U.S. Naval Armada was put in place in the Mediterranean and Persian Gulf before the UN. Tribunal acted in anticipation of Iran/Hezbollah reaction. Will it be war ?The cowardly world body has finally released their long held indictment for the assassination of ex-Lebanese P.M. Rafik Hariei. It should have been released may years ago but they were too afraid to do so.Threats and intimidation from Iran,Syria and their proxy army Hezbollah in Lebanon worked. They know the order came from the top,Syrian dictator Assad and Nasrallah but they don't have the justice or backbone to indict them as well.The hypocrites are greatly limited to abusing Israel while giving a pass to evil Islam. We see the same double standard with Sudanese president Omar al Bashir and his genocide war in Darfur and South Sudan. An arrest warrant ISSUED LONG AGO that they will not enforce because the followers of the death cult of Islam get a pass while Israel is targeted for non stop abuse and extermination by this duplicitous and perverted world bodies like the U.N. and ICC
4. 4 Endighted...What justice?
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (06.30.11)
Does that include that Rat (Entity)who resides in No 6 Sewer Beirut whose name rhymes with Chollah! Who has caused along with his master Monkey (Entity) in Teheran whose name rhymes with Hard! death, destruction and mayhem in Lebanon?
5. Don't expect this to go any further...
Maurice ,   Montreal   (06.30.11) long as Hezbollah is keeping Lebanon hostage. hezbollah controls the government and the expected Mikati statement will only reflect Hezbollah position vis-a-vis the STL.
6. I hope that Lebanon gets into another 15 year civil war...
Sarah B. ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (06.30.11)
Yet I can't be too optimistic that it will happen... Playboy Khara-riri thinks that he can enjoy life with his billions expecting Israel to sacrifice its young men and women to get him justice. We've had enough with those stupid Lebanese. Let them solve their problems on their own.
7. Hezbollah members indicted in Hariri murder
H..TAMMIMI ,   Riyadh   (06.30.11)
Hzzb Alllah is who committed the crime - I said that since the crime - unfortunately, some truth lies Assad - and the terrorist Hassan Nasralllah when he accused Israel of committing the crime - that everyone should know we are not stupid - we know that Iran and Syria, the terrorist Nasrallah, who commits the crime.
8. # 1 Danny
Elizabeth   (06.30.11)
I don't want to see the clowns at the Hague (all too boring for me), get them now and string them high. And p.s.- whilst you're at it, get the little monkey-man of Iran and string them all high. The late Mr. Hariri was such a good man for Lebanon.
9. And for sure the West will not be...
DT ,   TA Israel   (06.30.11)
pushing for arrests for fear of upsetting Iran , Hezbollah and destabilizing the ME. Assasination pays if you are Hezbollah. West weakness will be disguised as "we fear that it might spark a war with Israel "
10. #7 Tammimi
Marco ,   Spain   (06.30.11)
Israel and the Wahhabi Saudis are the source of all evil and terrorism in this world. After Israel, Hezbollah is coming after your stinking Saudi a$$e$. Patience my stupid friend, patience...
11. #8 Elizabeth...
avi ,   israel   (06.30.11)
Show some class Elizabeth.... Name calling won't get you anywhere. Use your brains for the sake of the argument, not your shitty behind...
12. As Hariri's picture says, 1 step forward
Jerry   (06.30.11)
In Lebanon it will be 100 steps backward.Saad Hariri, you fool, Justice has won, but you, your family, your country have lost. No one is going to sit on the accused bench. 30 days to arrest the assassis, why not make it 300, 3000 They are not going to be hanged, despite countless additional dead / wounded. Among arabs they don't count. With a US citizen as as a co-killer, the scenario is complete.
13. #10 Reply to Marco Of Spain
Sons Of Cyrus   (06.30.11)
Stop calling other people stupid! WRONG WRONG WRONG You are misinformed! The root of all evil in the world is lies. Yes LIES LIES LIES. If all the truth comes out then the evil doers will be identified and dealt with regardless of their ethinic background!
14. "Lebanon has 30 days to arrest suspects"
William ,   Israel   (06.30.11)
Yeah - good luck with that!
15. Dig a little deeper....
William ,   Israel   (06.30.11)
and you'll find those responsible for the deaths of Imad Mugniyeh and Mabhouh (meaning - Hizbullah and Iran).
16. #10 - I still remember when Hizbullah cried in 2006
William ,   Israel   (06.30.11)
when they were getting their asses kicked by the IDF, and they were demanding other Arabs join in their "holy" fight with Israel. Ever throw a party and no one shows up? Yeah - Nasrallah felt the same way and often spouted curses to all Sunni nations who sat back and secretly wished for Israel to cleanse this filth from their favorite Mediterranean playground. Or, as you like to refer to it, "The Hizbullah victory over Israel"
17. avi / 11
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.30.11)
Your post is in poor taste and shows no class. You shouldn't be pointing fingers at Elizabeth or anyone else.
18. Marco / 10
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (06.30.11)
And if we were to judge by your frequent posts we might be led to believe that Spain is the source of all stupidity. However that is not true and you are just one little person. We can't blame Spain for that.
19. #17 Eaglebeak, Left Coast, USA
Avi ,   israel   (06.30.11)
Eagle beak you need to get off your lazy a$$ and get over here to help defend this country against its enemies. Israel is in grave danger and you need to put up or shut up...
20. To Avi
Birdi ,   Israel   (07.01.11)
You will get zero help for Israel by using aggressive words. Be nice Avi, it does help in the end!
21. #6 couldn't agree with you more Sarah
Deutronomy 28 ,   World   (07.03.11)
Lebanese people should take care of their own problems, it's not up to israel to solve it for them, so Israel and more importantly the US should not interfere that's what nassrallah have been saying all along, but no one listens... Special tribunal, UNSC resolutions etc... I hope they listen to you for once lol
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